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Third car we've bought from Beverly Watt; she's great!! Working with Bounsay Osylaphet is always a fun experience. Thanks to everyone at Budds'.
Came down to replace my 2005 Equinox, that I throughly enjoyed and wanted to replace it with a 2005 Equinox that we saw online. The vehicle looked very good but drove very poorly. Mike had the car ready for us to test drive and from the get go was not impressed with it. We were ready to walk away when Mike suggested another vehicle for us to drive, a 2007 Pontiac Torrent Sport. Was impressed with the look and the feel of the test drive. After talking it over, we decided that this vehicle would be good to replace the Equinox. Thank you Mike for suggesting this vehicle, because we were ready to walk away to go look at other vehicles. Picked up my vehicle on October 21st and was impressed with the way this car drove and felt all the way home.
5 days ago
We had a most excellent experience at Bannister Honda. We had been kind of looking for a small city car with excellent mileage and saw a Fit online. Drove down and got a great overview from Jason Tissington. We were very interested in it but wanted to look at selling our existing car first. We were nervous about walking away in case it was sold but Jason told us about their deposit policy. Negotiations with Jason were easy and straightforward. We had decided to sell our old car ourselves because we thought we'd get less than peanuts for it from the dealership. I'm happy to report we were very wrong on that part! We had driven our old car there to get the new one. The sales manager Don greeted us when we arrived and said, hey can I have a look at it? Why not we said. 15 minutes later we had a very reasonable offer and the trade in was done. Other great things about Bannister is their cheerful positive attitude. You're always greeted and made welcome. And when you pick up your car, you get to choose a present, you review the car's features in a nice warm showroom and then drive off happily ever after. Great experience. I'd highly recommend Jason Tissington for your next car purchase.
Jazz Champagne
You always hear about horrible experiences with car salesman, however, I was fortunate enough to avoid it. Ludwig was extremely professional and dedicated to helping me find the truck that I wanted and not what he wanted to sell to me. Purchasing my first vehicle through Ron Hodgson dealership was a decision I will never regret. Thanks to all the staff to help me through it.
Michael and Archie are very friendly and helpful. They make sure that the customer is the priority and try to close the deal. I am happy to buy a car at Lakewood Chevrolet
Chris did an amazing job at locating the perfect vehicle that I was looking for. Chris and Budds' Chevrolet have excellent customer service and work hard to satisfy their customers. Thank you guys for the wonderful experience and amazing Chev!
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