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"I received great service from Stan Noble who was extremely helpful, very patient & thorough in his explanations of operational peculiarities between my 2015 Grand Caravan & my much older but nevertheless reliable model. I met Stan several years ago when I roamed into the showroom whilst my vehicle was being serviced. Thereafter, he was quite diligent in calling almost monthly to inquire about the well being of my ancient car & to see if I might consider dropping in to see what was available. I resisted until this spring when the economics of keeping my faithful car no longer made sense! Of course, I thought of Stan immediately, trusted him & dropped in to see what was available - first in used & then in new inventory. I would highly recommend Stan Noble to anyone - he knows his stuff, understands one's financial situation & exhibits a lot of patience during the buying & decision process. Also, Jesse (Bruce Cameron) was very professional at putting the package together. I love my new car &, as a footnote, Stan has been in touch several times to ensure that all is well & has encouraged me to phone him should I have any questions or problems. Thank you Stan for your thoughtfulness & wonderful customer service! "
"I have dealt with this dealer for several years. They have typically treated me very well and I believe this will continue. I picked up my new 2015 Dodge Ram 1500 on July 31st. All in all another good experience but I notice the headliner doesn't fit very well around the sunroof and the detailing of my new truck was not as good as in the past (streaky windows) and a mediocre job on detailing the interior and engine compartment. These are minor issues I the grand scheme of things. The sales people I dealt with were personable and fair."