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"i had a great experience with the Team Chrysler, especially Mr. Ravi Patel- who is so generous, kind and helpful. He did beat the price for me unlike any other dealership. Again to all the people who are looking to buy new car, please come and visit Team Chrysler, Trust me nobody gonna get disappointment. I was undecided bw Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger, After all the research, test drive and help of Knowledgeable Mr Ravi Patel- i figured out Dodge Challenger is the best choice. "
"Being cynical about the whole vehicle buying experience I never thought I would be writing a positive review but Maple Ridge Chrysler's service was so exceptional that I felt I needed to share my story. Not only did I get the best deal for a truck in the Lower Mainland (I had extensively shopped around) but the people who helped me through the process were also exceptional. From first contact with the sales person Lucas (who turned me onto the truck (that fitted my buying parameters) to finishing the deal with Max and then completing the process with Tony. Every interaction went well above expectations with special appreciation and praise to Tony and his personal approach to finishing the deal. His commitment to customer satisfaction is undeniable. I won't hesitate to recommend that any of my friends and family visit this dealership if they are in the market for a new or used vehicle."