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"I am more of a 'I see it, I want it, I buy it, end of story' kind of girl. And this is the experience I enjoyed from Eastern. Granted there were a few hiccups along the path, but every thing was dealt with quickly and efficienty to ensure a smooth purchase - no mumbo jumbo. If I were asked of I would purchase another vehicle from Tiffany at Eastern, my answer would be yes. (Maybe an SRT next time. Wink!) "
"We had a fantastic time purchasing our new car - it felt like we were purchasing it through family rather than a company that needed to make its margins. Everyone (as mentioned below including Steve) was incredible. Their patience, understanding and knowledge was so much appreciated and we are so very grateful. The team are completely dedicated in helping others, and I cannot thank them enough for their excellence in service. All the best Michele & Chris"