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"Al was honest and took good care of us and continues to look after us. Car looks great and I love it. Thanks for everything Al. "
"(Acting on behalf of my parents age 83 and 79): My father was approached by Derrick Dodge by phone. He (MY FATHER) was desperate to save money as power and gas had been cut off from time to time. Derrick Dodge offered to sell him a new car and take his leased vehicle in a trade that would reduce his monthly payment by $40.00. (Forty). He decided to do this without council. As he at the time has just had a heart attack and stroke he had no licence. He also had no credit so he put the deal in my mother's name. (Who cannot read the contract or drive due to vision concerns). Although this may come to naught, I want to register this complaint against Derrick Dodge as I cannot fathom how the sales team could possibly have allowed this deal to progress. It would be very obvious to anyone with character that my Father is not able to make good decisions and my Mother has little or no idea what the implications of signing for my father were. Result: My parents have a car stuck on their driveway which is no good to them and rapidly losing value. AND an outstanding amount owed of $27,000. I don't anticipate any magical solutions. I do however desire that this company is noted as having done a 'Legal' deal that no-one with any character at all would have done. I thank you for allowing this to be submitted. "