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"I was very undecided about the purchase of the car when I first called in and spoke with Tony. I was looking at several other vehicles; however, Tony overcame all my objections and I went into the dealership right away. I saw the car, applied for financing and was ready to go in just a few days!!!! I really liked Tony and the Mercedes team because they were so relationship oriented. I didn't feel like I was just part of another sales transaction. I could see that integrity and forthrightness were very important to Tony and the whole team. I really appreciated that every document I signed was explained to me, my questions were answered and additional information/documentation was provided when I asked for it. When I picked up the car, Tony didn't just hand me the keys, but went through vital safety features and basic operation information. The experience was really fabulous, fast, sensitive and honest. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!"
"I just purchased a used vehicle from this dealership, and i was so impressed with the service and amazing knowlege of their staff. I dealt with a wonderful knowledgeable sales representative, that exceeded my expectations. Nelson Tang assisted me with a confidence and expertise that helped me make the decision to purchase a "used car" with no qualms. He exceeded my expectations, and I feel confident that down the road, if i require anything further, he would be there to assist. I highly recommend this dealership and this wonderful sales consultant."