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"Visited to view a car I had found listed online. Was not as described at all. Car seated only two people. So I was told my spouse and I would have to take two separate test drives with the salesperson. Not really what I thought appropriate. But no ability to bend the "insurance rules". Offered to leave the keys to my car as security, but not acceptable. If a dealership intends on selling vehicles that only seat two people maybe they should have a discussion with their insurance carrier and make arrangements that are appropriate? So. Misrepresenting the vehicle. Not considering purchasers needs, and finally? The RELENTLESS e-mails. From multiple people at the dealership. And when I respond and explain my concerns or ask questions? Never an appropriate response. Just another sales pitch from another different person..... From beginning to end just completely terrible service through and through. "
smart ED driver
"When I called to arrange an appointment, and when I arrived at the service department, I was treated professionally and with courtesy. Questions I had regarding another matter were answered quickly and I was referred to the parts department, where despite some confusion regarding model years my order was taken. Returning the next day, my ordered parts were ready and I completed my transaction. Also, I found the service waiting area to be very comfortable while waiting for my car."