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"Summary: As a first-time car buyer, I knew practically nothing about the car buying process. In the past I've only driven hand-me-down cars, and have never bought a car from a dealership. I've heard stories about pushy car salesmen, and read about poor service at other dealerships, but after seeing some good reviews about Richmond Subaru I thought I'd give it a try. Edwin and the team at Richmond Subaru did not disappoint; they answered all my questions and took care of all my needs, and didn't try to push anything on me that I didn't want. They were all extremely professional and I would recommend Edwin and the team at Richmond Subaru to anyone looking for a pleasant car buying experience. My story: I was greeted by Edwin within seconds of entering the dealership, and he asked how he could help me. I said I was interested in test driving some WRX's. I've gone to dealerships in the past but they never had any WRX's to test drive, and so I never ended up buying one because who buys a car without trying it first? But within minutes Edwin came back with the keys and off we went. The first car I tried was a used WRX with CVT, but unfortunately it had been lowered so the ride was quite bumpy. Edwin then suggested we try another one with a manual transmission, and after taking it on a test drive I knew I found the car I wanted. Within a week the new car came in, Edwin let me know and we set a time for me to pick it up. On pickup day everything went smoothly. Fraser and Jason managed the deposit and finance stuff, answering all my questions about the financial mumbo jumbo in language I could understand, and advising on all the best options for extended insurance, car protection etc. Robbie did the car insurance within minutes. And within an hour everything was all said and done, and I am now the proud owner of a new 2017 WRX, thanks to Edwin and the team Richmond Subaru! "
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" After much searching for a dependable car that would last me for the rest of my driving years my choice came back to the Subaru Forester. I reached out to Ryan King at Scott Subaru and arranged a meeting after reading about the great service the dealership and Ryan King provide. From my initial call to the point of purchase decision Ryan guided me with care and understanding of my needs. He is very professional in his approach, listens to the customer's needs and offers appropriate suggestions in his friendly manner. There was never any pressure to make a decision in a hurry and I took my time in getting there . I am now a more than satisfied owner of a Forester, a trim level about what I had initially looked at for and at the best price!! I connected with Ryan King many times for clarification and he provided the information in as complete a form as possible and returned my call or text promptly . He offered to come and pick me up from Edmonton or even deliver the car in Edmonton if I so chose . Further he assured me that I could reach out for assistance with any other issues that I may have after I took delivery of the car. If I was able to give a double 5 star rating for Ryan King that is what I would do. The other members of the team Ernesto, Sales Floor Manager , Ryan- General Manager, Kathie Chernetski Finance and Carmen Dufresne Finance were all excellent . Feels like I have made a lifetime connection with the team at Scott Subaru. I am so glad that I went to Scott Subaru to get my new car and the total experience is memorable. I will be sure to recommend this dealership to my friends . "