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"We had never driven a Subaru before and had a wonderful experience with Mike Lee. Mike patiently answered all our questions and made sure we were comfortable. He was always prompt to reply texts and even came in on a day off to help us! Mike has been amazingly helpful and flexible through this whole process and made our trade-in and purchase very easy. If you ever want a subaru, I highly recommend Mike. We picked up our new 2018 Subaru Forester yesterday and are loving it. As a bonus, the dealership even offers free car washes and shuttle services to the airport! "
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"I guess I got the lemon of the bunch - transmission went right after warranty - always off and on with idiot lights - didn't trust it so I finally got rid of it at around 4 years. Maybe I could have driven it a little longer with proper service - but I couldn't afford to get it serviced at Gemini. Overall very dissatisfied with car and dealership"