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"My salesperson, Jeff Foo, was very knowledgeable, courteous, and helpful. I did not feel pressured; just informed. More friendly than another Subaru dealership. As a female buyer, I am sensitive to how I am treated. I have been talked down to before. Men assume you can't drive a manual transmission and only care about colour. Jeff Foo treated me with respect. After agreeing to purchase the car, I didn't like the way I was treated by the manager or finance person; trying to sell me an extended warrenty; and finance with them when I just wanted to pay cash. "
"I had a 2008 outback. Someone decided to turn left into it and the insurance company wrote it off. I had two weeks to get another car. I called all the dealers around Toronto. I new what I wanted and wanted to speak with someone that is fair and willing to work with me on the phone. All other dealers seem to want to just beat the best offer. In other words, go do the work with someone else, and we will take a few bucks off. That was of no interest to me. I wanted to work with someone and Marc and Shawn (Sean) did just that! After that everything was golden, it was easy to work with them and they did all that I requested."