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Nolan STI
3 days ago
"Easily the best experience I've had purchasing a vehicle. I am definitely going to recommend this dealership to my friends, family and anyone who asks where I got my car. "
4 days ago
"We'll Trento Subaru had some serious customer service issues when they were up and running. Not to mention lack of space in the service area and parking etc. Customer service people there were always standoffish and the service advisor told me that until I'm ready to fix my vehicle that was invoiced in an MVA, he cant give me an estimate. I just found out that's against the law. So here comes Subaru of Maple, Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!!! Nottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt Day 1 I stopped by to quickly poke around and have a look at some of the new vehicles. To make a longs story short, no one approached me or asked if I needed any help. Day 2, saw a Subaru online I liked, so I went back. These were in the pre inventory section. I saw a man with a dealers plate, he walked right by me, didnt say anything and went back in. I looked at 13 cars in the freakin cold , and not one person came out. Yet I spotted 3 employees who saw me. Next a woman comes in, drives in parks her car, looks at some vehicles, next thing you know, the guy I saw with the plate comes out to help her. Looks at me again, but helps her. She goes in, comes back out 5 minutes later with the same guy, now holding the dealer plate in his hand, puts it on a vehicle, and off she goes for a test drive. He walks slowly back into the dealership and looks at me now a 3rd time, but doesn't come over. Lady comes back, he takes the plate off the car, they shake hands and he hands her a business card. She leaves, and he proceeds to walk back in for a 4th time, looking straight at me. At this point Im standing there, looking straight at him and nothing else. He just walks back in, and doesnt come back. Service guy sees me going to my car, turns his head. another employee with a second plate walks directly by me, keeps walking. Hmm maybe they didnt like the way I look? Subaru is my favorite car. I just got my insurance claim money and came to buy either the 2012 or the 2015 Impreza. I just wasn't sure which one. SUBARU OF MAPLE--------YOU JUST LOST THE SALE---------- Its about service. We live in a world of option. You just made me exercise that option. I just dont understand Canadians. More and more people are going cross border because of such bad service. Maple hasnt been around long, but I will never ever go there again. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THEM."