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"I visted this dealership earlier today with an intent to purchase a Subaru Outback. I had called earlier in the day to check if a particulr sales representative was working as I had accompanied my daughter to the dealership to purchase her Impreza less than a year ago and had dealt with the same representative. I had asked for his "best deal" for 2 options but when I asked for a third, I was very rudely told to "make up my mind" before he will give me a number. I explained to him that he is limiting my options and how could I possibly make a decision if I do not know what I may be paying. I have not encountered such arrogance and I left saying I will take my business elsewhere. If I had not owned 2 Subarus previously and belive that it is a good make, this experience would have put me off Subaru vehicles completely."
"I've done a lot of research on Subaru. And liked what I saw for safety. I plan on getting married and starting a family soon. I was looking at the Impreza 5 door hatch back. which for what I thought was a small car but turned out it had some good space and real power. But after feeling the power of the boxer engine I wanted more kick. So this December I went for the WRX sport. All I can say is WOW 268 horsepower with a boxer engine. I love this car. But what I really loved was how I was treated as a person not just a customer. Danny Li sold me My first brand new car ever. I've always bought used to save money. Which in the end it cost me more to keep fixing it. So with Danny's help I got the exact car I wanted and got 7 years warranty or 160 000km. I've never felt better about a car, knowing that for 7 years it's worry free. My next car will be a Subaru for sure. And I hope Danny Li will still be at this location. "