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"Worst service department ever. If you want to be taken for a ride and have things replaced (that don't likely need it" take your car there. And if they put something new on, their "quality" parts have a 1year/20,000kms warranty. At 17 months (but only 17K), a part fails...do they try to remedy...nope...too bad so sad. And oh, in November they tell me brakes are at 30% and should be replaced. Today (6 month later), any other shop tells me they are at 50%. Don't trust this company."
"Dolly made the difference in my recent experience. I was already considering another model before I went to this dealership, but I changed my mind after working with this helpful lady! She was fantastic to talk to, very thorough and understanding of my needs. She worked extensively to answer any questions I may have had and I was grateful for her attention to detail. Her product knowledge was very strong and she seemed supported by the dealership as well, which is always a plus! I'd work with her again, anytime :)"