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average joe
"Happy with the fuel economy. Sales staff was excellent. And I don't like having to give a minimum work count review to give a good person a good review."
"Spent a week in communication with this dealer. I had my own financing in place, but had to go through them to get the listed price first. I live 3 hours away so it all had to be done by phone/e-mail. They approved my application, moved the car to the same dealer as the salesman I was speaking too, and set an appointment up for me to come 3 days later on my only day off. They I get an e-mail reply the day I'm supposed to be driving up there with one line "I was off yesterday and could not respond to you. The other issue is the vehicle has been sold. " After telling me he specifically moved the car to his dealership for me. This was also a used car, not something they can just pick out another one and offer up. There's nothing special here, poor business ethics. If you have no choice and do still go with them, DO NOT LET THEM DO FINANCING BEFORE AGREEING ON A PRICE. This was my biggest mistake, never ever let them put through an app before you have an agreement on a price. I could have walked away from this with no negative effect and kept looking for a car, but now I've got 3 hits on my credit for nothing."