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"We could not be happier with our new pre-owned Subaru Crosstrek and the service we received at Subaru Calgary was fantastic. Tariq was super friendly, very knowledgable, easy to deal with and made the whole buying experience enjoyable. "
"I was looking for a specific used vehicle model which brought me to Autotown, who had one in stock. Macros showed me the car and was very knowledgeable and friendly during the test drive, and throughout the whole sale. We went over the car proof and the GM, Andres, helped with a few mechanical questions I had about the vehicle. Chris was to the point when it came to settling on a price and there weren't a lot of pricing games like you see with some dealers. Amanda was very helpful and knowledgeable on the financing. Extras like undercoating and warranty were offered, but not in a demanding high pressured sales way. There were only a couple of annoyances during the process. I had made a deposit, but it wasn't included in the final accounting when we did up the sale and financing. It was returned to me within a week though. And the other was that I had requested some addons installed - a block heater, remote start, and hitch. I would have liked to see an itemized quote up front - I probably should have asked for this. The final price was not unreasonable. Best part of the experience was great service from Marcos and Amanda. I would buy here again. "