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"I gave highest rating because Nam knew exactly what I wanted and showed me the vehicles that I had asked for. I was and currently very happy about my vehicle."
"I spent my time choosing the right SUV - from RAV4, Forester, Santa Fe to CRV. I was pretty open minded to all of the vehicles but I found the Honda CRV to be the best all-around and well-balanced vehicle I could find. I ventured into St. Albert Honda and Pointe West Go Honda and I felt like I got more of a "True Price" than anywhere else. There was no BS negotiation here. I wasn't comfortable in buying a car so soon (May 2016 instead of Sept 2016) but Rami, Vu, Shannon, and Carlos won me over. I got an offer that I couldn't resist and it was an offer that I didn't feel comfortable counter-offering any more. I also didn't feel comfortable showing my bill of sale to St. Albert Honda or Pointe West Go Honda or any other Honda dealership in town. Some might call that stupid but I call that being fair. I didn't feel screwed over during any part of my purchase process. The car is parked happily in my garage now and I haven't really started using it yet and it is probably depreciating like a brick but I still feel happy purchasing the vehicle. I think that's Wheaton Honda for ya :) If I see anything fishy down the road I'll update my review accordingly, but I find that chance very slim. "