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Toni S.
"Working with Honda West is great! Jocelyn was attentive and very helpful. One of the options we were looking for was discontinued, and she found and excellent replacement! When looking for a Honda, I will always go to Honda West and buy from Jocelyn. "
"This would have been my fourth purchase from ottawa Honda but... That wasn't the case. I arrived last Saturday to compare pricing on a Honda odessey and that wasn't what dale wanted do evidentally do because of how this experience ended for me and my wife. I wanted a second quote on this 44k van and dale wasn't imprresed that I was yes.....shopping for a good deal on this huge expense. Anyway to cut to the chase he was extremly rude and didn't want to meet my needs in negotiating a price that was comparable to another dealer (civic Honda ) that I ended up purchasing through in the end. He repetatly mentions that all I was doing was price shopping, but isn't this his job...... So my conversation ended up with me speaking to the manager nick who in my option didn't deal with his sales consultant how he should have...and you will understand why.. Nick and I chatted briefly on my experience with dale and he was taken back on his sale consultants unprofessional behaviour but didn't say or do much about it so I decided it was time for me to take my business elsewhere. I began to walk out the front entrance of ottawa Honda and dale followed me outside the entrance and began to call me ever name in the book because I went to his manager and advised nick about dales unprofessional behaviour. Dale told me to,I quote...F.........g leave and for me to F... Off. I was so taken back and was in shock that ottawa Honda would allow there reputation to be know to ottawa as dale did to me. As a result I bought a brand new odyssey from civic Honda and my wife and I where extremly happy with the overall service that we received. I would not recommend OTTAWA HONDA again... "