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joe andrade
"We dealt with Frank for our new car purchase. He was very helpful. Explained everything thoroughly. No gimmicks. No games. Very personable. We were pleased with our financing offer. Thanks Frank! :)"
"All began in February 2017, when I found out about the new CRV 2017. Not only that my old current car lease was going to ends in May 2017. So, I started early shopping around and did some homework about the different Honda dealership in the GTA. There were 2 of them that came to my mind. But, I decided to visit Maple Honda on my free time, despite the far distance from my home. As soon as I enter Maple Honda , I was introduced to Ray. He took the time to understand my need and listen to my situation. As, I was not in the rush of getting a new car. After considering all the options, Ray suggested me to wait until the end of the lease of my current car before I start a new one with them. I appreciated his honest advice and was pleased to feel that I was not pressured to get a new car right away. As May arrived, I contact Ray again and discussed with me bringing back my current one and discuss the new CRV 2017. Ray's offer had met my expectation and it wasn't hard to seal the deal with him and Maple Honda . Ray is a very joyful person, very very patient, and would go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied. Thumb up for the 5 stars service 👍 ! Thank you again Ray for your time and your precious advice. A new journey commences with Maple Honda 😊"