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"BEWARE. BEWARE. $9000 will get you into a vehicle for 1.year. The car dealer will refuse to work on it and tell you to scrap it. The wreckers will give you $300. BEWARE. BEWARE. BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE. "
"After searching for cars over the last few months, I took a day to go check out some used vehicle dealerships in the area. I was not happy with the selection at some of the used dealers that I looked at, however, AutoPark Niagara had a good selection of clean used cars. I was particularly surprised and impressed at the care they took in detailing and preparing their vehicles - the first impression is always important. While I was on the lot looking at cars, I was greeted professionally by Amber, who was very helpful in showing my around the vehicles that I was interested in. She allowed me to test drive both vehicles, and was very patient in letting me take my time with the cars and to have a few more detailed showings of the vehicles. I ended up test driving the two vehicles at AutoPark. The first - a Volvo S60, the second - a Dodge Charger. Once I knew that I liked the Volvo more than the Dodge, I was allowed to not only test drive the vehicle again, I was also allowed to have it looked over by two mechanics. I was concerned with a few things about the vehicle - mainly brakes and a noise coming from the front end, both of which were fixed and resolved by AutoPark days before I even decided to purchase the vehicle. The staff were all professional, friendly, and courteous throughout the entire car purchase experience. Pat in finance was very instrumental in finding me a good rate for financing, and he took the time to read over everything that was related to purchasing the vehicle. Peter was also helpful in providing a second opinion on the vehicle, having dealt with Peter in the past, it was nice to have that second opinion. I would certainly recommend AutoPark Niagara to any friends or family who are looking to purchase a quality used vehicle. "