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3 days ago
"I would like to share my fantastic experience with Fred at Honda Downtown. I purchased a Volvo for my Mom in October 2015. Fred was patient and extremely obliging and made the entire transaction effortless. Fred went out of his way to take SO MANY photos and answer all my questions happily. I have purchased 6 cars (yes 6 LOL) within the past year, I have quite a bit of experience with different Dealerships across Ontario (and different Brands). They treated us with respect and honesty. Even though this was not a new Volvo, we were not treated any differently than someone buying a new car. Fred even picked me up at the Greyhound, since I would be the one driving her car back to our City. Fred made it well worth travelling for the car. I would highly recommend him! I only have experience with the Sales Department, which was outstanding service. His Manager was so welcoming as well. When I would call, the Receptionist working was very kind. No hint of rudeness, sadly like many Dealerships I have encountered in the past. Jane"
"We did a search for a specific vehicle on line and found it at Wilsons . Made a call a spoke to Marko. Living 2.5 hours away Marko was able to accurately describe the car and it's condition over the phone well enough I asked if he would hold it until we could get to Guelph. It was exactly as he said. He won our trust from there on. We made the deal and he delivered. Great job Marko!! Thankyou. Tom and Denise Childs."