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"Purchase a 2010 Volvo C30 in June 2014, the problems started from the day I picked up the car. An engine warning light came on within a day. Multiple denials that there was any problem. It finally took a camera shot of the warning light to get them to acknowledge the problem. In July, two or three days after the certification expired, I got a flat tire. The tire dealer refused to repair the tire because the leak came from a crack in the sidewall and went on to show me all the tires had to be replaced because of severe cracking. Also the tires were worn out and even if there were no cracks wouldn't pass a safety inspection. At that point I had only put 2500 km on the car since buying it. There was no way this car was Certified when I picked it up. No return phone calls from JP Motors about this. I am now replacing the entire front end of the car because of separated front end bushings, which the Volvo dealer explained have been on the way out for quite a long time. The CV boots are leaking grease quite badly because of cracks and splits in the rubber and will cause the axle to seize if they go dry and are not replaced. Again it was pointed out to me that this was not fresh damage and yes I realize that CV boots are not part of the certification process, but it should have been part of the initial service. Annoying noises from the brakes have been corrected by replacing the cheap pads used by JP Motors when they supposedly certified the car. Customer Service disappeared with the first sign of trouble. If you buy a car from this place, have an independent inspection done to make sure it actually is Certified. Better yet, buy elsewhere."
"Please no matter how desperate you are do not buy from this place !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had purchased a Volvo for a good price and the sales man told me it would be done by Wednesday afternoon. When I called on that day I was told it would be Friday with no promises and that a check engine light had come on? I'm impressed that it did not com on when I was test driving it but now it had. When I asked if they would be willing to provide me with a loaner car for the 2 days the mood changed the manager spoke to me like his ugly stepchild even told me to take my check back and shove it !!!! I really wanted the car so I tried to speak to him to make this work. I even said "lets start again because there is no reason to treat me this way" he kept interrupting me with condescending answers and would not let me speak. "Im the boss take it or leave it " "we don't need the money we have 4 million $ in cars" " do you want your check back" when I tied to speak to the real boss he said he had work with him for 28 years snubbed me off and did nothing at all. I pulled the deal. I now realize that he obviously is not a good communicator the way he treated the salesman (Earl). I feel bad for any staff that work under them and URGE you not to buy or service you vehicle here. Crosstown gave me good service, Lexus gave my wife a great deal with out this mess please STAY AWAY ! they feel because they have been around for years they are un-touchable. I thank you for reading this good luck !"