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"I've been going to Hamilton Volvo for sales and service for many years now, I will not go anywhere else. I have bought many new luxury vehicles in my time, and these guys are by far and away the most knowledgeable, most thorough, and most accommodating group I have ever dealt with. Most dealerships just try to sell you a car, these guys take the time to explain every feature and act more as consultants to put you into the right vehicle. The service has been outstanding also. One of the few dealers who offer you a new loaner when you bring your vehicle in for service. A friend of mine used to service his old Volvo at a local garage, but I advised him to service at Hamilton Volvo and it was actually cheaper than his local garage! Regarding the review by 'peanut', you obviously don't understand safety features. Most of the safety features in a Volvo are passive, they work after you crash and will always work as intended. The cars do so many checks when you start it to make sure everything works. If a sensor is blocked, you get a message saying the system is disabled. So it is impossible for the system to not work as intended without warning as you claim. Volvo's are the safest cars on the road by far. No other manufacturer spends as much r&d as they do on safety. Ask anyone who's been in a bad accident in a Volvo what the EMS teams told them...you wouldn't be standing here if you weren't driving a Volvo. It puts everything into perspective, don't wait until you're in the hospital to buy a Volvo, consider a new or used one now. Your family is too important to not protect them with all the crazy inattentive, distracted drivers out there. Take my word for it, I was in a bad crash in a 'luxury' car and was seriously hurt, after that, nothing but Volvo's for me and my entire family. "
Ed & Mary Fitzpatrick
"My wife and I now have our fourth Volvo. We choose Volvo for their reliability, durability and safety. As regards reliability, we have experienced very few problems. As regards durability, we sold a Volvo with 260,000 km (160,000 miles) to a colleague at work. A year later he reported how happy he was with it; he had had only one problem with the car in spite of its high mileage. As regards safety, this aspect of Volvo is well attested. We’ve been dealing with Valentine Volvo since 1997, when we first arrived in Canada. The company is exemplary, both with regard to sales and after-service. The staff are very pleasant to deal with. The integrity of the owners and staff makes the company stand out from its competitors. This is the first time we have taken the trouble to review a company on the internet. "