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3 days ago
"Here's what happened: We planned to go on a 4k KM road trip of BC with our 2012 Volvo XC60. The car was parked outside the house and I got up early to turn the car around for easier loading. After loading we piled info the car ready to start our trip. However the start button didn't work! Volvo roadside assistance sent a tow truck which jump started the car. We then drove to Surrey Volvo to find out what happened and try and save our two week road trip. Surrey Volvo service was completely booked up but upon hearing our situation the service manager dropped everything to repair our car, even dispatching a car to pick up a new alternator from Surrey to North Vancouver! All in all our road trip was only delayed by a few hours. We have never been treated better by any other car dealership. Thank you! "
Kris 2006
4 days ago
"service and recommendation was exceptional. Prices was very affordable. When asked about details of the used vehicles, information was given honestly. Follow up and transaction was very precise "