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4 days ago
"I took my Volvo in for a routine oil change. When I came to pick up my car the dash said 'engine hood open' so I went out and closed the hood again, the alert did not go away. Since it was after hours, there was no one in service I could speak to. So I called the next day, explained what had happened, they said that they hand noted the alert on my work order and did noting to fix it. They informed me that it would be $250 to fix the sensor. I was upset with the manager and said I didn't have great faith in their service, he replied 10-4 and hung up the phone! I guess they don't need it want my business. "
"I purchased a used 2015 Volvo from this Dealership (14,000km) in September. On the way home with my new vehicle, the check engine light came on. I have now been into the dealer twice to have the issue fixed - second time was yesterday, and the light came on again today. Extremely disappointed - I think my car is a lemon - I will never buy another Volvo."