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"I usually do not write reviews unless somebody went over and beyond. I felt I need to write my 2 cents where this dealership was concerned. Very unprofessional. I had booked an appointment to get a used car inspected when on the eve of the inspection the owner sent an email saying it was sold. The owner was naming a price $$$$ take it or leave giving one days notice. no inspection nothing. I got the feeling that he did not want the car to be inspected. Please do your due diligence if you are dealing with this dealership. The car was very much overpriced and had been sitting in the lot for almost 5 years with less than 1000 miles."
Alex P
"I had a good experience leasing my S60 four years ago and it has been a great car. Volvo of Unionville's Customer Service Dept provides good service and tries to go the extra mile. But the Sales Dept is another matter. After four years, I bought the lease out because the car has been excellent and the good value of the buyout price. But with no disclosure, they try to charge $600 for paperwork. It's plain and simply a profit grab to take advantage of a customer. They have virtually no costs associated with the buyout so it represents Pure Profit with no customer value...a ripoff. And it isn't disclosed in any way. Unethical and illegal (Ontario Dealer Act). But you have no choice to pay it and in my case I could only do the transaction through them (not my choice) Their response? They did come down $100 when I complained. But $500 plus HST is still way to much. And given the attitude (which included questioning my integrity and that of other Volvo Dealers), it is insulting. They have told me others charge more. Does that make it right? Others charge less (or nothing). No concept of fairness or customer satisfaction. I would not deal with this dealership again. Volvo? Yes. Unionville Volvo? No. Trust is fundamental in a large purchase like a car. Lots of choices out there. You don't have to buy from dealers with these types of practices or attitudes."