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"Where do I start with these guys? I originally took my car to a local Volvo specialist who quoted me $1,450 to replace the steering rack in my Volvo s60. After getting that price, I called Newmarket Volvo to see what they would charge me. I was pleasantly surprised that theirs worked out cheaper than the small local Volvo speciality shop, so I decided to go with Newmarket Volvo for the repair. The gentleman who I spoke with assured me that he had left some paper work out for my arrival when I was scheduled to drop the car off, but when I arrived, no paper work… Knowing they could easily change the price if I didn’t get an invoice, I asked the service manager if he could print one off for me. He claimed that printing an invoice would take some time and not to worry. To make a long story short, I returned to pick the car up with a $1,900 and change bill in my name. I questioned why the price had increased so much, to which he replied that it needed more parts then we originally thought… Did anyone call me to authorize the extra parts and cost needed? No. I have since emailed them asking for a copy of the bill, but my emails have never been returned. To top it all off while I waited for them to bring my car around one of the sales people complained to me about how slow business had been for the whole year. WOW! What a sad excuse of a dealership… I like the Volvo brand, but these guys give it a bad name. "
"Turned a negative experience with a previous volvo into a positive one by buying out our lease early and giving us a Super good lease deal on our new vehicle. They were very eager to "earn our business""