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"Went in to purchase an S60 (2015 model), was happy with the price so I decided to buy. After I signed the contract and went home, the salesman called me and told me that he had made a mistake in the pricing and that I needed to pay more, I kindly said no and that it was either they honour their price or I get my money back so they accepted. Then 2 hours later I get another call telling me that they could not find any car in North America that matched my preference and that I either had to get the next closest model which had a more expensive package, or wait for the car to come from the factory which would take "2 months". Clearly this is a lowball scheme, which is illegal and I will report them to the BBB and other consumer protection authorities. PLEASE DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE THIEVES."
"I recently bought my 2012 Volvo car in this location. It was a great experience for me as a first time buyer. He'll recommend the best car that will fit with your needs. He knows well his job. I will definitely recommend him and his dealership to everyone who's looking for great cars, best brands, and 100% safety."