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David Fish
"I bought a used Volvo from a used car lot and it had a few issues. I had brought it to a local non Volvo mechanic who claimed they know how to repair Volvo's and charges cheaper hourly rates. Luckily, before I agreed to the repair I had gone to Volvo Villa and got them to diagnose the same issue and produce a quote as well. The initial diagnostic provided by the local mechanic was not correct to begin with and they wanted more labor hours for the same job compared to Volvo Villa (which would have ended up being more expensive). At Volvo Villa, they used their Volvo computer to diagnose the issue immediately and although their hourly rate is higher, they have a shorter repair time. My issue was repaired in a timely manner, as expected, and will be coming back for all my future maintenance and repairs."
"I selected the vehicle I wanted online and compared it through various means to other dealers and the price was lower than other with the car having lower kms and more options. I test drove the car and Austin was fantastic and very friendly. There was an issue with getting the ownership changed over as it had not arrived from the previous dealership where the car was traded in but that seemed to be by no fault of the staff at Pickard Lane. Austin gave me his cell number and encouraged me to call and get status updates. The car was fully serviced and they even included a set of new tires, machined the rotors and replaced all brake pads as part of the inspection after I had bought the vehicle. All around a good experience."