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"I've been going to Unionville volvo for years now and they been nothing but great. Especially Cynthia. Kenny. And the whole team. Keep up the good work thank you again"
Paul Novotny
5 days ago
"My experience has always been excellent at VOT. I've recommended several people to both sales and service and as I hear back from them, their experience has been the same as mine, so I really take the negative comments found on this site with a very small grain of salt. The reasons why I recommend VOT; start with the mechanics because most of them drive Volvos themselves, so they fix them well. I always learn about my cars when I speak with the mechanics. (How many dealerships even let you speak to the mechanics-?) Over the years I've gotten to know managers Lee Potter, Paolo, Frank and Francis and they have really helped me. If I request it (with advance notice), they have supplied loaner vehicles V60/XC60/V70XC, or rides/pickups to/from my office and some times, they will just do very nice and very unexpected things that really me show how much they appreciate my loyalty to the brand and their dealership. I've learned that in life that you must cultivate your relationships, and at VOT, they welcome a long term, dignified approach to relations, and they reward your loyalty, just as the Volvo brand does. I have an 04 V70 R and a 91 240 sedan. The 240 is now a historic vehicle and Leon, (my usual master Volvo mechanic) will actually rebuild parts on his bench, since many parts have now become unavailable. The car is 26 years old, a testament to Swedish engineering and the mechanics at VOT love to see that car. It currently runs like a swiss watch movement and only has 240,000 KM. VOT has always been honest with me. I believe owning a Volvo is not a short term experience and it would be silly run business in a less than straight-up manor. Once you drive a Volvo, you will likely drive it for many may years and the people at VOT know that, as the Volvo brand has the highest levels of customer loyalty in the industry. If you are reading this and still have questions.....pick up the phone, call Lee Potter or Frank, because they are the people you will work with as your Volvo ages. I believe you will see that they are there for you, as they are for me."