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"Very happy with the service received when purchasing our used Caravan recently. Charlie Sofalvi delivered what was promised, keep appointments and returned calls promptly. Greg also helped explain details of financing so that in the end we are pleased with our decisions. The van was clean and well serviced as promised. Also a nice play area to keep the kids happy while we worked out the details. My only criticism is that we had looked at the van a week or two before the price was lowered by $900 and were declined any price reduction. In the end it all worked out, and with patience we received the best price. Wish it could have been negotiated earlier. Thanks for a positive experience!"
Car Buff
"I need brake pads and they tell me that the only way that they come from Land Rover is in kits that include the rotors. BS!! I just had the very same ones done in the USA with just the pads for 1/3 the cost. My first Land Rover was purchased in 2000 and back then you got real service. Now the only thing that they service is your wallet with a crowbar. "