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"I brought my truck in for an oil change and left paying just under $900. I had asked the service department to balance my tires as my truck had developed a small wobble. The tire techs found out two of my tires had a manufacturer defect and had to be replaced. The staff were very friendly and accommodating despite my frustration with Bridgestone tires and several phone calls. The only part of the whole situation that had me fairly unimpressed was when they left my very expensive rim and defective tire in the box of my truck after the service department had closed, which was parked on the road next to the casino. I ended up phoning the sales department who was unable to retrieve my rim out of the box so it wouldn't be stolen. I was overall satisfied with the service provided. "
"Took an aggressive turn down by the docs on Sunday in my snazzy new Alfa that I picked up from Amin at North York Chrysler. Had the car towed up to the dealership, and by Monday lunch I was back on the road. Checked their prices against Green & Ross and they were right in line. The service department is REALLY good. And very convenient for me."