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2 days ago
"Last week (April 29th 2016) I was in Prince George just for the day. I decided to just go to the dodge dealership because I prefer dodge! I was just looking around and a very nice salesman approached me and asked if I needed help with anything. I explained to him I was looking for a used car and just wanted to know my options here. The first question he asked me was what price range I was looking for. That was a home run because I went there hoping I could find a vehicle between $200-$250 bi-weekly. The sales man (Ward Walker) took me over to a used 2014 dodge dart sxt. beautiful car, plus the sunroof was an added bonus! He told me features about the car and also he made me laugh when he pointed at the trunk button and said this is to open your fuel cap. Being a smart *!* I am I said no ahha its the trunk. We took it for a test drive and I fell in love with it right away. For only being 19 and just building my credit, I got approved for this car! Made me so happy! The only downside to this dealership is how long we were waiting and sitting at the dealership... that to me was not very good. (Went there at 12:15 and left at 3 to get stuff done then had to finally go back at 4:30 to pick up the car and didn't actually leave until 6:30. I loved having ICBC there on site.. very helpful. But what im disappointed about is that with every purchase of a car I guess we are supposed to be getting a gift.. I never got one :( .. but other then that.. loved everything! Ryan (the finance guy) was very helpful as well! "
"We purchased a Chevrolet Malibu through Mich Lanteigne. Mich was very well informed and was able to answer all of our questions easily. Mich has a great personality and at no time does he exert pressure on you to buy a vehicle - he wants to see you leave happy and makes sure that you are purchasing a vehicle that is suitable. Mich walked us through the features of our car after our purchase and made it clear that the door was always open if we had further questions. Mich even helped us program our hands-free feature in the car. We highly recommend Mich as an extremely knowledgeable person in the car industry and a great person to interact with. We are extremely pleased with our purchase and with the assistance provided. "