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"Thought I'd take the time to participate in your survey. My experience with Peter was great. His schedule was very flexible and he truly came across as someone who wanted to make our purchase a pleasant one. He was professional and his responses to a couple of issues I had after bringing the car home were handled amicably and were resolved quickly. So my purchasing experience was great. My overall experience I graded as good only because your service department really dropped the ball. After having it in your shop to address a small issue the car was returned to me with the beige coloured carpet on the floor in the back seat heavily soiled with oily greasy boot prints. If that's how an employee treats a vehicle or doesn't have the smarts to know that's happening well I don't need to say any more. Just like a restaurant - one bad meal is all it takes to not go back. I would recommend your dealership for a purchase but absolutely not for servicing. Regards, Tom"
"We went in to view a few vehicles that we saw on their website and were given the time to walk around the lot to look at some vehicles before we were greated by Attila. He was very friendly and helpful regarding the SUV's we were interested in and let us try 3 vehicles and explained their features. He didn't rush us to purchase anything right away and was nice enough to go print off the data sheets for each vehicle for us to take home. He knew we had a car that we might use for a trade in so he recommended bringing it in for an appraisal and didn't pressure us to buy anything on the spot or leave a deposit. We ended buying a Nissan Rogue and we also had them rust proof and tint the windows and everything was clean and ready for us to pick up on the agreed date/time that we pushed for. We had great dealings with Pat and Dane who went over everything with us and both took the time to explain everything and answer all our questions. We were also introduced to Gary the owner who took the time to speak with us as well. The whole team there work very well together to help the customer with everything. It was the best car buying experience we've had in buying and the price was the best we could find. We would recommend this place to anyone looking for a good used vehicle. There's no pressure and you're treated very well by everyone. Two thumbs up!! "