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"I would tell anyone one to go there a buy a car they try there best to get u the right price and they are very friendly and helpful. Wyatt and Greg were awsome to deal with thanks guys you guys rock.. And by the way I love my car!!!!!"
Carmen B
"I took in one of my vehicles to Bolton GM for a warranty issue that Leggat chev., in Rexdale could not or did not want to resolve after 4 months of arguing and wasting time. Then I met Bill Rouse service manager at Bolton GM and he took care of everything within a couple of days. At the same time I met Moe Dastranj and I was in the market to purchase a few vehicles. I had already shopped around at some of the other bigger dealerships and got some prices. After talking to Moe for a few minutes I could tell he was very knowledgable about his products and my trade-ins. My wife and I spent a couple of days negotiating and we found Moe to be extremely helpful and honest. We just picked up our 2016 Chev Tahoe and are waiting for the 2016 Chev Corvette. As an overall experience I would recommend Bolton GM for sales or service. P.S my wife thanks you for the flowers you left in the Tahoe, very thoughtful."