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"I am not an impulsive buyer, so after researching several GM vehicles at different dealerships in Barrie, ON which is where I live, I called Bernie at Jim Wilson's Chevrolet in Orillia and told him I was in the market for a new car. I new he would look after me, not put me into something I couldn't afford, and would be upfront and straight with me about everything. I have been dealing with Bernie Bartz at Jim Wilson's in Orillia since 1998, keep returning. So he must be doing something right. I would recommend this Dealership and especially Bernie Bartz to anyone that will listen. Love my new Chevy Trax!!"
"Excellent service, Ray was very knowledgeable about all the vehicles I looked at. In the end he found the vehicle that was right for me!! Fun friendly and honest service!! I am completely satisfied."