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"Worst customer service ever!!!! Not only do they rip you off and try to take all the money you have, but they don't even want to provide service!!! I've been having issues with my 2014 jeep patriot (that I had mistakenly bought from them in November 2013). Now that my engine is having issues, they can't even be bothered to do anything about it, instead they tell me to take it back to Kal Tire and have them work on it. They're basically telling me my jeep is fine because it's running for them right now, and is even driveable. Which it is until you're driving and then all of a sudden the engine fails and you're stranded. Which is what happened to me on Saturday when I was driving out of town on a back road with minimal cell service. Luckily I was able to call a friend to pick me up and call CAA for a tow. Dodge is trying to tell me it's bad fuel, but I had my fuel tank drained by kal tire in November when I was first having engine issues, and they even replaced the fuel and oil. Biggest mistake of my life was trading in my luxurious Chrysler 300 touring for a xxxxxx base model jeep that a couple years later is having issues with the engine. Not only did they sell me a xxxxxx vehicle but they ripped me off so hard on my trade, which is my fault because I should've caught that at the beginning. Lesson learned, never buying from cranbrook dodge again and I don't recommend anyone else does either. And from what I've recently heard from others, this isn't the first time they've provided terrible customer service. They fail to understand and empathize my frustration and instead are victimizing themselves. What a joke. "
"Service was awesome made sure everything was good before I left and did a follow up call would highly recommend them was good to deal with made sure I understood everything "