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"I visited this dealership with the intention of buying a new van ... I drove around the car park and one of the dealerships employees drove straight into my truck causing extenisive damage the actual cost hasnt been established but i can say its definatly in excess of $5000 , they were 100 % at fault the driver had not even cleared the frost of the windows of the car before he drove it so had little to no view and drove straight out between a lane of parked vehicles on to the main pathway it turned out afterwards it was infact a customers car who had just bought it in for service .. after the incident they didn't even ask if I was OK did i need anything nothing at all they left me standing out side unable to start my vehicle as it was leaking fluids from the impact in -25 temperatures .. I walked in to there building to ask for the address to give the police and I was told they didn't know what it was ??? and that employees only could come in and wait outside .the came out to inspect there vehicle at which point they instructed the employee who had driven the car to put down the windows down I asked if they could put them back up as i needed to take pictures so show how frosty they were and they refused . They also tried to insist I move my vehicle before the police had arrived I refused if this is there idea of how to treat potential customers then only thing I can say is I'm extremely glad I didn't buy a vehicle from them as I would hate to have to deal with them ever again and to anyone thinking of buying a vehicle a vehicle buyer beware they obviously don't take care of there customers cars "
"I'm a certified car nut so know my way around expensive toys. Parimal and Peter were pleasant, more than fair and very knowledgeable. Was so impressed ended up buying two vehicles from them Will be back soon to see what's new."