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2 days ago
"We purchased our new GLA250 from Mercedes of London. Adam was our point of contact, and we found him to be very professional, knowledgeable, and courteous to us from our first email, to putting the plates on the vehicle, and showing us all the bells and whistles. We also spoke many times to Kristina, and she was a pleasure to talk to, and also very professional and knowledgeable. We would strongly recommend this dealership and Adam/Kristina to anybody interested in purchasing a vehicle through Mercedes. Great vehicle, great service, great employees. Thank you."
Tad Kitaba
3 days ago
"I took a 2012 C 350 Class Mercedes Benz for a Wheel Alignment. When the service was attended to, I was told that the Steering Wheel pump is not working and requires change. I okayed the work and afterwards, I had a call from the service advisor that it was not the Steering Wheel pump that was not working but a Rack and will cost me $3500.00 plus tax. I said okay but when I called an individual that I purchased the car from he advised me not to proceed with it and he will take care of it for free and told me for the Dealership to put back the old and give it back to me. I immediately called the Service Advisor and told him not to do work on my car and put back the old and return it and which they did. But when I went to pickup my car, I was told to pay for opening up the car to get to the pump and rack for labor. I paid $852.00 and left the premises. Later, I realized that I was taken advantage off and called and asked the service adviser why he had to charge me for the wrong advise that I was given from his mechanic indicating the pump was not working. He said we can only do by elimination, i.e. get to the pump first and then to the Rack which is absurd to say the least. I was charged for the service that I did not receive. When you take for one issue, they are always clever to suggest to you something else is not working and wants you to pay more. So, I went to another mechanic paid a quarter of what I was charged for getting no service and have my car running smoothly. Therefore, Please make sure you know what you are doing and never let them suggest to you and get away with it. Kitaba tkitaba@rogers.com "