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"Outstanding group. They were very friendly, extremely efficient, meticulously organized and easy to work with. They were not overbearing or pushy and worked with us to find the right features. "
"We bought a new b250 from midtown last year and had some issues with engine light coming on within 10 months of purchase. We were told to bring it in and they would perform the annual maintenance at the same time. It took 3 weeks to get an appointment so we decided to do the maintenance as well rather than bring it in again in another month (when it was due). Engine light issue was determined to be a faulty connection and we signed up for 4 year prepaid maintenance to save 25%. That was a big mistake. The car was in an accident 3 weeks later and written off but MB refused to refund the remaining 3 years worth of maintenance ($1200) - even though we got the maintenance done before it was due because of the faulty engine light. We will never buy from that dealership again. terrible service "