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Levon Gyulinyan
"I was looking for car last two months. Happy that visit TAB store. Nice to have a business with Avi. I like this cart. Thanks again, "
Fred Astaire
"Prompt and professional, young Tony answered every question I had about the B250 that I eventually purchased. Though I am an engineer, he de-briefed me in simple understandable language without overwhelming me. He was polite and soft spoken and very professional. He did not push me to make a quick decision. Kristina Wong in the F&I office was just as professional. Thanks so much for an awesome buying experience. The car was also ready for my pick up at the scheduled time. Both of them took me through all the details without rushing, whatsoever. BTW, Markus Widmer has always looked after my previous two MB ... A 2003 Kompressor and a 2007 E-550....both bought privately from oakeville and Hamilton. It was Markus who prompted me to the salesman who is not here any longer. It was kind of him to forward my emails to Tony. "