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"STAY AWAY!!!! BEWARE!!! It is unthinkable to think there is a luxury car service department with this lack of disregard and respect. I could not believe the service I received when I took in my 645i in for service in April. The moment I walked in all I saw was miserable and dissatisfied people. I was standing by the door for 5 minutes before anyone asked my what the xxxx I was there for, so much for making an appointment. The girl at the front desk didn't even ask me to have a seat while she was filing up my paper work for the courtesy car which they charge $30 for, why is it called a courtesy car if they charge for. xxxx even KIA gives you a free courtesy car but I wish that was the biggest problem. Long story short after $2700 spent my car is worse off than it was when I took it in. YES i know dealerships charge more but I expected the service to make up for the extra costs BUT THE OPPOSITE IS TRUE. After talking to the MANAGER, am taking about the store manager, Koren C I was reminded of what a mistake I made by taking my car to them. She was obnoxiousness and opinionated and desperately tried to put on a happy front and told you what you wanted to hear but in reality she was trying to just get rid of a client. I wish I has read all this reviews before taking my car to them and hope this will save someone else a headache."
"I purchased a 2015 328i xdrive. By far the best experience I've had buying a car. A beautiful dealership. Rida Haider was very helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. I highly recommend Rida and Endras BMW. Thanks Rida!"