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Dr. Rahim
"Dave and Kevin knows how to treat customers with respect and honesty. I just got my 2012 750i yesterday. Its been a pleasant experience so far and hope the service department will follow the standard set by these sales people. I basically made the deal with Dave over the phone without even seeing the car. And have to admit he did his best to honor my expectations. Kevin is a great guy with a great attitude to satisfy customers with a great smile! He is a man of his words, try his heart out to address your issues. So far so good, guys........... Just Keep it Up!! Will certainly refer my peers/friends to these particular people."
"Serpa have to train their service advisor to make sure that customer been treating with honesty and fair .on 2014 took my car to serpa for oil change and requested to check if battery is ok .When i picked up my car i was surprised by over 200$ charge for battery check and i asked her how much is the new battery ,it was 260 plus tax .i felt very unhappy that she didn't let me know upfront the charge. had one more issue with them when i took my car for recall . after two weeks my car start leaking oil. I never go back there again and after so many years as a bmw faithful customer this the last bmw that i drive . "