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"Took my 2009 BMW 750li for a Drive-train Malfunction alert. I was a loyal customer for years and had some warranty work a year earlier. There was a very specific engine issue that was identified by an independent BMW mechanic and BMW Store flat out denied it as it was the result of their botched warranty work a year previous. I then complained to BMW Canada who sided with the dealership according to the info supplied to them. BMW Store then offered to 'fix' the problem for $15,000. I then took it to another dealership who correctly diagnosed it and subsequently fixed it under warranty. Lawsuit to follow... absolutely shameful how they treat a loyal customer - good luck to that business"
"Had an excellent and seamless experience. I was amazed at how fast I went from test driving the car I came to see to when I drive off the lot with it. They even couriered a new plate to the dealer for me. Thank you to Dee for this great experience!"