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Will Take Our Business Elsewhere
"Went to this dealership with hopes of purchasing either a Jaguar or Volvo. Were hardly out of our vehicle before salesman met us in the parking lot and wanted to assist us. We looked at some of the inventory, then noticed he had another customer waiting to talk with him. We said we would think about what we saw, then called back the next day to set up an appointment to test drive 3 specific models. The test drives all went well, but after our last test drive, once again we noticed another customer waiting to see our salesman - was this a subtle way of saying "OK, I've given you an hour or so of my time, now I'm off to get another deal going?" Our salesman informed us he had another apptmt., so were we ready to make a deal?!!!! We asked him to email us some info on the one vehicle we were considering. Two days later - still nothing. When we contacted him, he said he sent it to wrong email address...hmmm, then sent info to us on the "reply" email. ONE WEEK LATER, he decided to email us again - guess it's less trouble than bothering to actually PHONE us. "Had we made any decisions?" We emailed him that we were concerned about what type of follow-up care we would get AFTER we made a purchase, since the PRE-purchase response was concerning. That was almost a week ago - no response. Very disappointed with this young man's lack of concern for the customer. We were ready to spend between $75,000 and $85,000 on a new vehicle. Guess we'll take our custom elsewhere."
"Ok so for the person below me, there is this thing called overheads. Car sales usually only bring in 2 - 3% of profit to the dealerships. They have to be rely on other services such as the workshop, used car sales etc. to keep the dealership running. Its business and nothing personal. I don't think they have a personal vendetta against you for charging that much - its just truly the cost of their services and overheads needed to keep going. their price also includes the cost of having jaguar/LR master mechanics who are trained extensively to deal with issues. All these quality comes with a cost. You also buy peace of mind here, even if there's something wrong post service, you will never have to worry about forking out more (especially since they face so much competition it is their best interest to do so). Anyway I am in no way affiliated with JLR London. I am just a happy customer. Picked up a brand new F Type 2 months ago and it had minor issues, all which the dealership took care of promptly and diligently. They always accommodated my schedule, provided loaners instead of shuttles (which was fun because I got to drive almost all the JLR models) and swapped cars with me - even from home! I cannot ask for better service from a dealership. They do not look at you as unreasonable unlike other dealerships - they take the time to resolve the problem and actually work with you (if you provide info regarding your problem from forums etc.). Its all very personable. Personally they can service all kinds of makes - I would recommend them to anyone I know. "