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"After looking for countless years for a WOW car, I landed on the 'moon' of a dealership..who WOWed me by one of their senior salesmen...Josh West!! From the time I commenced searching for the Jaguar of my dreams to the moment of delivery, Josh WOWed me...and then to find out that Peel Chrysler had an elite pre owned program to find such a car!! All I can say it's a Meow of a car and set Peel on fire when it landed on their doorstep...thanks to Josh! Keep up the fantastic work and keep WOW ING us seniors! !"
"Special thanks to Yogi, Max, and Ash in aiding me for my purchase on a 2011 Jguar XJ. Yogi and Max's service was unbelievable and they bent over backwards for me while going through some hurdles to register the car as I was on a relocation from BC. GREAT JOB and thanks! "