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"Great experience start to finish, very thorough process, very knowledgeable staff that was very friendly. This was my first time dealing with Jaguar and it will not be my last"
High Country
"I have provided an excellent rating for Cam Clark Ford - Canmore for their outstanding service department. I have purchased several new and used vehicles since 1999 from this dealership (formerly Heinz Ford and Bow Valley Ford) - and have found the sales and service teams are well informed, efficient and therefore provide an first rate customer experience. Judy on the service desk is very competent - following up with me on the recent repair of my 2003 Jaguar coolant issue, providing an estimate of costs for repair and timeline for completion - all of which occurred as she indicated and in a very timely fashion. David was the technician working on the car and - as usual - did a professional job of tracing the issue and recommending the servicing necessary - replacement of the thermostat housing assembly. This Jaguar was manufactured while Ford owned Jaguar - so I am able to have full confidence in the dealership's capacity to do it right the first time. I own three vehicles at present - all of which are regularly serviced and, as necessary repaired at this dealership. Judy Hoar is the first point of contact anyone with a service or repair issue meets. Judy certainly takes her role in this very seriously - I feel confident in working with Judy and the rest of the service department - always a very pleasant experience. I look forward to continuing the association with Cam Clark Ford - Canmore. Brent Pickard"