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5 days ago
"I always receive fantasic service from Dwayne S. It always a pleasure to come in and deal with him. Thanks again for the great service."
"Can you imagine that I drove from Montréal, Qc, to Thornhill to buy a car? Yes I did. My English was so bad but nobody laughed. John Paul was very respectful, polite and courteous. He never put pressure. I was on a relaxe mode; it's unusual when you buy a car. Professional, John Paul was responsive to all, my demands. The shipping was well done. John Paul managed to find the right company. The car arrived in a shipshape condition. A difficult tax matter between the provinces was resolved in a day as I was mostly expecting bad news about it. John Paul deserves a gold medal for his efficaciousness, efficacy and effectiveness...Choose your word! I'll never forget this good experience. Thanks to all of you for your exceptional work. Regards..."