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"Amazing service. Nic our salesman went above and beyond to make sure everything exceeded expectations. Would strongly recommend Nic and the rest of true team "
"What can i say about these crooks... first off they will knowingly sell you a car that is not properly safety certified.. and when you ask for invoices from their "Mechanic".. well just don't because you'll never get one. The dealership is set up in a way its almost impossible to test drive a car unless you set something up and go all the way back out there another day. The car was sold to me and 2 days after HUGE problems arrived! In total I've had to spend over 10000$ out of pocket and I'm not even done fixing it yet and when i call to try and speak with an owner they won't ever put me through, they'll "take a message" and never reply. They also sold me a very crappy warranty. They have the worst customer service I've ever received from anything in my life. When i called the dealer so he would be aware of the issues as i had brought it off the lot 2 days prior instead of being professional he started yelling and cursing at me. I could sit here all day and write about the horrible experience but Im just trying to advise others when purchasing a vehicle, DO NOT GO HERE!!!!!!!!!!!"