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"Bought a 2017 Sedona. They couldn't get the colour I wanted so I settled on one they had in stock. Picked up the van on a Tuesday. The first set of all weather mats i was given were for a different trim package and were just thrown in the back. I let my sale guy know I'd be in Friday to get the new ones. When I returned to get the right ones 3 days later they still had to go to a different dealership to get the ones I was promised. Then after a 30 minute wait I had to install them myself with 2 kids and my wife in the car because no one from parts or service was available (not hard to install but you figure when you buy a brand new vehicle it should be ready to go upon pickup). Got a great deal on my Van and all in all I'm happy with the vehicle but since I do live 2 hrs out from Edmonton I found that more care could have been taken to ask sure my van was 100% ready to go when I picked it up."
"Amrit and his team made an all out effort to find me snow tires to fit my new 2017 Kia Sportage when there were none to be had anywhere in the city. I live 2 hours out of town and this was essential or I would have had to come back for another trip. I have a very busy schedule and this would have been extremely inconvenient. He was polite, patient and very helpful. SSmith"