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Justin C
"My wife and I were looking for a nice SUV, and found Guelph's Best. I am a very particular (and extremely picky) person, and do heavy research before going anywhere when making a large purchase. The salesperson Jim G made me feel that I came to right place, and was very helpful at all time - easy to communicate and contact. Excellent customer service; very responsible and helpful. I have dealt with employees from both of Service Dept and Sales Dept, and everyone was just trying to come up with the best solutions. Especially, I like the fact that they arranged and took well care of the minor issues that were discovered on the day when vehicle was purchased. I think the cost of a new car was reasonably fair deal and worth it (Good condition). Overall, they are extremely knowledgeable about what they were doing. The vehicles are in gorgeous condition. So far so good! I would recommend this dealership!! Special Thanks to Scott W, Jim G, Debby M, and Liz M."
D Doi
"Scott Stephens delivered a superior customer experience when purchasing my daughter's new-to-her car. The end-to-end process of purchasing the car was very quick and efficient. After the purchase, Scott spent time demonstrating and programming the different features on the car. His gift of appreciation was a thoughtful and classy touch. We were also impressed with the dealership's thorough interior and exterior cleaning of the car. Even the door jams were spotless. Thank you Scott."