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"To whom it may concern, I went to the dealership the other day just to browse.. I was looking to compare some cars from a few dealerships. And I must say I was extremely impressed with the sales representative who was assisting me. The rep was Aaron Walker. He was well aware that I was only browsing but still took the time and effort to assist me and give me one of the best experiences I've had at a dealership. He wasn't pushy at all but he made sure that I knew everything I needed to. He was very knowledgeable. This is the kind of customer service that will definitely make me return and refer my friends. Thank you very much "
"Everything, I liked everything about my experience with Barb. Barb asked the right questions, listened attentively to my responses and honed in a few possible matches for me. After some discussion, I was able to make the right choice for me. She found the right match for me. I am very happy with my new 2015 Sirerra. I had a few follow up text messages for Barb which she followed up on quickly. It was clear to me that Barb understands customer service. Thanks Barb."