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Rick Clarke
"I recently purchased a used GMC Sierra from Huron Motor Products in Exeter and could not be more pleased with the transaction. Mike was terrific to deal with. When I arrived, everything was ready for me. I appreciate their courtesy and attention to detail. I would not hesitate to refer anyone to Huron Motor Products, if they are considering a new or used vehicle. "
"I made the jump from Ford to gmc, not because I don't still love Ford products which I do. I simply had enough of the service, or lack there of at the local Ford dealership. I previously knew Mark from my dealings with him when he worked for Ford, he sold me the truck I traded in. I knew going to mark would get me the best service, which I hold at the highest regard. Without good service I do not give my business. I like to support my local businesses and after the great experience I had I can say as long as it holds true through my ownership I will be a returning customer in the future. "