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"To begin, I live 500 km north of Edmonton and seen an advertisement for a 2017 GMC Sierra All Terrain in the Edmonton Sun. Tony made my online enquiry, and purchase, simple and easy. To begin he was prompt with responding to my email and followed up with a fair offer for my trade. He also sent a very detailed video of the truck, which brings the truck to "life" in contrast to the pictures on the website. This video, along with the great deal on the truck and fair trade in price set the wheels in motion to purchase the beast! I then began to deal with Travis Smyth, the finance manager. Travis was able to secure a great interest rate and also was knowledgeable about the accessories that I wanted for the truck. He went the extra mile by sending me pictures of the products I wanted and gave his personal experience and opinion as well. At no time did I feel any pressure to purchase items that I did not request. Travis was upfront with me in regards to price and did not beat around the bush when I asked for the financial breakdown of the truck. I was only able to pick up the truck two weeks later and to be honest I was a little sceptical that the deal was going be as smooth as the emails, texts and phone calls were. I arrived with the truck parked in the front with all the accessories on it. All negotiated terms were honoured with no unexpected surprises. Travis closed the deal without any hitches. I was giving a tutorial by Tony, which I probably forgot at least 1/2 of, and was on my way. In short, both Tony and Travis made my purchase very easy and comfortable and I would not think twice about doing this again or referring both of these gentlemen to anyone."
"I have dealt with the dealership for the last 5 vehicles now and the sales reps and service reps have all been friendly, straight forward and informative. "