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6 days ago
"We live in Edmonton and had contacted these guys for a quote on a few units we were interested in. We had asked for pricing about $2000 less than what they were asking. No negotiations at all, they just said they weren't interested in our offer. What dealership won't negotiate? Only this one apparently.. laughable really, since we have the money and wanted to make a deal. I guess we will find another dealer that WANTS our business. Will be sure to NOT recommend them to anyone we know! "
"Nothing has changed over there in the last 10 years. I tried again to get a quote after a previous deal where I walked out over a 300.00 electric jack. They had the papers ready to sign, I asked for nothing off the price, only for them to throw in a electric jack with the 30,000.00 enclosed trailer deal. The salesman came back said his sales manager said no they couldn't do that. I walked out over the deal. On my last quote extra item prices were hidden (scratched out). The quote came back with one price, take it or leave it. No idea to see what each item costs so I couldn't add or delete options. I tried to bring up the issue with the salesman (nice guy but not knowledgeable) and got an email stating that's how they price things. With a last attempt I told them my previous history with the dealership, my disappointment with their pricing and that I would still like to try to do business with them. I submitted some option changes and heard nothing back. Why bother? I would really like to support the local community and Allan Dale is the only Intech dealer in Alberta. When I ask for a quote from a U.S. dealer I have it in a matter of 15-30 min. Through Allan Dale it was a day or two to see anything. A potential minor issue but you really get to see customer service when you deal With US trailer dealers verses this company. For this I will continue to buy my trailers from a US dealer, unfortunate but I deserve to be treated fairly. Flying A Trailers and Elliott's Custom Trailers have been awesome to deal with. Excellent customer service and quick responses. "