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"Sales department great to deal with till they got your money then their word isn't worth the air used to say it . After sales service is truly disgraceful , their service is very very unprofessional by a long shot . Then their general manger Jim Smith is the rudest person we have come across in all our years of our purchasing deals , I have made many deals in my life, Jim is the most arrogant & rudest guy I ever had to deal with , not suitable for his position at this dealership , my recommendation is he be replaced . Never see us darken their doors again !!!!!! "
"Below 1 Star service. Purchased our 2016 Sandpiper from Autoplex RV in December which was a factory order. If you purchase a RV from here. Do not I repeat DO NOT GET SERVICE DONE HERE!. As with every new trailer from the factory there is always adjustments that will need to be done. This is not my first rodeo and not my first trailer. This is why you should never gamble your trailer with these guys. Took it in to get a few thinks repaired and get a Second A/C Installed. 1. Piping coming out of awning track (Fixed No Problem) 2. Squeak on second step(Fixed No Problem) 3. Table Cracked from factory(Replaced no problem) Why PDI didn't see it I'm guessing they don't PDI. 4. Pump pressure was too low like there was a air block. Had them replace pump with a better pump that I provided didn't fix the problem. Cutting in to the underbelly of the trailer to get to the tank to find it was a loose connection from the tank fixed the problem. Taping up the underbelly is a big problem. As now when I go to the states if customs sees that tape they are going to want to rip it apart to see and as time goes on I will always have to make sure that tape is holding. Underbelly should have been replaced or found a better way to fix the problem. 5. Installed second A/C over bedroom. Found it was rattling so I removed the filter to find that they didn't attach the deflector to the ducts correct. When you use double sided form tape A LESSON FOR ALL. for double sided tape to work correctly both sides of the tape have to be touching something. The deflector just fell out when I touched it. Second the deflector didn't cover both ducts driver side was exposed by a 2 finger width. I had to fix it myself. Why take it back to them as they couldn't do it right the first, what do you think the second time would do. Cause more work for myself! 6. I asked for all parts to be returned ( Bedroom vent, Max Air Cover) and nothing. I called and talk to the mechanic and he said he would bring them to me in Calgary this week. THAT WAS 3 WEEKS AGO. This is very upsetting that I had to do this review after giving them 5 stars when we purchased our RV. There Sales Team are great, There Service you might as well do it yourself and if you know nothing at all, it is still more then they know. Forest River has been contacted about this problem and I'm arranging a trip to Elkhart, IN to see there Factory and to discuss and show the poor quality service work that Autoplex gives there customers. I just hope that I don't have problems at customs (Note To Self bring tape with me just incase). If you have had a problem like this at AutoPlex please reply to this post and let the world know to hopefully save others from going through the same thing."