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2 days ago
"I would no let them change the tire on my kids bike.I had several things fixed on my trailer and they wreck more stuff than they fix.Go over all the work you get done cause I can guarantee they just threw it together.Sales manager is a clown and doesn't have a clue how to deal with people."
"A classic car purchase, like my newly acquired 1972 MG Midget, can be fraught with very expensive perils, especially when it comes to the integrity of the frame and bodywork. The listing for this car sounded too good to be true ... it even looked too good to be true when I arrived at the dealership with a long list of things to inspect. Kaz, JP and Ante were supremely patient and courteous throughout -- I mean, heck, including the test drive I was there for almost 3 hours! At the end of it all, the decision was easy -- sold! For perhaps the first and last time in my life, "too good to be true" actually turned out to be true! Well done guys, and thanks again!"