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"Purchased a brand new trailer. Salesperson brushed off a major defect which was a major problem and there was eveidence it was not a new problem. The unit needed repairs before it could leave the lot. It had been dragged around with the jack down, and it was bent up. Beat up, old almost empty propane tanks on a new trailer. Hood fan blew the first day, it had a 30 amp fuse in a 20 amp spot. The entire slide out was leaking, including through the light fixture with the first rain (5 days in our possession). The entire slide out leaked for 7 days and was wet inside for 10. MDF boards swelled up to the point the screw heads popped off. Some parts were missing or worn out, and had been ordered but never came in. Someone was 'supposed' to have called us to set up a repair, but no one did.. although we did get the call to offer us an "awesome deal on winterization". Um, how about summerize it first? We were promised weekly updates, received none. Had to get a lawyer involved. Trailer was sent to Indiana for repairs, without our knowledge (no weekly updates), found out where it was almost 13 months after they took it away. Trailer had repairs not done, not done correctly, things missing, and more problems and evidence of mold. It was stored on their lot with the door wide open after hours in January. Currently still on their lot 2 years later, has been backed into, is rusty and has wires and cables hanging from it. We are still waiting for a court date. Very arrogant and conveinienly "forget" things, make promises and fail to deliver. Document, video record and photograph everything. It helps a lot in court! "
Unhappy Customer
"Ordered our new trailer from manufacturer and even though an item was on one the build sheet, we never received exactly what was ordered. Them item in question still shows as an available option on the manufacturer website even though they say it was never available and was not included in the pricing we agreed upon. Well we were under the understanding that the agreed upon price included the item we never received. Now Vision RV will not respond to any phone calls, nor do they answer any emails. I guess its off to the Better Business Bureau time."