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"Well after being completely ripped off after buying our motor home (screwed out of 10,000), back in July and being promised a bunch of deficiency work done, it is now December motor home has been at dealer since the middle of Sept. And still not fixed, same part has been ordered in wrong three separate times. No idea how these people remain in business, if there was a negative rating it would be still to good"
Jamieson, Alastair
"bought a new 2105 Sabre 315FKDS on Sept 17/2016 from Bruce and also delt with Jim and was very satisfied, no pressure, excellent price, beautiful product, and nice guys to deal with. When I went to pick it up and do the walk through we found a few issues and was told by VJ that they would be ordered. After 1 month I stopped in to see if the parts were in and VJ said they weren't in yet. I stopped today and 1 more month gone by and talked to Nicole who informed me that VJ was no longer their (thank goodness), she then looked up my work order and informed me that VJ had never ordered anything. Nicole then dug a little deeper found out that everything was covered by warranty and she would order them first thing in the morning. We'll see what happens but I have all the confidence that Nicole will get things done"