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4 days ago
"The business model is to move the maximum number of RV units out the door without service. My Sales rep was not knowledgeable about the Cardinal. She encouraged me to Google how to use the features of the trailer. When she did provide advice, the RV tech would correct her. I was told and RV tech would be giving us the orientation. I must conclude that No PDI was completed on my Cardinal as no PDI report was provided even after several requests. Over the course of 12 months, my Cardinal was in the Service Department for over 6 months waiting for warranty work. Most of the warranty work was ultimately completed but it was an uphill battle to get things done. After 3 cordial attempts and getting no response from Vision RV Manager (Jim Smith), I went to Forest River with a comprehensive list of outstanding warranty work. The Service Department did as a result pick up their sock somewhat. Still warranty work did extend beyond the 12 month period. Fortunately, because I contacted Forest River, the outstanding warranty work was completed. I had to have Forest River confirm this with the Dealership. There was some warranty work that was required for the fridge. Vision RV said the fridge would be fine with the addition of a baffle which was installed post 12 months. However, even with the baffle, the fridge still did not cool properly and still had a very noisy fan. I called Dometics (fridge manufacturer) who were puzzled why Visions did not complete the work, The work has been authorized to a different authorized RV repair company. While at the Vision's, the Cardinal’s hard wall was damaged twice on two separate visits. To Vision's credit they did repair the hard wall damage. The real question is why was their damage? Once perhaps but twice. At the time of the warranty work, I was told by the Service Department there was a $150 handling and moving fee. If I didn't pay it, Vision’s would not do any warranty work. As other RV dealers will not conduct warranty work on RV units they didn't sell, I had no recourse but to pay the extortion fee. I was told it was policy. I understand that policy has now been revised. You will need to decide on whether to purchase you RV here or not. The price for our RV was good, but the extreme poor service on warranty work very quickly eroded the savings and all the excitement about the new Cardinal. This is our 3rd new RV and it has been the absolute worst purchase. We had no problems at all with the other 2 new RV. Any potential issues were fixed before we took possession. I won't be back to Vision’s. "
"The worst service department I have ever dealt with in my life The service manger does not a clue. This is our second trailer we have bought here and the service was good with that one "