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"So I bought a new North Trail 22FT from salesman Ed at the Edmonton location. So through all his sales BS ," Ill leave a little something in the fridge for your first camping outing. Nope didn't happen! Then unfortunately I recommended a friend of ours to purchase a unit there, they bought a Prowler which Ed tends to forget who sent him the deal, not a thank you or a FU anything!! Nothing in the fridge for the business I gave him- joke!! Then we had an incident with our awning arm breaking - well we should be able to get warranty coverage- " nope awnings are not covered by warranty- denied!! So ok after it sat in their yard in Edmonton they graciously charged me for the winterization - hmm ok.... new customer and gave them business- nope don't care! So a after me constantly calling there pathetic service department about gee what's happening with my awning-" awe well the wrong part came in so we had to send it back, blah blah.... " it takes a long time to get these parts in" frig lie! No calls from Pat in service as to when it'll be ready- well April comes along and wow - its ready! Amazing and its clean to !! Uhh wrong the awning is friggen dirty you stupid clown! Get the invoice cost for repair of $ 876.79 - go there and all of a sudden its $1100!!! Really So I tell him well I have the Extended warranty through First Canada- Pat says lets go see Dan the business Manager- yes he has the Premium Package. Pat proceeds to tell him "well I have a good friend from First Canada I can get this approved, no problem - let me deal with it". Thinking that was the end of it pulled out with my dirty trailer tucked way in the back yard thinking it was all good. Then last month I get an email stating I have a outstanding invoice regarding my awning arm and I need to clear it up because all warranties were denied!!!! WORD OF ADVICE STAY AWAY FROM THESE CLOWNS- NOTHING BUT LIARS"
champage supernova
"All is not as it seems. Shady finance, inflating prices and deflating to suit the dealer. Make sure you look at the big picture and don't let your excitment get the better of you. If you decide to trade a unit in, make sure they give you your asking price and not just increase the sale price of the new unit to cover. Take your time and read read read. "