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"The staff at Jonker Homda is great!! I've purchased 3 vehicles from there and wouldn't take them anywhere else. The service, parts, and sales staff are awesome. "
"My immediate family have bought three vehicle from this reputed dealership costing us over 100k in the past. With their service and quality of cars in mind I had gone in and purchased a as is vehicle from their lot just to complete my bucket list of cars to drive and enjoy. Too many issues with the purchase made me realize everyone is about money only and forget customers. Since my purchase is as is I am on the hook but I guess its a warning to others like me please do not buy any as is vehicles even from reputed dealers like this one. They simply don't do their due diligence. I was going to buy an rx in the summer and I made it clear to the salesperson but he was more interested in his phone. I hope they don't judge people by how casual we dress and look cause this is not the DVNL that I am used to deal with and enjoyed my experiences in the past."