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"Candy Hao was very accommodating and easy to deal with our expectation. Jason Chow is very patient and friendly. He made me feel at ease and confident to get to know more about my car. Thank you for all your help in making this possible. I am really pleased and now loving my 2018 RDX (Elite)... "
" Our Acura RDX was in for minor service but due to a family commitment we were unable to pick the car up until the following morning. As we were driving we noticed a lot of wind noise and when we were able to look at the car it was apparent that the car door had been tampered with and the frame had been bent out. We called Acura 3-4 times and they had to check with the manager. It became apparent they were not going to get back to us. Today when we called again we were informed that they will take no responsibility for what happened to our car, they only take responsibility when your car is in the shop not on the their lot and they are unwilling to look at or fix our car. We have always been happy with the Acura dealership in another town (recently moved) but Acura has lost our business! No appreciatable apology was given for what happened on their property."