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"I bought 2007 Acura TL so before the deal happened they said they will fix problems with Door (door leaning) but they didn't & it has been more than a month. I am struggling to get it done. I have never seen a dealership that promises something & then they say if it works we cannot fix it (yes it works but it hits lock every time you close). hopefully they understand. I love Acura but these guys messed it up. :( "Acura is already struggling please don't make their (company & brand) job harder by making mistakes like this" if you say something do it or dont say it AS SIMPLE AS THAT , I HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND TEAM ACURA OF HAMILTON"
"This was the second occasion that I have dealt with Peter Ho. Both times the sales experience with Peter was excellent. He was very knowledgeable and also understood the buyers perspective regarding model of the vehicle we were looking at and the various options. Ali Quershi was professional and explained to us the options that were available. "