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"A Good selection of cars, with a friendly knowledgeable staff that were willing to go the extra mile after hours made buying my new Ram a good experience. Thank you Dave and Bill for making this so easy."
" Review: Re Grimsby Chrysler, I have to say that this is my 2nd time ever purchasing a new vehicle in my life, and this time I went all in and ordered it exactly the way I wanted. I took this financial commitment very seriously, and I interviewed many dealerships before making my decision to go with them. To be honest they surpassed all my expectations, and really made me feel comfortable and at ease without applying any pressure. I was literally disgusted thinking back to the other dealerships I visited, after comparing them to the superior quality I received from Grimsby Chrysler. This dealership is truly what every other dealership should aspire to be like. I have never been so happy to deal with a dealership as I have been with Grimsby Chrysler. I kept asking questions before placing my order and during all the preparations, as they were very specific since I was having the dealer install aftermarket parts before I took possession. I asked so many questions, I was actually wondering if I was starting to annoy them. But they knew and respected me for wanting my truck a certain way, and they pulled through and made it all happen, and with a nice surprise being able to find the bug deflector I really wanted. (Thanks again Mike). I am very impressed with the professionalism with every single department; sales, financing, customer service, parts and the service department all while I was having my truck prepared for delivery. Even the people I wasn't directly involved with are all so helpful and friendly. This dealership is awesome in every way possible, and even when I return to drop in and say hello, I am always greeted with a smile from everyone, and I'm always asked how my truck is doing. I feel like a somebody when I am there, and I will for sure return to purchase a new vehicle from them again. Thank you Grimsby Chrysler for making my purchase a very memorable experience, and to be providing so many years of enjoyment for my amazing truck I call "The Beast", that consistently turns heads and gets asked about all the time. Corey Wilson, Hamilton"