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"First time purchasing a vehicle from Wayne and after searching around for a white Ram 4-Door around the city with no luck, Wayne was able to locate the truck I was looking for and delivered. Great atmosphere and will recommend to all my friends and family. Thanks again Wayne! "
"I went to St.Albert Dodge to purchase my first truck under my own name, I dealt with Dave and he was great but everyone else there was a night mare, i purchased a used 2012 laramie in great condition, however when i test drove the vehicle it had a flat tire, which i informed the sales manager of, they said not to worry as the truck would be fully inspected and everything would be repaired. So we put a deposit down and came back the next week when i turned 18 to be put on the loan. Dave was away when i picked up the truck so i dealt with his partner, who was completely rude left me waiting, and was very xxxxx and made inappropriate comments. I have driven enough vehicle and am techniacally savvy enough to figure out how to work it on my own but he insisted on wasting my time trying to show me how to work the bluetooth and such which he couldnt figure out. He then proceded to say obviously i know the mirros on the visor have lights because im a girl so good fro doing my make up. I also told him the vehicle still had a flat tire, and asked if it had been inspected instantly they say they inspect every vehicle but two weeks later as i start having issues wiht my truck i talk to three different people and find out no inspection has been done, or correction it was done at another dealership and then St.Albert Dodge just didnt bother doing it. So i take it back for them to inspect, the manager is rude, no one is willing to own up to the fact that they were in the wrong, after having a previous horrible experience with my father and this dealershiop i was hoping this time would be better, boy was i wrong, never again will i deal with this dealership, they do not stand behhind the products they selll or the experience they give you, in all honesty i wouldnt condem anyone to the awful experience i recieved here, it wasnt like i bought some $5000 dollar little truck, i bout a $50,000 truck anmd they coudlnt even have the decency to own up to the fact that they were in the wrong and made a mistake. They also have some of the rudest people working here, none of them are pleasant to deal with and theres no way there recpetionists should be in a customer service business because they are just as rude as the rest of them. DONT GO HERE!!!!!! If i could give them 0 stars i would, the only good thing about the experience was the sales man i dealt with."