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"It was a pleasure dealing with Noor & Dave. Not once was any pressure put on you you do this or that. I had been recommended from a friend that Peel Chrysler would probably be the best dealership to deal with as far a a deal and service. I had a pleasurable experience. Even though I had an issue with my trade-in the day we met, it did not affect the deal. Noor & Dave were very helpful and friendly. I will definitely recommend anyone to purchase from Peel Chrysler. Great deal and people."
"I had a great time with this dealership in particular, none of the others I had dealt with quite matched the level of helpfulness and patience I received from Tower. I was treated as a person, and that is rare to come by in any sales this day and age. From the moment I walked in the door, I was aided in every way imaginable, I told them what I was looking for, and what I wanted the vehicle to do to suit my lifestyle. They helped me, but questioned me at the same time in a respective manner in order to determine what I wanted, was actually what I wanted. That was perfect service. The financial end was beyond amazing, I was advised, educated, and given a variety of options and a level of wisdom that only years of experience could attain in less than an hour. I left that room feeling more empowered and understanding of where I stand financially, and where my best bang for buck options were. Now some nitpicking... The second meeting I had with these people, I had booked an appointment over the phone, after 15 minutes passed I was disappointed. It seems when the gentlemen arrived that there was a level of miscommunication between the salesman, and the secretarial staff. After 3 phone calls the previous day, confirming a time with me should be just as important as confirming the time with the salesman. I would advise this level of communication to strengthen in the near future. Nothing is worse than having a customer show up 15 minutes early, only to wait an added 30 minutes past the appointment time. When it came after the financial agreements were over, I do admit there are somethings I was slightly disappointed in; namely why didn't I get a full tank of gas with my purchase? As minimal as an issue like that is. It feels as if you got the sundae with no cherry. If I also received a fresh oil change and air filter (since the vehicle was used) this overall rating would have easily been a 5-Star and recommendation I would do for a decade. This was the only point in time where I felt that the ball was dropped, it's the little things that add up throughout the whole experience! In the end this is an establishment where I would easily do business with again, and highly recommend to anyone looking towards their class of vehicles. They are fair on prices, great on service, and if you were a first time independent buyer like me; they make sure you walk out that door a wiser individual. Thank you very much Eldon Lam and Byron Ellett for the great experience! "