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"I was looking for a specific Ram 1500 with power folding mirrors. Very difficult to find in Alberta. Some things that I wanted were missing, but they made it work for me. Overall, I think I have what I needed in the truck. "
"I have two 2013 rams that I have brought here for service. Only reason I came here is because it is close to home. This is how it works - I phone and make service appointment a week or two prior. - I drop the truck off at scheduled time. - They give me a timeframe on the simple work that needs to be done. - Timeframe gets quadrupled and they never call you to tell you its done. - There might be a few good people that work there but everyone seems to treat you like you are worthless and really don't give a xxxx. -Not to mention the prices here are an absolute joke, for example. I ask how much it would cost for a spare rim and tire for my ram. She told me it would cost $1000. -I was also quoted to replace a cummins engine with another used cummins engine $20,000 - A one hour tire rotation takes about 6 hours but don't worry we are not even gonna call you and tell you it's done we will wait for you to call us then forward you to a service advisor who won't asnwer. "