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Dylan Milner
"At first I was going to tilbury Chrysler because I dealer with them before but they didn't have anything I wanted so I had to find another place. i was looking to trade my jeep in and buy a ram so I looked around and found motor city (which is a great dealership) and they even had a truck that I want which was fantastic . I call them up to ask about the ram and Mitch Girard answer the phone we talk about the ram and how much and if there was any KM but with every question I got an answer, really a great guy ! I the end I traded in and bought the ram and everything from paper work to actually get in the truck and leave was very smooth and no bumps or anything.. if you looking for sowhere to get a new car Will definitely go to motor city because they where great and ask for Mitch he was a great sales rep !!! Thanks Mitch for everything, love the new truck to !!"
" I have been dealing with this Dealership for 13 years and I have to say they have been awesome. Most of those years I have dealt with a gentleman named Kim Nightingale. Crosstown made a great choice by having him on their staff, a great person and always there to help you. He is now retired. I bought my first vehicle there in 2004 a Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel, had excellent service and traded it in 2 years after for a 2006 Dodge Ram 2500. Again had excellent service and traded it in for a 2012 Dodge Ram Laramie and again excellent service The following event will give readers an idea of how well Crosstown treats their Customers. In March 2016 I had a regular service done on my Dodge Ram, during the service they noticed that my Front Pinion Seal and Drivers side axle Seals were leaking and they informed me that it was covered under warranty. At the time I was in the process of moving to BC and never had the time frame to get it done. My truck had 89,000 KL. on it. While living in BC I sort of forgot about it and when I did realized it, I was over my 5 year and 100,000 kl warranty. I was at 103,000 kl. I took it to a Chrysler dealership in the town I was living and they would not cover it for me. I just recently came back to Edmonton to attend my granddaughters graduation. While I was there I decided to visit Crosstown Motors to see if they would still cover it. I spoke to the Service Manager Brian Neggers. I was pleasantly surprised when Brian told me that Chrysler Crosstown would honor the warrenty because it was on the work order before my warrenty was up and it was a GOOD DEED gesture on behalf of Crosstown Motors Between Brian and Amelie Oxford-Wall my experience there was downright great. Also if there are any issues with either of those seals within 2 years, it will be covered by any Chrysler Dealership. Thank You to Crosstown and their Staff. "