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"I have purchased 7 vehicles from this dealership in as many years and no one has ever come close to pricing or customer servive! Want a great sales person that is easy to deal with and has your best interest at heart? Contact Ryan Latkolik!!!! "
"Randy made this the best automobile buying experience that I have had to date. He listened to what I needed and low and behold, a truck to my needs ,IN STOCK . When I came back so my wife could test drive the truck (Randy was not in I knew this in advance) two other people from the sales staff seamlessly took over giving her their undivided attention, answering all her questions, and showing her the truck. All this being said , nice is nice and price is price . To my surprise and relief I didn't have to haggle over price! I had done my homework and looked all over Ontario (especially Toronto) at similar vehicles and it wasn't worth my time to call around and reassure myself . It had already been reduced to a more than acceptable level. Absolutely NO HASSLE! Thanks Andy Taylor"