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Nick Cacciato
6 days ago
"I traded in my Chevy Cavalier and bought a newer Pontiac Vibe that only had 36000 km on it and looked brand new. It all went so smoothly. While I took a test drive of the car that I eventually bought, others checked out my trade in and others checked out my credit rating for financing the newer car. I put a deposit on the car while I had to do business in Victoria and when I got back we finished all the paper work and I drove away in my newer car. They promised to fix the mirror on the car and the radio (they swapped out the old radio for a new, better one) and put in a floor mat that was missing and they did paint protection and fabric protection on the car in a timely manner. They were all very friendly and professional and I would recommend this dealership for anyone buying a car in the Cowichan Valley. And you've got to see Darren's amazing card tricks. They were all actually fun to be around."
"I dealt with Loan arranger in Oshawa . Special thank you to Erin and John. They were friendly , down to earth and honest . I had some issues with my vechicle , they got me in fast and were very accomadating . I can't say thank you enough and would recommend Loan Arranger. "