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"Quoted $80 for synthetic oil change. Brought the car in for an oil change and requested Synthetic. They put regular oil in and charged $53.46 They admitted thier mistake and asked us to return car and they would fix it and charge us the difference. We went back and they put the synthetic in, charging us an additional $45.20 for a total of $98.66 Called and spoke to service regarding charges. They were pleaant however stood by thier charges. SO.....They admitted thier mistake, Had to go back twice to get the oil change done properly (dont know if the regular oil caused any engine problems). Was over charged. I would not recommend this dealership for service. I cannot speak to sales. "
5 days ago
"The staff is polite, knowledgeable. Was able to easily make an appointment and got in there at that time. Quoted time and cost were accurate. Would absolutely recommend to everyone."