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"Salesman offered me a car for $5000 plus tax. I took the car for test drive,then came back and agreed to bye it at the previously quoted price. At this point he informed me that he added on a $500 fee. I told him that he should honor the quote that he had given to me 20 minutes earlier. He then tried to pressure me by telling me he had someone else coming in that evening to look at the same car. He would not sell it to me for the price he had quoted. The sales manager called me later that evening to tell me that he had the car 95% sold to someone else before I even took the car for test drive. They were coming to see the car just before closing. If I would have agreed to pay the $500 that was added on,they would have sold it to me."
Nancy Woodhouse
"I highly recommend Jim Wilson Dealership. From the moment I was searching for a new vehicle with the Sales Representative to the service of same vehicle. From small repairs to my personal emergencies my car has been seen to with the same measure of expedience. I'm on the road a lot and having a great, reliable vehicle and equally reliable dealership team is very important. A big thank you to a very professional team at Jim Wilson's. A special thank you to Rob Gravelle, Mike Pilipenko, Ashleigh Wilson, and Kathy Brand."