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"We purchased a used 2012 Suzuki May/2017, our salesman Keith Gerber was very pleasant to deal with, crossed the T's and dotted the I's before and after the sale. What was refreshing and professional the dealership and Keith did excactly what they said they were going to do!! Much appreciated! Gabriel, London ont"
"They advertise they help everyone. That's false! They screw everyone that has enough to pay! When they "in house" it's with a company called klean auto leasing which is in the building. Klean leasing treats you like garbage and take payments whenever they feel like. Something dated for the end of the month they may feel like taking at the start. When you try and confront them there's nothing they can do for you they don't know what's going on. And be ready to make a massive down payment to be left with. High buy out and high monthly payments. "