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"Mary Jane Ventura was very helpful, not pushy, and prompt to follow up with information requested. I was looking for AWD cars, they had a few Suzukis on the lot which I liked and was considering. I returned a few times and test drove 3-4 cars on the lot. Eventually I bought a 2012 Subaru Impreza elsewhere"
"Service Department ,,,the worst kind at Brampton Suzuki,my car is under warranty I took it there because there was a small oil leak at the transfer case around the drain plug, ( Under Warranty ), they charged me for turning a loose plug half way to tighten it up.Charged me a full hour just for that ! Even tho i specifically told them not to do any work that is NOT covered by warranty , the Mechanic told me that there is no charge tightening the drain plug half way that its under warranty anyways. The service crook still charged me and took my key away till i payed.Can you imagine that ! I know they are hurting for the Money but this not how you deal with customers who still believe in Suzuki and their cars,, Its because of Service Employees like this who operate this way make and give Suzuki very bad reputation. No wonder they no longer in the business.The worst costumer service ever !!! ( They didn't even check for the oil level before tighten it up the plug half way only !!! )."