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Shayne j
"Bought a 2006 Suzuki grand vitara, vehicle was as advertised. The staff were helpful and friendly , the service was on point as well. Over all a hassle free experience"
Bill S.
" Purchased my used V-Strom from Kanata Honda a few years ago. That went well. I used Kanata Honda motorcycle storage for 2 or 3 years after that. The last year I used Kanata Honda storage (2014) I went to get the bike and it would not start. It was dead. So I got Mr. Tucker to look at it and he said that the battery was dead. I told him that it was a brand new battery purchased at Kanata Honda not even a year ago. So I proceeded to lift the seat to look at the battery and turned out that the technician had not connected all the cables to the battery posts. That was the least of my problems. My left mirror somehow got stained in behind where I couldn't get at it. No explanation by the tech or Mr. Tucker. The whole arm of the mirror was completely loose and hasn't been right since. 2015 I found a less expensive place on Royden Place. This dealership did not require 2 months advance payment. Great place but longer commute. 2016 I decided to give Kanata Honda another chance just for the convenience of not having to commute as far. I set up a date to pick up my bike for Thursday 14 April but on that morning I was unable to pick it up, so at 08:27 I call Kanata Honda to set up another time and date. When I called the dealership a young lady answered the phone and was quite abrupt. Not pleasant at all. She didn't say anything derogatory but made me feel like I had no right calling there establishment and felt very rushed. I told her that I was not able to make it in to pick up my bike that day. So she tried to transfer me to service dept but just ended up back to her. I get that, it was busy. So I asked her if it would be possible to pick it up on Saturday, 16 April instead?. Quickly she replied yes no problem and she would pass that on to the service dept. I planned to bicycle to Kanata Honda, leave my bicycle there then drive back with my car and load it up. I called to confirm Saturday morning that I would indeed be able to pick up my bike and again was put on hold for service dept this time for approx 5 minutes, hung up and tried again. The young lady answered and told me that the service dept was not handling Motorcycle pick ups on Saturdays. Good to know. Right? Thursday April 21, 2016; Bicycled to Kanata Honda, all sweaty, walked in to service dept then this young lady starts yelling questions and instructions at me and treated me like I was cattle herding into the barn. She almost forcibly made sign my life away to get my bike back as I was shaking after just coming off my bicycle. Then Mr. Tucker came out to the vehicle bay so I can address my complaints. I got a little abrupt with him using some choice words. Yes I should not of done that, my bad. Then he walked away. I went back inside to let him know that i was leaving my bicycle in the bay and will be back to pick it up but he would not talk to me. I would not argue when the room is full of clients. So I left it at that. Bill S. "