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Stephanie Drysdale
"Sales staff was very friendly, helpful and accommodating. Open communication and was treated fairly. Dealt with the service department as well and had an overall positive experience. Would buy from them again!"
Pat W
"I brought my daughter's older Suzuki car in as it had been having intermittent starting issues for months. She had several mechanics look at it previously but the problem continued. At this dealership they diagnosed it as a starter motor issue and replaced it. But over the following week the car refused to start again, once in the border crossing line up, which was so anxiety provoking for my daughter as the border guards are so twitchy about everything these days! So, I brought the car back, madder than a wet hen, but they quickly figured out that the replacement rebuilt starter motor was faulty, they replaced it, (car now starts every time) put on new windshield wipers and didn't even change me for the second visit, or the windshield wipers. This, alone, was impressive but what really struck me was, while I was waiting to speak to Terry, the Parts and Services Manager, he was dealing with an older lady who had many questions about her car. He was so calm and patient with her and explained everything several times, in language that she could understand. That was so wonderful to see and hear ! So, I went in there all mad and frustrated, but came out having experienced fabulous service and smiling, well done, chaps!"