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"This is beyond pathetic customer service, rude ( EVEN ON THE PHONE), and uncouth behavior. I have never in my life known any store that would not want to sale a product to someone even after calling 3 times, never met me....I had left a message with one rep asking to speak to a Maria and told them i was on my way from Toronto to dealership. Finally Maria calls back and say hi the vehicle is sold bye.... sensing suspicious response, after a couple of hours i have my friend call and was told vehicle is available!!!! You judge for yourself..... "
Trevor Steele
"After hearing an ad on the radio about Go Mitsubishi and how they don't charge any extra fees and buying a car should be pain free etc... Believe me, our experience was anything but pain free and those non-existent fees: Not worth the hefty interest rate they wanted to give us.. Not to mention their inflated asking prices on vehicles... Let's just say you won't be saving any money through them and if you think you are, take a closer look at the numbers and how they are rearranged to make it look better. I've even complained to their head office in Edmonton and even they don't have anything good to say about Go Mitsubishi. "