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"THE SHOP PURPOSELY SABOTAGED MY VEHICLE!! I took my vehicle in to fix a problem under the hood. The vehicle was solid and made literally no noises. They charged a hundred extra than what we agreed to on the phone (which I recorded). That isn't what I'm mad about. They purposely sabotaged my car in hopes I would come back to find out what the noise was that appeared the second I drove it off the lot. I could tell they did something. Turns out they purposely unbolted the top bolt of my brake caliper bracket so that it fell out. This is an old trick. An old trick only real crooks do. The trick is to slightly loosen one side so it makes noise, and to completely loosen off the top caliper bracket on the other side so that it falls right off. This will be extremely loud and ruin your brakes. They know its safe and that it wont cause an accident. But will force unsuspecting people to come back and pay them more. They usually only do it when you have fresh front brakes installed so that they can blame it on you, and say look the other side is loose too. I have not contacted them about it because I already know exactly what they'll say, and they will say to prove it. They should be investigated and shut down. That is abusing their license. I hope someone reading this gets an investigation started on them!! "
Shayne j
"Bought a 2006 Suzuki grand vitara, vehicle was as advertised. The staff were helpful and friendly , the service was on point as well. Over all a hassle free experience"