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"me and my wife visit this dealership then 1 guy came to us talk about trading our car to an suv,so he convinced us to trade our car and giving all the deals that we need like remote start and fog lights.The day we went to pickup the suv we didnt get anything one of those deals that we had discuss when he trying to convinced us to trade our car.We ask him why they didnt install the deals that we had to before,then he said that those fog lights and remote start are still in order. So we wait for 2-3 weeks we didnt get any feedback from him,so we went there for 6 times and we didnt get anything at all.He's excuse was they cant put 2way remote start on 2008 model of outlander and fog lights fpr some reason he's saying.Then he just promise that he'll gonna reimburse it to the dealership ,so we still give him a chance for his promises.After all calling him and going there for so many times he just gave us $300 installment for everything that he promises.Where can i buy fog lights and 2 way remote start of that $300 he gave us? also give us the car few gasoline on it and not brand new tires on it.. BEWARE OF THIS GUY IS A TERRIBLE SALESMAN AND LIER!!! HE WILL PROMISE YOU EVERYTHING ,IN THE END ITS NOTHING!!! "
"The car that I picked out needed a new windshield and clutch before I could test drive it. I gave Kaitlyn a deadline for when I wanted the car ready for, and she made it happen! Well she probably did nothing mechanically, but she kept in constant contact with me and made sure the mechanics were working on my car. Then came the day the car was ready. I asked her as a joke if she could make the sky open up so that it could be sunny and not grey and miserable for the drive. She said she would do her best, and soon thereafter, the skies opened up, the sun was shining and birds were chirping. This could be just a coincidence, but I prefer to think that she has this power. After the sale was over, I thought that I might have left my sunglasses in my traded in vehicle and I contacted Kaitlyn and she took a look for me before my old car was sold for scrap to make bean cans. Kaitlyn was great to talk to, very funny and engaging, and kept me in the loop throughout the process, a great experience all around! If you don't buy a car from Kaitlyn you are missing out!"