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"The customer service I experienced at Erinwood Ford was fantastic. I spoke to Mr. Joseph Ghafari both in person and over the phone and he was always willing to give a knowledgeable, helpful and honest opinion. He was absolutely one of the defining reasons as to why I purchased my first car with Erinwood Ford. The quality of the cars and the staff speaks volumes. I am incredibly pleased with the result of the afternoon I spent with Mr. Joseph and would without a doubt, drive the hour it took me again for future purchases at Erinwood Ford. "
"The representative who helped pick the vehicle was helpful, I had issues with this dealership after the purchase. I noticed for instance that the manual was missing, I call to inquire about getting a replacement one. After repeated attempts to reach someone (2-3weeks) the receptionist finally. put me through to the manager. He was very aggressive over the phone and did not offer to help me with this issue. I had to contact Mitsubishi online to get a resolution and again only after repeated requests. The manager finally called me to tell me there's a copy of the manual available to pick up, when I went there, I had to walk into his office to get it and even then he wouldn't stop arguing with me. I am now using a another dealership for servicing my car (Dixie Mitsubishi) and there is a big difference in the quality of service. "