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"I stop by for a test drive in A Mitsubishi lancer gts. I fell in love with the car. My sales person Brandon got me a fair trade in price for my ram. And aftet he got to know me he recommended the premium package for my gts and it turned out to be the perfect potion package for my needs. Southside Mitsubishi stayed open late on a Friday night to make sure I was happy and I was very happy. Kevin in finance got me through also on Friday night but also had me approved early Saturday morning. The no charge winter tire package that was included in the sale was perfect given our wierd can be full of snow so they had put the summer tires in bag's and in the car. Picking up my car Brandon set up my phone with the Bluetooth, showed me some things about my new ride. This all happened in a very timely manner and was an absolute pleasure dealing with the team at Southside Mitsubishi. I would highly recommend this team to anyone looking to by a car as they all where a pleasure to deal with with out any pressure to buy. Amazing job southside Mitsubishi thank you!"
"The warranty in My Ford Focus Titanium expired a couple of months ago , and the other day My car would not start ! Rather than take it just anywhere I took it to a Ford Dealership in good faith Only to be charged a ridiculous amount of money ( very long story ) Anyway , THAT sent Me to Platinum Mitsubishi . I kept hearing about their 10 year 160 000k warranty and I was curious about a company that stands behind their vehicles like that ! I took a look at the Mirage , I liked it but it really wouldn't serve my needs . I knew before I even went in that the RVR would be the one that would appeal to me , but , because , I have only had My Ford a little over 2 years and even , though I feel that I was badly taken advantage of by Ford , I really do like My Focus and it has everything . This leads Me to My experience with Platinum Mitsubishi and Marvin Linares . He was very friendly , and not pushy what so ever , answered all my questions on the Mirage but could tell it was not the car for Me . I told him I love the RVR but there is no way I would be able to get in one , My Ford has some damage on it ( a park assist incident and a hit and run ) and there is no way they would be able to give me a decent trade in price on it . Plus the RVR is out of my price range for an impulse buy ! He did not act like I was wasting his time at all , He was NOT pushy what so ever , but just very indulgent of My curiosity ! We even took an RVR for a test drive ! He was great on the test drive ! I am very cautious when it comes to driving , and especially in a vehicle I am not familiar with ,,He picked up on that and said "Can I show you what this vehicle can really do ?" So he took over and drove it ,,honestly , I am sold on the RVR . So we went back and he said it won't hurt to have the manager give you a value on your car , so I agreed AND this is where they really won me over . They came back with an offer of almost 3 times of what I thought they would !! WHY did I feel like they couldn't come close on an offer ? Because a few months back , before My warranty was going to expire , I was approached at Ford by a salesperson , and again , didn't hurt to take a look , my warranty was going to exp in a few months-peace of mind driving is extremely important to me ! Anyway what Ford offered me on My Car was embarrassing for FORD and I know that even more so now ! I know this is long but well worth the read if you are looking to buy a car ! I did not end up dealing on the RVR ,,I wanted it VERY much and still do and I 100% intend to do that within the next year or two AND will be doing that through Marvin at Platinum ! I opted on taking a chance with My Focus for a little while longer ONLY because it would cost me a little more then what is practical for ME to spend at this point , to get into an RVR , and I found a way to keep some peace of mind by staying in My Focus for a little while longer . My experience at Platinum has restored My faith with Dealerships , although I have not had the opportunity to have an ongoing relationship with them , because I did not purchase a vehicle with them yet , I am looking forward to doing that in the future ! I have to admit I have had some pretty unfortunate circumstances happen to me with more then one dealership in the past , and had completely lost faith in buying cars through a dealership , I am NOT a hard to please person , but , have had some pretty poor treatment in the past . I am LOOKING forward to doing business with Platinum , in hopefully , the not so distant ( excited to get into an RVR ) future , and when that happens if I continue to feel the same way and my buying experience with Platimum continues to impress me on the service side , I WILL be not only a customer for life , but , a very happy one ! And will share that experience with everyone I know . I have to say the sales manager was very kind and respectful to me as well ! It was a GREAT experience over all and one that I VERY much needed ! If You are looking to purchase a car I would definitely recommend making Platinum Mitsubishi one of your stops , and if you are looking for an easy going , non pushy person with integrity , do seek out Marvin Linares and have him work with You :) ! One more add here ,,,when I told Marvin that I felt that I needed to stay in my Ford a little while longer because it wouldn't make practical sense for me to spend a lot of money right now ,,he did NOT try to push me or talk me into making a move now ,,he FULLY understood and HEARD Me and in fact , apologised that he could not help me at this time and that I need to feel right about the timing etc and when I am ready he would be there for me ,,THAT is how it's done ,,exactly how I would treat my clients ! GREAT job Marvin and Platinum ! "