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"Brent went above and beyond in making sure I was looked after. I am very pleased with my purchase and would definitely purchase from Brent again. The service and parts areas were clean and in order. A positive reflection on this store."
Michael Doyle
"Took a vehicle in for some recalls and to have my keys reprogrammed. Dealership texts me saying the brand new battery I put in it an hour before it was towed to their dealership is dead. After texting back and forth for a few hours I eventually learn it is not dead. What? Make up your mind? They do the recalls but the vehicle still isn't starting. "Did you reprogram the key?" I ask. They reply with something about how my remote starter is broken and it's $300 to remove it. "That doesn't answer my question." Run around and then back to the $300 again. "Did you reprogram the key?" They reply with something vague about data communication. Then tell me they pushed my car outside, it's gonna need a tow, and I owe them $118 because they did extra work that I did not ask for. The car was brought to have recalls done, and keys reprogrammed. One step apparently hasn't been done, and apparently $118 worth of work was done to my car without my permission. You're a real winner, Dennis. "