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5 days ago
"Budds did a great job. The service was by far superior than any other dealership I dealt with. The overall experience was excellent from the receptionists to sales and service. T."
"I go into Ron Hodgsons for recalls on my Saturn. It had 4 recalls done. I get it in and i had high hopes for the service they had given me and for my car. Well, was I wrong I get it back and my car intermittently will not start. Great. So I take it back in to tell them and there's a woman staring at me like I didn't belong or had food on my face. Its like hey you work here ask if I need help with something. So I get my appointment and turns out that the dealership can't replicate any of these issues I said were happening. So I go to pick it up that night and wow my remote starter won't work now. Like you either have people who know what they are doing or don't and if not don't bother ruining my car for me. So I call service to inform them of the problem, and he said what why? Like I had done something to sabotage it into malfunctioning. So he says the problem is my remote. Ok whatever, now I just have to reprogram my remote regardless, Ron Hodgsons service department tinkered with something and my car has not been the same , own up to your mistake because I know it was you. I will be telling everyone about my experience and how you treated a no longer customer."