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"I own a 2007 Saturn Ion which is subject to 2 recalls at this time: one for Ignition Switch issues and the second for Electric Power Steering Assist problems. I called the dealer in May to arrange for the Ignition Switch work and was told the parts would be available in about a month. I was called at the very end of June and was told that the parts were in, but as I was heading out of town the next day for a month, we arranged to have the service completed on August 6 at 10 am. I was told the service would take about an hour. I had recently received the second recall and asked them to order the Power steering parts as the notice stated that it would be a month before the parts were to be received. On Aug 6 I arrived at 10am to get the work done, prepared to wait for the work to be completed. I was told that it would not be ready until 7pm. I re-arranged my schedule for the day and left the car. I was told that the parts might be there for the second recall. I returned at 7 and was told that the car was just then for the servicing (which means I could have had use of the car all that day)! I left and returned at 8. The car was not quite ready, and after 10 minutes the car was brought out, but only the first recall work had been done - the parts department had been incorrect about the receiving the other parts. I have cancelled the second recall work at this dealership and will seek another dealer to perform the work. I will never go to this dealer again and will recommend to all that I know to avoid them."
"I have never had such great, informative, hard working service with buying a car. Theresa and Lawrence are an awsome team! No is not an option with these guys and they made sure I got the best deal going! I will definately be recommending them to anyone and everyone I know whob is looking for a used vechicle or trade in for one. THANK YOU!!!"