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6 days ago
"I currently own a GM product and my trustworthy "St.Jérome Chevrolet Service Department" has always been my only choice for servicing my vehicle for the last 4 years. The Service Call Registration is done quickly and they offer limousine service or you can wait in their airy waiting room that has free free wifi. To date, they have done well in governing my expectations by being honest and straight forward. I highly recommend this Dealership for vehicle servicing."
"I took my vehicle in for a routine service and approximately four hours later they informed me that they could not find my car. The vehicle was eventually repotted stolen. I talked to the service manager and he informed me that this happens all the time and that if I needed a new car they had plenty for sale at the dealership. His lack of interest and smug arrogance lead me to believe that he was in on it. So if you want to keep your car do not take it to Roy Foss for service THEY ARE NOT TO BE TRUSTED!"