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"Juan Orozco, Service Advisor exceeded my automotive service expectations in person at the dealership on June 2 and June 15.and in telephone discussions immediately preceeding both of my appointments dealing with separate issues. Juan's quick grasp and in depth/thorough/quick handling of my situations was exceptional. Outstanding. The best I have ever experienced. The dealership is lucky to have him on the team."
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"I expected a very different experience than the one I got. I had a cash-only price range and was looking to buy used but I was treated like I was buying brand new. All the staff were great and especially my sales consultant Shayne Manysiak. He was never pushy and displayed great patience as it took me a number of days and a couple of test drives (of the same vehicle) for me to make up my mind. If I ever decide to upgrade I'll definitely be going back to Davis. Lynne Dubois Medicine Hat"