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"Avoid this dealership. They take dishonesty and lack of ethics to the next level. I purchased a used car in May 2016 from Ogilvie Subaru and quickly discovered that it had been in an accident. The dealership concocted a story and claimed they knew nothing about it. After 5 months of hassles, the car being in the shop 3 more times, and a car appraised at half of what I paid, the dealership was still trying to stick to the story that there was no reduced value and that the only work done was "cosmetic". I later got a hold of work orders which proved that they knew all along that the car had been in a "major accident" (plus that the car had required $6000 of repairs to pass the safety in addition to the repairs/body work completed by the leaser who got in the accident). After asking for compensation, the dealership/Mierens Automotive Group's next step was for them to say, essentially, "too bad, you can't prove what that the 6K was spent on anything related to the accident (hence you can't prove that we were required to report it), and, while some people knew about the accident, you can't prove that those you dealt with knew about it". UPDATE - Mierens Group later offered me a replacement car, however, they didn't adhere to our agreement & deceived me on the paperwork, not giving me any credit for 9 months of car payments. In the end, I have a car I don't want (6 cylinder, can't sell it or trade it in without losing money), went through 9 months of hassles/app'ts/lost time from work/grief...& am also down $3000. Also, I should mention that the Mierens Group played good cop/bad cop, with one representative bullying and threatening me."
RedNeck Dave
"Not too long ago I took car in for service and had to spend a couple hours in their showroom as I couldn't get a courtesy car. Never told them ahead of time that I would need one, so my bad. But then they tell me it needs more work & they need to order in the part. Ok, order part, book appointment. Oh and I'm gonna need a courtesy car when I bring it back in. At the end of the day, they refuse to set me up with a courtesy car, cause you know, you can't just give someone a courtesy car so they don't have to spend hours in the showroom. News flash, forcing me to sit in your showroom ain't gonna get me to buy a car from you. Long story short, went elsewhere and was handed the key to a 2017 Malibu to drive while mine was being repaired. I will check in a couple weeks to see if this is still here, as I put same up recently and it disappeared from here. I don't see any bad reviews here, and only two good ones. Makes me say hmmm......"