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"I met with Steve,Gabe and Matt and they were all extremely helpful and efficient. I absolutely love my new car and they were great at listening to my needs and helping me find the best car I could find in my price range. Highly recommended!"
new to calgary sands
"Agreed to leave my vehicle for the day to have a diagnostic reading due to a check engine light on. We all know that a diagnostic reading takes minutes to complete. The service adviser said he would call me to inform me of the diagnostic results. Did not hear from this service adviser by late afternoon, so decided to call him. He at that time informed me that my vehicle would not even be looked at that day after leaving it the entire day for a simple diagnostic reading. So my question to him was why did I book an appointment to have it looked at if they could not provide the service. His response was you can leave it tomorrow? So, I said yes, but can you guarantee me it will be looked at? His response was no. Seriously! I continued to say "so you want me to leave my vehicle for yet another entire day but you still cannot guarantee me that it will be looked at again? Why would I do that!!! Absolutely unacceptable. This was my first and absolute last visit to this dealership. I spoke to the Service Manager regarding this poor service, and all he could say was, I apologize, and yet he himself could not even guarantee my vehicle could get serviced in a second full day! Seriously people, there was no labour involved just a diagnostic reading!!! Ridiculous! And to top it all off, I called for shuttle service at 3pm to ensure they could pick me up by 5pm and guess what, the lady actually advised me to find another ride due to the fact they could not guarantee a pick up. By now I was convinced this dealership is an absolute joke, really!, Why do you have shuttle service if you cannot provide this service! Would not recommend CMP GM dealership if my life depended on it! Ready to buy a new vehicle, most likely the Escalade, but will 100% buy from any other dealership but CMP!"