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"Drove from Edmonton to Lethbridge to get the vehicle but before that Dave and Bryce handled all of my questions and were very obliging in terms of answering questions, providing details etc. Overall a good purchase experience. "
"I have 2 cars - a Toyota Sienna and a Saturn Ion. They couldn't be more different. The Toyota is a dream and service is of the highest quality. The Saturn, with only 50,000 odd km, seems to be a fine albeit cheap little car, but the service is a nightmare. The nightmare begins and hopefully ends at Dean Myers. I had an accident with the Saturn, and as in the past with Toyota and my van, Toyota seemed eager to complete the accident related repairs to make sure they were done right regardless of insurance recommendations. I assumed the same with the Saturn and prefer that those who make the care are those that repair them. My mistake was having the Saturn towed to Dean Myers for repairs. Once at Dean Myers and after waiting for all insurance matters to settle, repairs were approved and a request was made to start Friday November 28. I even asked for further repairs/upgrades to be done at my cost. I called the dealership that morning to approve the repairs and request that they move forward. They were too busy to do so and was told that they would hopefully start Monday. I requested a callback to give some sort of indication of timelines. After waiting until the end of the day Monday, I finally just called them. I found that nothing had been done at that point - still waiting for a hoist to free up - many people had snow tires to put on. My adjuster and I wondered why that would take precedence over our repairs to each other. The adjuster found Dean Myers difficult and bewildering to deal with. Again, requested a callback for timelines. Tuesday came - still no call back. Called them in the morning and at that point was told that repairs would start that day. Asked for another callback for an ETA. Wednesday came - still no call back. Called them in the morning and was told that the car had not been on the hoist yet. I got upset and told them that they need to finish the repairs today so that I can get my rental back and stop paying for street parking permits on my rental. Talking to Benji at this point and looking for an ETA on when they could start and couldn't get an answer. Fumed, after being lead to believe that repairs started a day earlier, I asked to speak with her supervisor. I was told that he was busy and would have to call me back. The next call I got was from Benji again a couple of hours later. She gave me the quote for the additional repairs that I asked her to do on Friday. I told her how upset I was and that I didn't even know if I wanted the repairs done there. She became short and rude on the phone. Asked me if I wanted to book the repairs or not and when I started to reply with a "Well...." she hung up the phone. Would you pay thousands of dollars for repairs to someone who would after being rude, hang up the phone on you? I heard from Benji's supervisor, Tony at around 4:30 in the afternoon. No repairs had been started on my car. He had just been on the phone with my adjuster 20 minutes earlier. The adjuster had managed to talk to me about her conversation with Tony before Tony had managed to call me back. What happened next should be no surprise. Tony told me he was hoping to get my car in tomorrow morning. Apparently repairs should take about a day. I said I expected that the insurance covered repairs only would be completed in a timely manner tomorrow and if they couldn’t be, then not to bother. I said I expected to hear from him around noon after he indicated that as possibility one way or another. I said that I had no confidence in their ability to complete the extra work I wanted done but truth be told, at this point I am simply looking for the fastest possible way of driving my car away from Dean Myers. It has felt as though I have had my car taken hostage by this dealership and that anyone else that walks in there takes precedence over me. At this point I can expect repairs to be completed sometime in 2015 (writing this Dec 3/2014). In the meantime I have contacted General Motors Canada looking for an advocate as I truly do wonder if I will need to go to Dean Myers tomorrow and have this car towed to someone who will be able to repair it in a timely manner. If I’m lucky, I may even find someone who won’t be rude and hang up the phone on me while my insurance company and I are wagging thousands of dollars in their faces to fix my car. "