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"We picked out the vehicle we wanted online, then thought about it for a week. E-mails were exchanged before arranging a test drive. Got to the dealership for the test drive and Mario was there ready to welcome me, got me right into the 2007 Saturn Vue (4d 2wheel dr, 4 Cyl.) very quickly for a test drive. I was pretty sure it was the car for us, and Mario did not push the sale onto me, he gave me the time to make my own decision. In fact I would have almost preferred if he did more of the talking and explain some of the features to me a little more thoroughly. Pro's Anyway, we got the vehicle signed to paperwork, and they had it ready for us a week later, safety done, and e-test done. Happy with the over-all price :)... Good fuel economy, very spacious for our needs, love the display hud, mirrors, button positioning, and sound system! Con's The Saturn did stall while stopped at a light on the way home, the gas tank was empty (despite a $40 fee for gas!) and the three ketchup packages in the glove box were an unnecessary touch.... Pro & Con mixed Possible issue with the throttle sensor. Had the Saturn for 8 days and had troubles getting it out of the driveway this morning...but I called up the dealership and Mario and the team assured me they would take care of that problem (under warranty) if it continues to act up. :)"
"Very professional people and services. Great attention to detail, wide variety of vehicles, which all seemed in really good condition and reasonably priced. Their business hours blend nicely with the working person who need to do things after hours."