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"Thank you for your friendliness and for understanding that my son was on a limited student budget! Your service was very much appreciated. We will definitely shop at Kia again. Nicole was also extremely friendly and helpful with finance questions."
hugh gasso
"74 year old mother made an appointment because engine light came on. arrived for appointment on time and was treated well as far as i know. She sat in waiting room for 2 hours when someone came and informed her that her battery was to weak to perform check (xx) would need to authorize installation of new 120 dollar battery. She called me. I told her to come to my place were I checked with my 60 dollar OBD 2 cdn tire tester. It worked fine with current battery as did its ability to start the car that 20 below 0 day and the rest of the winter.Anyway it was a leak in the charcoal canister system. >50 cents worth of clamps and hose bobs your uncle. Had she bought the battery I'm sure they would of wanted to replace the entire system for what would have been more than the value of the car.Then they would of been able to try and sell her a new car.Just conjecture of course. 8 months later battery and car functions great. "