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Deana Felts
"Do not take your car there !!! They are nothing but scam artists !!!! They lie straight to your face. Don't be fooled by Julian. It was an absolute nightmare bringing my car there for a simple recall."
Paul Dube
"To begin, after I made the deal on the price over email, the salesman then decided to tell me I had to come get the car right away or they might sell it. Considering we made a deal and I had told him I'd come get it in a couple days, that seemed a little rude. I went the next day and the car wasn't ready, so I had to wait until the following Monday to pick it up anyway. So, I bought the Saturn Aura from this dealership. I was told the brakes were done and that the car was fully inspected.. A couple weeks later, I found out that there was a leak when some of my belongings were soaked. I contacted them and they were less than enthusiastic to take a look, so I decided to fix it myself. When I bought the car, I found that the tires were a little noisy, but I didn't think too much of it because they had said the car was fine, and it drove well, besides the noise. Recently, I brought the car in for an oil change and winter inspection. My local garage told me that 2 wheel bearings had to be changed as well as the front brake pads and a gasket that was causing an oil leak. Now this was only about 5 months after I bought it. I had it done for about $1200. I decided to contact Metro Orleans to get their feeling and maybe some small compensation. All they did was blame me saying I must have caused it and that they did everything they were responsible for. I'll never go back as long as the customer service has this attitude. I would have been thrilled and a customer for life had they offered to give me some sort of restitution, but this business doesn't care about you once they have your money."