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Roman Lawrence Stoyko
2 days ago
"I've owned a substantial number of cars in the 58 years I've been driving and had varied experiences in servicing my vehicles at different dealerships/service locations. I first used Birchwood's service in 1983 after a complete failure at a competing dealership and have been completely satisfied on the numerous service visits to Birchwood since that time. Their mechanics are extremely competent. The Service Managers are extremely helpful and courteous. Whether you wait for your vehicle or get shuttled home and back, the service experience is excellent!"
"Firstly I would like to say that I am gravely disappointed with the treatment of the people from this place this service time around. My experience is still fresh in mind and I am very emotional about it. I brought my car (2004 Saturn Ion) in for an oil change service. I dealt with Brian, the service agent and he dealt with me pleasantly, like times before. After a hectic day, the service was done and I was on my way home. On Monday that just passed Aug 7, some noise was coming from my engine compartment and my husband got out and told me to pop the hood. I reached for the lever and it was flopping back and forth. I was shocked and couldn't believe it wasn't opening the hood. My husband came from bracing the hood in front of the car, got on his knees and looked at the lever and said that it was broken and that it would need a wrench to open. The following day (tuesday) I called and told them my situation and they booked me for today (wednesday) for further investigation. Long story shortened, They didn't tell me anything when i brought the car in and left without them telling me anything. Today for the FIRST time, i was told that it was hard to open my hood and after trying to understand, if it was so hard to open my hood and they still did the oil change and they allowed me to leave with a broken latch. I was very upset for a number of things: I did not bring a broken latch to the service, the tech said it came into the shop broken and there was no waiver presented or signed stating that they had seen this issue, brought it to my attention and going forward they are not liable for the issue. thirdly, afterwards before I left, they didn't tell me there was an issue and my forth issue is they are trying to rationalize that my car is old, i must have somehow did it and that in short, xxxx happens. I have a young child and If i had given them a car with a broken latch, I would also be inquiring for parts and repair because it is GRAVELY unsafe driving around with no access to the hood of your car. Secondly I would have advised them there was an issue in opening the hood and there would have been witnesses because the information would have passed through in notes, and to the service technician. The Manager of Service whose name is reserved had told me he would pay for the labor and I should pay for the part, but I was furious that I should pay anything because it was the technician who is liable. I don't think in any point of this experience was fair and it should be known to everyone else to beware of these types of things. I contacted Chris Fleming of the dealership and I am waiting for an investigation and resolve. In the meantime, Beware, these people have no moral standard for service whatsoever and I am left driving around in the meantime with a wrench to open my hood in case there is an issue because of somebody else's error. "