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"As I was searching to replace my Cadillac, we went to look at a Lexus SUV. Since I was just beginning my search, I had not intention of buying a car just then. However, after test driving the 2 SUVs, we ended buying a car from Ken. Since Josie was away, Ken kept reminding us to come back and get the training offered. We did and Josie was great. The whole experience was positive and Ken was very honest and when he was not sure, he went checked and came back with the info."
"I was looking for something special. Tried BMW M4, AUDI RS5 and LEXUS RC F and the last car was chosen after a second test drive. Service was great from the moment I called this guys to schedule an appointment to the day when I picked it up. Thank you Benjamin, Josie, Lazar and Amy. You guys work like one professional team. Alex"