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"Never did I expect buying my GX470 to be such a messed up experience but I originally put that down to the dealership undergoing massive reconstruction. Was a little weird to start when I was browsing the showroom and was approached by the receptionist. I mentioned I wanted to speak to a sales rep and she handed me a form to provide far too many personal details. I completed my first name and I guess this offended her so she dumped me onto a used car rep. Boy that was his lucky day as I already did the on line research and simply needed a quick test drive to seal the deal. His eyes went wide when I asked to test the GX470 and after 20 minutes in the car I told him I would order one. I have never seen such a gong show while we tried to get it papered and then later delivered but oh well. Still the happiest I have been with a vehicle in that class which I use daily. Service was another matter. They are all too busy tripping over themselves to try and make you feel important that the process takes far too long to simply drop a vehicle for service. Icing on that cake was when it needed a new windshield. Dealer quoted me $1750.00 to replace and a small independent did it for $250.00. Only two companies make windshields so they all come from the same place. Happy to have a NAPA dealer do the service, he washes it too..........."
"Very Optimistic attitude, professional service; I never feel that I am meeting with Greg after long time. He is very friendly and always like to work with you to make sure that your car is in good shape and also you will be satisfied. My Car always get attention and that one of the reason that after seven years, as of today my car looks new and run smoothly. thanks Greg for all good work!"