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"When I was going there he helps me to choose the right car for my family. I pick up my car seven days earily. I am very glad to meet Jack."
J Abraham
"I want to first mention that we tried to deal with this situation prior to writing this review. We purchased a 2015 black Lexus RX350 from Kumar a few months ago. As the car had a few insurance claims on it I asked some specific questions. I wondered why a 2015 model was recently traded in and Kumar who at the time seemed like such an honest man told me he knew that specific customer very well and that his wife had keyed the side of the car but it was completely painted and fixed. From what we saw the car was fixed. EXEPT NOT PROPERLY. After a couple months and a few washes we noticed the entire right side of the car had a very long and deep key mark. It got more visible each and every wash. I called Kumar to tell him about this and he hanged his tone completely. Calling me "buddy" instead of the "sir" he called me previously. He said he had no idea who the previous owner was and said I was lying when I said that he told me how well he knew the owner. E said he never said everything he said when he was selling me the car and that he couldn't and wouldn't do anything about this issue. So what happened? The car was touched up well enough that he giant scratch wasn't noticible at pick up and for a few washes. How do I know this? I took the car in for an oil change and the service staff themselves said oh, we already touched this car up a while back and then brought out a paint marker and did the same. We are now left with a key mark from the front fender to the rear fender and though both doors. I very calmly called Kumar in hopes that this would be made good. Even through a few oil changes being offered complimentary to offset the $1000 I have to pay to have the car repainted on that side. Instead Kumar said I can't do anything and continues to Lie and say he knew nothing about this previously. All in all this dealership or at least Kumar is extremely dishonest and he should not be trusted. Complete stereotypical used car salesman! The world always has a way to unfold as it should and I am a strong believe in karma so I know this will come back around to him but unfortunately that doesn't fix the major problem we have with a car we purchased from them only a few months ago. I hope this review is read and that someone from the management team contacts me to help rectify this issue and hopefully change my perception of this dealership. Lexus of Richmond Hill. Do what is right and offer a solution. Don't leave us as recent customers left with such a bad experience. "