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"Loved the layout, (showroom) very pleased with atmosphere bright, sales person very organized and professional, picking up my car right in the showroom awesome touch. We went through the car features etc. While inside and my car was warm, extremely clean, and my accessories were absolutely perfectly installed, just wanted to say the showroom with attached office cubicles, nice touch every office space was very clean, desks were not full of paper etc. Cleanest dealership I've been in. On the day of delivery my sales person Stephanie emailed me pictures of my car in the morning, and quoted "happy Thursday" I have never had a sales person actually be excited for the customer. It's a nice change and I think I've switched my brand of vehicle, as I have only ever bought Honda/Acura. But service/sales persons are all very polite, even if you didn't buy your vehicle from them, Loved it very professional."
"We walked into this dealership without any appointment. Megan was very proactive in taking all information and making arrangement to show us vehicle. I would highly recommend the location just Becuz of the great work of Megan! Keep up your good work! "