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"If I could give this dealer a 0/5 I would. I've never seen a dealership as unprofessional as this one. The salesmanger, some small bald man, just stares at you when you walk in and when you're making an offer. The dealer will add fees and tax inflating the price of the car $3-4k more than advertised. Don't even think of making an offer on the price of the car after taxes and fee's, because apparently it's already a GREAT deal. The salesmanger was completely unprofessional when I made my offer, and acted extremely belligerent. Save your time, find another dealer to go to."
"Greg and Abid provided exceptional service when I recently brought my car in. We have had a Lexus vehicle for a number of years and have always had great service. The great service and vehicle reliability is really what sets Lexus apart."