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"I had a great experience leasing my new Nissan Verso from Ryan Li. He is so professional and patient. My leasing is so smooth, and I am so happy to lease the high qualified car with reasonable price."
"applewood Nissan has been a huge disappointment. The day I purchased my vehicle you had one department talking bad about another department. It didn't get any better as they tried not to honour the agreement for the free oil changes at the time of purchasing the vehicle. After talking to Nissan Canada and then the Sales Manager they said they would honour the agreement with the free oil changes that I had in writing. On my second maintenance they wanted me to pay $176 where all other Nissan dealers were charging $80 with an oil change. This is where Applewood Nissan screws you. They get you to pay for additional services that are not required by warranty and tell you you have to follow their maintenance schedule and pricing for the free oil changes yet it is not written anywhere . I called Nissan Canada and they even told me it wasn't necessary to get a brake fluid flush at 16000 km. Do not trust this dealership. "