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Sandy C
"Bought my Murano Platinum from Nissan Go Auto (terrible to deal with) because they had the interior white on white IS THE ONLY REASON I went to this dealership. I did however have a choice as to where I would like the servicing to be completed. West End Nissan is very professional, keeps you up to date and polite! Exactly what you would expect!!! Great job!"
Anna Sweet
"Ken was absolutely fantastic when I was trying to decide on which car to purchase. Lease or finance? Which year? Color? Can I test drive it? Again? This was my first time leasing, and was my first new car. As such I had a lot of questions about everything and I'm sure I was annoying. But Ken didn't mind- really, he didn't mind at all. He was always excellent in timely correspondence, patient, explained everything sometimes twice or three times. My only regret is that I didn't meet him in person sooner, rather than on the big day I picked up my beautiful, shiny red 2017 Rogue SL Platinum with reserve trim! I met him and was startled to find how genuine he was. He's relaxed, very pleasant, knowledgable and very professional. And his relaxed, pleasant ways are genuine, nothing phoney there. I was nervous about the whole process, but I was reassured when I met Ken that I was in good hands, and ultimately, if I had a problem... It wouldn't be a problem. I look forward to dealing with Ken over the next four years of my lease, and have no worries that I'm completely taken care of."