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"After searching for a travel replacement bigger than our VW Jetta but better than our GMC truck on fuel economy and checking all that was available from the big 3, we settled on Nissan as the best choice. Dollar for dollar better than all the alternatives. Internet research, visits to Northland Nissan's lot to find the one we were after narrowed the search to the Pathfinder SL Tech. Our next visit was on Friday for a test drive and Domenico Sia was extremely helpful and pleasure to work with to seal the deal. Jared Crellindid everything he could to get us the best trade-in allowance possible, meeting our expectations completely. Holly Keech was our guide through the Financial end of the sale and, again, excellent to work with. We would highly recommend working with this dealer for all your Nissan purchases!"
"I took my 350z for a repair at this place. David took it in. He was extremely polite, explained everything, took his time. The car was fixed pretty quickly and they gave it a nice wash. The best part was that changing one dead blinker lights took 30mn vs the hour that they had estimated, and they lowered the price accordingly instead of just lying and charging for an hour like many would do. I don't live in Surrey but I will gladly drive there whenever my car needs anything, because I now know what this dealership is worth! Thanks"