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"I had very unpleasent experience at mini downtown It was for the test driving one of minis Manager bad Sales person bad Both names are Charels Two Charels gave me such a bad impression of BMW Mini Lack of common decency not friendly at all I almost became to hate mini itsyelf :( what a day! I am going to another dealership next week because i am buying one for sure this year. "
6 days ago
"Parts department only open on weekdays from 9-5 so they can force a service app't. No respect for customers' time- if I'm going on a road trip and need new wipers I should be able to buy them over the counter without the hassle of having to go to work late, so I just drove to Budd's in Oakville- open Saturdays, no BS. As for the service department at Downtown Mini, its also bad. These guys aren't mechanics, they're sales people. Every routine visit involved an attempt to upsell me $500 worth of "necessary" services, even when I had less than 10k on the vehicle. When I asked questions, they would scramble to look up the manual for answers, so its not like they know what they are talking about. They screwed up warranty service on my sunroof so many times I just gave up- event though I wasn't paying for it, I was sick of having to take the car back. I want to bring my car to a mechanic who is passionate about looking under the hood and making sure my car is in optimal condition, not suggesting routine services 5 thousand kms before they are due. One final dig- useless receptionists in person and by phone. I love my Mini, but when its time to replace, I will gladly buy from an out of town dealer. Manager called me at home to address my complaint and totally lost his temper, if he hadn't mentioned his new baby, I would have done everything possible to make sure he lost his job. "