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"We had a wonderful experience with Eren and the Mini Crowfoot dealership. The showroom is immaculate and customer service was excellent. Eren made us feel comfortable, informed and confident in the brand. I really feel that Eren sincerely loves the Mini brand. Some salesman tell you what they imagine you want to hear...Eren really did tell us all of the things he loves about Mini, and this made us love them even more! Eren and Bo went above and beyond to ensure our payment would be fair and within our budget. He gave us many options and made sure the cars we were considering would fit our family, not just what was on the lot. I would recommend this dealership to anyone! Thanks again Eren!"
"Bought 2 cars from this dealership, means nothing. In service they damaged an expensive winter tire making it unusable. After an exaggerated "investigation" and unnessary negotiation they offered a halfway solution. This was a minor issue made unnecessarily drawn out and aggravating. This is what to expect from this dealership. Mini's are not overly reliable, you will need to have a good service dept. This ain't it. "