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"I live in Edmonton and was purchasing a non-Honda used car from this Honda dealership. I had concerns about obtaining an extended warranty if if the extended warranty would be portable. I phoned the finance manager over the phone who took the time on the spot to walk me through how the extended warranties work and even provided me with estimates for different options for the car I was considering. Having done my online research for similar cars to the one I was purchasing, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they were asking about the amount that I thought I could best hope for after a lot of dickering. I also looked up the black book value of the car I was trading in. Because I was paying cash for the difference I contacted a sales representative to get a ballpark estimate for the amount to make out a certified cheque. In talking to the sales rep, he took the particulars of my car over the phone and offered to phone me back with a tentative offer. He phoned me back within an hour with an offer that was almost exactly what I thought would be the most I could expect to get for it, again after a lot of negotiation. This company means what they say relative to dealing at market rates. I think more companies could benefit from this -- it seems to be working given the brisk business they seem to be doing when I went down to finalize the trade. Well done, Honda West!"
"Great service overall Exceptional treatment from Guillaume in every-way, from explaining all the car features to pricing as well as after sale service! He's the man to go for if you want a Mini Cooper with excellent service"