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Iavor Todorov
"Scheduled service for my MINI Countryman, which at 41000km has developed a dangerous engine "stutter" or stumble. Car cut outs during acceleration. Scary stuff. Today it is my turn to look after my 4 month old baby, so I decided to take the car in, while I am at home for the day. I live in Stoney Creek. Takes me 15-20 minutes to get to Mini Oakville. I was told that the shuttle will drop me off at Aldershot GO. Alternatively, I can rent a car for $39/day. In other words, bring us your business, but if you are in a bind trying to be parent, you are s#@t out of luck. Asked to speak to manager, hoping that if I explained my situation, they would figure out a way to help. Not only did not offer any sort of help, but ended having the gull to tell me "I cannot inconvenience my drivers and other customer just to get you home". So parents, taking care of their kids is an inconvenience now. Anyone in this industry that has that kind of mindset, deserves to have their business fail. I am now going all the way to downtown Toronto to service my car. They were way nicer, and accommodating."
Khaled T
"I have purchased 2 vehicles from Jeff at Barlow Motors. Do not listen to the negative reviews on here. People are just upset because they have personal issues arise down the road and blame the one place they can quickly point the finger at. And so what if a salesmen is a salesmen. They make a living just like the rest of us do. In terms of pricing, Barlow Motors has the lowest prices in comparison to other used lots in Calgary. Jeff has gone above and beyond multiple times to get the pricing we want and the cars we wanted. I have had friends travel from up north to come get cars from Jeff. Even as far as B.C. This is the only dealership we trust."