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"This story starts with me dropping my car off 3 months ago for not running issue. After the shop diagnosing it, the timing tensioner let go, causing timing to be way out, so needs replacement for $2550, after pricing around, they agreed to honor outside shops price for $1900 all in with an induction service, oil change and complete over haul of the timing, which was a great deal, super happy about that. However, I'm super displeased with Mini not offering to warranty there defective, known issue with the timing chain tensioners, it's a known issue and class action law suit in the US. But, whatever, for the price I'll get it fixed. After the repairs are done, Shawn told me the car doesn't run, needs spark plugs, so I authorize replacement even though I knew this wasn't the issue, and guess what... It wasn't the issue, I get told the piston rings are stuck and causing the issue, after they already replaced the timing kit, they THEN decide to do a leak down test ( anyone knows with an interference engine when timing let's go it'll most likely need a new head ) but they still were adamant that it wasn't the head. After being told numerous different stories, they realize that in fact there are bent exhaust valves, and get quoted more, even though they decided to waste 2000 of my money and not diagnose properly. After many discussions with the service manager, we finally come to an agreement they were in the wrong and I'll just pay for parts, so my total bill came to $2,550. They were nice at reasoning with me about the bill and allowed me to keep the car their for a couple of months, I was happy about the effort from Edwardo on that. Once I picked up the car, after five days of me driving, it burnt through 3 litres of oil.... Out of 4.2 it holds.... Ok, so I take it in again and they topped it up for free which was nice, asked to keep an eye on it, great. 3 days later, I'm down 1 litre, and the engine light starts flashing, and car running rough with it puking out blue smoke, panicked I get it to the dealership with no appointment. Dealt with Shawn again, got a shuttle back to my work, and received no call if it would be ready, I had to chase for info, only to get told they haven't even looked at it, awesome... They advised me I could drive it and bring it back, which I didn't trust but my only means of transportation I accepted. Brought it back the next day, no update at all, all day, until 400 rolls around and me yet again having to beg for an update, they didn't even know if it was ready... Told them to send a shuttle, got a taxi ride back and to my surprise a bill! No call with any quotes or ANYTHING! Yet they lied and put on the work order that I approved it... Please show me the email, signed copy of quote or call that I approved this, because I know I sure didn't. Finally the service manager tossed the keys at me and told me to leave and not to come back.... I find out after they put in a used ignition coil for a misfire on cylinder 1. Drove my car home and was working fine, next morning the engine lights back and driving like crap, I left two messages for the service manager with no calls back, finally got in touch with the GM, who was fairly pleasant to deal with and seemed semi concerned, offered to speak to service manager and get back to me, mean while i have a car that's not running properly and no solution or offer to help or even make an appointment... So, I took matters into my own hands, pulled the plugs and to find one "brand new" spark plug they replaced to be completely Fowled, and the others a bit wet, I cleaned them up, swapped the coils, and no code has yet returned. Something so simple that was overlooked just baffles me. If you want something fixed properly, do not bring it to these guys, you will be filled with disappointment, regret and the out right feeling of being treated like nothing. Unless you own a brand new BMW, you're nothing in their eyes. Even discovered they changed my email on file just so I wouldn't get an email from BMW about a CSI survey. I could go on for days about the deceit of this place, however, they know what they have done and wish do nothing about it, if anyone's looking for proof or more info regarding this, I will gladly sit down over coffee or a phone call. "
2 days ago
"Overall a very good experience. Purchase and financing all under one roof. They even got us good value on snow tires. I had my concerns regarding used car dealers but on dealing with them, felt lot better/less concerned. Would recommend to others. "