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"Lots of serious issues with the service dept. 1) Took my Cooper S as I was hearing noises coming from the wheels. Did online search, seemed that the issue was with the bearings. Service called me up saying it was the brake calipers seizing, which was strange since I didn't have any issues with the brakes. So they replaced the rear calipers, noises still happening. Then they said the hand brake cable was seizing. Replaced and still noises. Then they finally said yes, it is probably the bearings. Fixed, and the noises were gone. Still, of course they charged me for everything. 2) Forgot that I vowed to never go to this dealer again, took it in for 55 pt inspection as there was a special for $40. When I picked up the car, noticed that the driver side was all wet. Apparently the sunroof drainage has been dislocated. Even though I never had issue with it before, of course it had nothing to do with the inspection they just did. They wanted to charge me $460 to fix it. Finally remembered, never EVER go to this dealer..."
" day 1 -went in to look at a used vehicle on the lot, test drove it. seemed like an alright vehicle their trade in offer was a ridiculous lowball slap in the face they bumped it up a measly few hundred. but whatever the deal seemed decent past the trade then came the fun - the finance team wasnt around. put down a deposit day 2- didnt hear from finance till the next day mid day, had to come in and sign some stuff. so i took a few hours off work and came in to sign. was there within 15 minutes day 3 - rolls around, finally got back to say the financing was approved. just needed proof of income, brought that in within 20 minutes. ( also decided to tack warranty onto the deal which we did not ask for) didnt hear anything at all from them after that day 4 i look up the vehicle vin to find out the listed options and find out it does not have alot of the listed options, also ran the vin through carproof. to find out it was in an accident, that nobody had disclosed . called them about it in the morning that day 930 am, they got back to me 6 hours later saying the accident was 2000 dollars, its nothing. my compensation for all the misled information and lack of disclosure ? " we can knock off 200 dollars off of the rock guard kit" also threw out this line . "well thats fine we can just cancel the deal and give your deposit back, weve got a back up deal lined up on it anyways." very smug , very arrogant - this was Pauly - also went to a new dealership at 430pm on day 4. that dealer gave me 2500 MORE for my trade in got a brand new vehicle. finance was approved before i left the building( with MUCH better rates rock guard and tint for free - and i can pick it up less than 24 hours after the deal(day 5 of this whole ordeal with southview) day 5 - i call and speak to the sales manager i believe ... pauly ? ( who calls themselves that anyways) explained the situation, said that they were taking too long, (i was ready to pick up the vehicle the first visit if they had a competant team.) and that i had found better service elsewhere so that i had to back out of the deal. Again being very smug and full of douchebaggery "oh thats fine, we'll just keep your deposit then , for wasting our time" i said id see him later and that i would be getting the deposit back he replied with " oh sure ill see you, but youre not getting it back, " i wish i could rate this lower than 1 star, like ... half a star or a participation ribbon. the initial salesman was nice, and after getting off the phone with pauly(who hung up on me) i called n spoke to the GM Jeff - who was kind and professional, and told me to come in and he would gladly refund me the deposit - like a respectable businessman Seriously, do not deal with pauly at all costs. Could not have made this review possible without you bud. with that attitude its no wonder the last dealer you worked with is happy youre gone . philip and daniella were fine to deal for the brief moment , everett was great as the initial salesman "