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Wicky Cheung
"On July 28, my 2006 Sienna driver side sliding door"s cable was broken. I drove it to the dealer as emergency visit. The Junior Assistant Service Manager Jackie Ng taking care of me and explained all the detail of the problem and he find out that due to parts defeat in that year of make Toyota extended the warranty of the cable. He put up a order to check both side door and they put new cables on both door with no charge. Also, the spare tire cable recall was addressed. I highly appreciated Jackie Ng"s professional manner and knowledge to put the customer's concern at the first place. Keep up your good job........Jackie Wicky Cheung"
"Even though I ended up going with a Mazda for my new car, I had such a wonderful experience at Toyota with Justin that I felt the need to share it. From the time I emailed Toyota through their website and then Justin's quick, non-template replies and finally the incredible experience I had going in and test driving a car made me feel respected, valued and well taken care of. If you are looking to buy a Toyota, make sure to ask for Justin. He is a real man of character, and is committed to doing his best for you."