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"One Afternoon I was in the lot just looking, no one bothered with me then Leo Vaserbakh came out to see if I needed help. I told him I was thinking about getting rid of my 2013 F150 FX4 but not sure. I told him I may consider a Tundra. My boyfriend has one. He gave me a card & said if I needed anything let him know. I went back the next day & he set me up with a Tundra, I'm sorry but I hated it, I wanted Sporty. I left. The next morning he called & said he thought he had just what I want, a Gray Tundra TRD Off-road, 2016 Demo with about 7,000 km's. I went over & took it out. I liked it but I wasn't sold on it. I said well let's sit down & see what you can do. I gave him my current payment, told him there would have to be changes to the truck, there are things I want & my payment has to be the same or lower. Poor Leo worked for 3 days with me, I was pretty demanding. Tires & Rims had to go, I wanted the Toyota Grill & Hood Bulge, Auto Start, Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover & my final "must have" was a Spray In Boxliner. Leo found awesome rims, perfect tires, now I'm getting excited & I want this. Oh & then it was "I want the truck tomorrow, Saturday, my Brother's coming up & I want him to see it. He said he could but I wouldn't have everything on it, which was fine by me. Leo made everything happen & was under my pymt on the F150 by $32/Mth. I took the truck the next afternoon & I was very excited about it & loved it. It's just a dream to drive & so solid on the road & it's a Smokin Truck now!! Everything was coming in separately & Leo had them put each piece on as it came in. I'm finished except the HoodBulge which should be in any day. What a transformation!! I absolutely love my truck & it's all due to Leo's choices & extremely hard work, I wasn't an easy sell and he worked this all out right in the middle of Red Tag Days & it was busy. I am very happy Leo walked out to see me that day & I tell people about him. Finally, my 83 year old Mother was with me & she traded her Fiesta in for a 2016 Red Corolla she had been eyeing up in the showroom throughout this. That one was a standard so I told Leo what she needed in it & he had one all ready for her to test drive the next morning. My Mom is thrilled with her car & is very impressed with Leo, as am I. Great job Leo. I'm a very satisfied Customer as is my Mom. Thank you for all your hard work!!"
Sharon Knowles
"After a collision, where a woman backed her 4x4 onto the hood of my car, I was looking for a good car I could buy out right, for $5000. Don Rintoul tipped me to his best deal, a 2008 Toyota Corolla CE! His service was outstanding, I got the car that I love, and it is in great shape! A 152 point inspection was performed, and a thorough detailing of all aspects of the car was given, with previous information provided. It drives like a beauty :)"