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"Complete rip off. We were charged 384.00 on parts and labor for a simple block heater change. Part itself costs no more than $50 and according to other dealerships and mechanics it takes less than 2 hours to get the full job done. Total bill with an oil change was $675!! We were desperate to have the work done as our truck is our only means of transport and we noticed the radiator had a leak and my husband saw some steam rising from the hood. This was the only dealership that had an immediate opening and now we understand why. We had our truck towed to the dealership immediately and did not get a chance to call around for quotes as we didn't know what exactly was wrong with the truck. Upon pickup of the vehicle my husband tried to ask the service guy what exactly was done to the vehicle and if the part was replaced or if it was merely just popped back into place and he could not get a straight forward answer. After further investigation we realized we were grossly overcharged for the service. Will not be returning to this dealership in the future. They obviously took full advantage of our situation."
"Thank you to Tim, Sheldon, Aaron and James! Clear, supportive and informative service from start to finish. Tim and Sheldon in financing- went the extra mile to find the best possible financing options. Aaron in insurance- Seamless and efficient. Made extra calls (patiently waited on hold) and helped to map out coverage options while providing solutions moving forward. James in sales- Friendly and helpful with vehicle selection and test drive. Dave and the rest of the team-polite and welcoming! "