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"I wish I would have known Mr. Cariou before I bought my 2014 Toyota Corolla elsewhere. Speaking to Jo about vehicles and anything else life had to offer was exceptionally enjoyable. You can tell he's really passionate about what he does and is just an overall genuine human being. Regardless of what vehicle I choose next I will be coming to Jo for any future service from now on. Thank you, sir!"
Jennifer Leslie
"I have dealt with many dealerships recently due to a car accident - by recently I mean back in August 2016. I ended up with Lorne and he showed me a used vehicle. Unfortunately at the time I had to go with something else as the price could not be fit to my budget as I was not in a position to make payments, but he gave me great advice in a fatherly manner - really no other way to describe it. It was an awesome experience and I decided I would buy my next vehicle from Charlesglen. Well... income improved and the car I ended up with turned out to be a dud (lessons were learned, savings were demolished). Because I use my vehicles for business and I'm not in the position to have my vehicle break down with no back-up I decided this time I would buy (in this case lease) new. Mark was at the counter when I walked in and while I initially wanted a Tundra (ok, I still do) my budget was able to fit better with the Rav4. He was able to get the price down to something I can afford. He passed me off to Phil who was amazingly helpful. He had me talk with an insurance broker who is a guy I would happily work with again in the future if for some reason I became unhappy with my current insurance company. Phil also talked directly to my insurance company when I misplaced the information I needed in order for everyone to get the necessary information. Finally I got handed off to Jim who showed me the vehicle before I drove it off the lot. He's entertaining in his eccentricity, and did a very thorough job."