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3 days ago
"A year ago I lease transferred QX60 from this dealership and I had horrible experience with them. The process took over a month and only justification these guys would have is "well it is not us it is Infiniti Canada because they want to make sure you are as good as previous owner to reassign a lease". As if I am mentally challenged and I don't know how credit checks work and how long does it take. They just didn't want to tell me that sales people are not making commission so they are not motivated to push this. It took over 2 weeks just for lease transfer credit application to leave dealership and be sent to Infiniti Canada. I did a mistake didn't cancel this deal in the middle of the process but what is done cannot be reverted. Now fast forward 1 year, a friend of mine really likes my car and asked me to lease transfer this vehicle to him so the reminder of the lease about 11 months he will carry it. I explained him that these guys at dealership are complete morons and they will simply drag this forever until you change your mind. He didn't believe. Probably he never met such people in his life. We started the process, again filling credit application, copy of driver license etc. And guess what? Same experience. Already 4 days calling dealership to see if they submitted credit application. They are like "oh finance manager xxx is on leave this week, noone else can do it" then they "found" someone who can do it and he is like "ok let me see what needs to be done and I will call you back" I wait a day doesn't call me back Call this lowlife back and he is like "let me speak to lease transfer manager yyy and I will call you back" again doesn't call me back Then I call him next day he is "let me start the application I will call you back" And of course never calls me back. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER. NEVER GUYS NEVER DEAL WITH THIS DEALERSHIP. I pay 1040$ a month for a car and they cannot even timely execute a lease transfer. I had Lexus before same level luxury brand and Lexus in Brampton completed lease transfer in 3 days. Had BMW same thing 3 days, my friend had Infinti from different dealership needed to lease transfer it took few days. I will keep updating this post so you guys know exactly how long it took for them to finalize lease transfer. We initiated the process and sent Guelph Infiniti all the documentation they need on 22 May 2017. Watch this thread for updates."
5 days ago
"Had my QX30 serviced recently and found that the dealership is under new management. I had a good experience from start to finish. From explaining exactly needed to get done including prompt shuttle service I am happy. Thanks to all involved! "