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"On March 24 I brought my 2015 Elantra into the dealership on my lunch hour for its first oil change and service. Daniel asked me if I would like the car washed after the service and I said yes. Once the service was completed, I found out that it was at no charge! That was really a terrific surprise. When I got into my car to head back to work, I realized that not only was my car washed, but the interior was vacuumed as well. That really made my day as now I didn't have to do these tasks on the weekend. My only disappointment was that it dumped rain on the way back to work and my clean car only lasted the afternoon."
"I was very pleased with the prompt, courteous service. Initially, I came in to get a last minute oil change for my 2009 Sebring. I had been pondering the purchase of new tires but after researching the technical details of some products on-line I became somewhat overwhelmed. What was best for my driving needs? I spoke at length with Kelly Fournier about tires. He patiently explained the options and pros and cons of various tires. We settled on a Michelin product; I had them installed yesterday and happily drove away. "