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"Having looked everywhere for a used TIPM (totally integrated power module) for my Chrysler 300C 2009 I resorted to buy a new one. Unfortunately it was on back order from Chrysler and none could be found. With the help of Shawn in the parts department and a little pressure on Chrysler Canada the part was found under expected delay. Great follow up, great price and on top shipped pronto to me, Thanks Shawn!"
"On March 24 I brought my 2015 Elantra into the dealership on my lunch hour for its first oil change and service. Daniel asked me if I would like the car washed after the service and I said yes. Once the service was completed, I found out that it was at no charge! That was really a terrific surprise. When I got into my car to head back to work, I realized that not only was my car washed, but the interior was vacuumed as well. That really made my day as now I didn't have to do these tasks on the weekend. My only disappointment was that it dumped rain on the way back to work and my clean car only lasted the afternoon."