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"Around the middle of August 2016, I went into Hyatt Infiniti in Calgary to test drive a 2011 Mercedes Benz E350. During the test drive, I noticed that it had two problems: 1) the driver seat had a portion of the covering ripped off, and 2) there was a message on the dashboard that indicated that the car’s tire pressure needed to be checked. The salesperson advised me that I can make an offer to purchase, conditional on those two issues getting corrected before I can purchase the car. After providing about a week to the dealership to fix the issues, I picked up the car. The car seat was fixed and has not been a problem since. However, the second issue has not been fixed, and I have had to return to the dealership approximately 6 times to give the dealership an opportunity to address this problem. Every one of these trips means I have to take time off from work to take the car to the dealership. Furthermore, the car has had other issues, including giving random dashboard warnings without a cause. What has surprised me now is that the dealership has decided to abscond and is now denying that it has a responsibility to fix the problem even though my purchase contract has that as a condition for purchase, and therefore I have to sue them in order to get them to do the right thing. This is not the behavior of a decent and honest dealership. My advice: If you are looking to buy a car there, think about my ordeal and save yourself stress and money. For more info - you can reach me on 2014-470-1638"
"He's awesome! Quick and willing to help! Nothing like having a car dealer take care of you and not be shifty or sleazy. That's usually the expected, but I was pleasantly surprised by Andrew Rocha "