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"To Mr. Brad Rawlinson, Geoff Thompson and especially Andy in Service, Last week I was at Ajax Mazda for an appointment. After everything got done I was talking to Brad on my way out, and asked him to refer me to someplace nearby to get a stone chip fixed on my windshield. Brad graciously offered fix it for me right there and then, and he told me they offer that service which I didn't know. Given that he's known me for a long time now and always been great to deal with, I'm very loyal to the dealership, he offered to do it for no charge since I was already there. It turned out that that the windshield had to be replaced, because the chip was too big. Even though it wasn't their fault and they were doing me a favour, they were extremely apologetic about it. Not only that, but I had to be at a meeting across the city, they even offered to give me a loaner car so I wouldn't be late. Here's the kicker, since they'd originally told me it would be fast, they didn't want to charge me the cost to replace and install the windshield. I basically had to insist to pay some of the cost, but they wouldn't charge me what they should have because they do business the right way. There's not enough great words I could use to recommend this dealership highly enough. They are outstanding, professional and I would say to anyone shopping for a car to go to Ajax Mazda. Sincerely AJ"
"Naya was the first person I saw when I went to the auto park and he has been with me through the entire buying process. I have bought other vehicles in the past and this has been the best experience from a price and customer service stand point. Naya was helpful, extremely helpful and made the process easy and seamless."