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"On May 13th, after a long day (coming from Vancouver Island) chose to got o Coquitlam Chrysler for buying a 70000 dollars truck. Took about 2 hours of wheeling and dealing and I played the game, even though I knew that car dealers are not usually the most honest and fair business people. We agreed on all aspects and walked away with an agreement in my hand. Couple of days later, more like 3 or 4 and after few emails sent to the dealership with no answer back, I followed up just so I know that all is good, this is when I was informed that the dealership will not honour the deal and that is the end. Very Very bad experience and I am not by any stretch of imagination recommend to anyone this dealership. "
"We were so pleased with Jason's service a few years ago we returned when looking for new vehicle. We were quick to decide which created some post-purchase jitters and decided we swallowed too much. Not knowing the laws in Ontario, discovered there is no real return policy on vehicles which caused some fear and mistrust that we weren't able to retract offer. Jason remained incredibly patient and professional to ensure we received a vehicle we wanted and stayed within the price tag we could afford. He went far beyond what we'd expect from a typical sales person to ensure we had an excellent experience. We are so happy with the purchase and will be seeing him again in a few years when time for a trade-in. If you wanted to be treated well and trust that someone has your interests in mind, Jason is your guy."