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not shopping here again
"First of all my sales person did not speak a word of english, nor did he attempt to, secondly I got calls from like 5 different people about the same transaction and all of them were telling me different information, my sales man told me 2 times to come and pick up the car, and when I arrived it wasn't ready both time, total waste of time. the tell you not to inspect the car, because they have a third party that inspects it, but it is bogus inspections, my car was declared as not accidental, but I later found out from a mechanic, that a lot of parts had scrap yard marks on them. I had issues with a part that they changed only several months later, and was refused help on the subject, telling me after 3 months its not their problem. the finance department was trying to get be to take a loan with their bank so they get a commission check, and told me to transfer to my bank after a week. she also told me the car I was buying will fall apart so I need to pay 3000 for a warranty. totally in acceptable Insane for buying a 30000$ Audi."
"I recently purchased an A6 from Iain Beattie at this dealership. He and his manager - Richard Ojo were amazing. Considering I am from Ontario and flew into Vancouver to do this deal, the entire process while tedious was as smooth as could be. If you are looking to buy.....Iain is the guy!!!"