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2 days ago
"One stop shop for purchase and service Great and friendly staff Excellent coffee Compitant people who know their stuff Alot of selection in show room "
Manda Jones
2 days ago
"I came into this dealership yesterday and I swear I was shocked. I had to see it for myself. This is the first place I really did not feel pushed to by a car. Just like you I do all of my research on a company before even going to the company. I saw other reviews on how there hassle free but every dealerships says that until you go to them. When I went to the dealership I was socked that it was true. I did not purchase the car yesterday just to see if it was an act and the would still me nice to me. Surprising they were. I came into day to purchase the car the salesmen was the same as yesterday and took the same time to help me out and put in the same effort. Funny thing is I made him feel like I was not going to really buy a car just looking around to see if he would keep helping and smiling and he did. He walked me to the door and told me to have a great day and enjoy the weather and if I need anything I could contact him. He then took my information. I came back today and he was still very nice to me. Telling me it was good to see me again and that is true customer service. "