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3 days ago
"i just had a inquiry about a certain vehicle on about what are the other things included in the price which means everything like all the price breakdown and features promos and such i mean totally everything which was never given to me specifically and when i called the specific person was not even there or nowhere to be found then the xxxxxx manager ask me why i bought somewhere else "i said the truth their stupid and ignorant" since i ask about something in full details they did even say it and as for me to go to that specific dealership which is too far to be precise from my location so now the xxxxxx manager tried to call me again with an attitude and ask me why is that and tell's "FYI you bought an overpriced stuff whatever" what a loser can't even take a single criticism "
5 days ago
"Working with Dan H to buy our new Audi was a pleasure. He was very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful while addressing our questions and concerns regarding buying a car. He suggested a car which met our needs perfectly and after a test drive we purchased it without giving it a second thought. It was a pleasure to work with Dan H and the rest of the staff at St James VW Audi. "