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"The experience I had with Audi Midtown was terrible. The consultant was not respective of my time and I felt my business was not valued. I was advised to replace my tire as it was not patchable. I was told that Rim & Tire protection, which I purchased at another Audi dealership was not claimable as it was not purchased from Audi Midtown. I later found out from the warranty company that any Audi could have submitted the claim. As Midtown already took out the nail from the tire, the warranty company declined my claim submitted by another dealership. I had other maintenance done on the same day, which the consultant did not even bother to explain what was completed. I would not recommend this dealership for any services as they are not respectful of their customers time & avoid responsibility when they had to complete extra paper work."
jonny be blessed
"We brought our kids and the staff were all very accommodating. I really like the way that Jacob communicated and took the time to make sure we had all we needed!"