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Luis D
"I just want to thank Timothy O’Reilly and his team for making the purchase of my new AUDI Q5 a pleasant and enjoyable experience. When I arrived at the dealership I was looking for a specific model, trim level and options. Within minutes, Timothy found such a car for me and quoted me a fair price. He even added a few complimentary options. Then the business manager helped me with the financing and all necessary paperwork to complete the purchase. Before I left the dealership the business manager came to me and said he had just put a express delivery order on my vehicle. Timothy and his team treated me with great courtesy and professionalism all through the process. And I felt very comfortable at the dealership. Thank you."
Jordan Newell
"I went online searching for a good used Audi, after a few weeks the perfect one came up at this location in my colour inside and out, the km were low, manual transmission, and at a fair price. The day of pick-up came and my goal was to sell my old car privately then take a bus from Brantford to Dixie Mall and grab a city bus the rest of the way to the dealership. For the heck of it I texted Rodger and asked if he'd come pick me up from the mall. No problem! He shows up in a beautiful car and gives me the VIP treatment praising my choice in car as we drive up to the dealership. He mentioned my timeline for pickup didn't allow them enough time to put a cover over the antennae (the old cover broke) we agreed we'd get it resolved another time that I could be in Toronto. A month or two later I realized I didn't get it in writing but I reached out to Rodger anyways to see what the business's availability was like in getting it fixed. They were MORE than accommodating, even going as far as to set me up with a rental while they arranged the repair to my car. I am absolutely thrilled to find a dealership that stands by their word. I've purchased about 7 cars throughout my life and this experience with Rodger was easily the best!"