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Andre from Montreal
"Very considerate and professional team. Excellent value on barely used A7 Audi car. Very happy of my experience with the team and with Maxime Poudrier, their Sales Director."
"I bought my Audi through Clarke but also got help from Jeff, and later Nathan. They were all very friendly. Clarke was patient with my questions and gave me the time I needed to make my decision. I didn't feel pressured in any way. I did experience a few challenges: I would have benefited from some guidance on how to use some of the car's features when I picked it up (still figuring it out), and dealing with multiple sales associates was a little bit challenging at times. Also, I wasn't very happy with quality of the small touch-ups that were done on the vehicle. However, these were minor issues. Aside from that, the overall experience was great and everything worked out. The car is gorgeous - I am extremely happy with my purchase! I would definitely deal with Clarke again for another car purchase in the future (all the staff are very friendly). Thanks Strickland! "