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Colleen W
"This has been by far one of the best dealerships that I have ever done business with. Their staff is always willing to help me with the best price and service. I would not hesitate to recommend Oakville Audi. "
"I own a 2010 Audi A4 S Line sedan. I went in to get a noisy wheel bearing looked at, along with a steering shudder. Both have been well documented online within automotive enthusiast forums as areas of concern for early failure. I bought this car used this summer, so have only owned it for about 6 months. Car was a lease return, and was in excellent shape with just under 100k KM. I purchased it from Niquet Audi in Montreal as a Certified Audi Used car. This gave me an additional 2 years or 60K of factory warranty. My buying experience with Charles there excellent! Well worth the two hour drive from Ottawa. Bernie works at the service counter, immediately sensed a bit of attitude from him since I mentioned the applicable Audi service bulletin for the steering wheel shudder, and I wanted to know if the previous owner had already had it dealt with, I also asked him if he would be able to confirm if all recall notices had been looked after since I didn't really know much about the car history. Jason, the service centre manager and I went for a ride in my car. He immediately recognized the wheel bearing noise as a failed wheel bearing. He also noticed the problem with the steering. Once returning to the shop, they put it up on the hoist and determined that both the wheel bearing and steering rack needed to be replaced. They confirmed it would be covered under warranty. I left the dealership to go to work. I had just arrived back at work, and Bernie was calling me to tell me that they had determined that my car had been "chipped" (the ECU is flashed to provide a better tuning of the engine to make it more responsive and to slightly increase horsepower), and because of this, they were not going to cover the wheel bearing for warranty, but would cover the steering rack. Their reason for not covering the wheel bearing, because of the car being "chipped". They told me it would wear out sooner because of the increased power. (I've since called another dealership to confirm that the factory wheel bearing part is the same on the A4 and the S4, with the S4 having substantially more horsepower than the A4, no matter what I would have done with the A4). So, not only did they deny the coverage of the factory extended warranty for the wheel bearing, (which they wanted to charge me about $800 for, I later had the work done at a high end Audi specialist repair shop for less than $400 inc taxes and all labour), but they re-flashed the ECU back to factory without first getting my permission to do so. It cost me about $800 to have the performance tune installed. They never told me they would remove the tune, nor did they receive my permission to remove it, and they didn't tell me they had removed it afterwards either. I contacted Audi Canada after this terrible experience. They took a few days to contact Mark Motors to discuss with them. The Audi Canada rep was able to confirm that the service technician would have been prompted to set the ECU back to factory once it detected the tune. The service tech would have had the option to NOT reset it back to factory. Instead they chose to remove it without my consent, knowing full well what it was they were doing to my car. I have been calling on a weekly basis, leaving messages for Bernie to call me back about the replacement of the steering rack under warranty, he refuses to return any of my calls. The steering rack is now binding unexpectedly at random times. Safety is now a concern as when it binds it becomes very difficult to steer the car. If there was another Audi dealer in Ottawa, I would be going there immediately, but unfortunately there is only the one dealer here so I am forced to deal with them. I have given them no reason not to call me, I have been extremely professional and polite in all of my conversations with them, even though I am pissed right off. TWOttawa "