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"We went in to buy a car here, We were sold on it after we saw it on the Internet listed for $18,997.00. We drive an hour to get there and test drove it. Loved it. When we get back inside, we find out its a thousand bucks higher than advertised on their website. HUH? Apparently, you have to finance it at a bank you are referred to by them. Nowhere on the website does it say it's a grand more if you pay cash. They are non-negotiable on this, so remember, if you deal with this place, every vehicle is actually a thousand bucks more than advertised on their website"
"I went in to look at a specific vehicle which was advertised online,and was pleasantly surprised by the courteous friendly contact with the sales personnel. It was the most comfortable dealing I have ever experienced at a car dealership. Justin and Jesse went the whole way to make it a pleasant experience. In the future I would certainly ask for them to serve me. Thank you. I do not remember the name of the lady who answered my email, but her performance was polite and professional as were the sales people."