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Cadillac lady
"We are long time customer from McNaught and it is always a pleasure to go. We purchase a new car last month and the experience was fun with no stress and not pushing for a sale. The staff is very friendly and qualified, they can give you all the information about any car you want. It has been fun and serious at the same time. Leithton Powell is such a nice person and goes out of his way to make you are happy with the stats of the car, the sale and the service after sale. Just amazing, he came and returned my winter tires all cleaned at my house. He might be young but he knows what he is doing. Good job Leighton!"
2 days ago
"I was always a GM guy but one time my Buick Regal had a recall. I took it in and when they finished with the replacement part I started driving down the road a noticed my hood up on the one side. I returned the car and when the hood was opened, there was the old part on the rad. Fortunately it didn't damage the hood. Another time when my car quit on 10th street here in Owen Sound we had it towed to Hal Wright's. After 2 days they couldn't figure it out so I went on the net and found the answer for them. Is this not their job? Turns out the ignition switch develops carbon on the terminals inside and will not conduct electricity and fails. They replaced the switch but also told me that the car also blew the body control module which was a lie. They gave me the old ignition switch but not the module. When I asked where this part was I was told they didn't know where it went and would let me know if they found it. I'm still waiting. This fiasco cost me over $700.00 I have since purchase a new Toyota."