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"I went to this dealer with the intent on buying a 2012 LaCrosse Buick. I had come across them via auto trader, and thought at first that the deal was too good to be true for the Buick. After calling them and finding out they still had the deal, that was a plus as some dealers do not update their pages on auto trader. I work late hours, so the fact they were open till 9 was easily helpful for me as it meant I didn't have to take time out of my work schedule. I met with Chris, who was a professional and good person who I didn't feel was trying to over sell me. Rob also assisted me in gaining extra deals for the car, I told him I had a budget and we kept to practical deals that, while not cheap from a mathematical perspective, were worth what they gave me. Both of them were good at their work and helped me get through the process easily enough, especially considering this was my first time buying a car as a primary. If I had to pick 1 minor gripe, I would've preferred getting a bit more for my trade-in car, but they did give the deal we asked for, so beggars can't be choosers. The car I've gotten thus far drives great, there have been no surprises that have come up, and I am very satisfied. Both Chris and Rob were professional, knew their business, and were down to earth individuals who could be interacted with from a person-to-person point of view."
Honesty best policy
2 days ago
"never, ever had troubles with these guys and gals, always attentive to our needs. Specially with one of us on dialysis, they go the extra mile for service and attention. Instead of complaining on line people should talk to the manager , they strive to provide the BEST SERVICE possible."