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"I recently purchased a new 2014 Mazda3. The experience was phenomenal to say the least. Everyone I dealt with was very professional and open with me. I went home happy with a beautiful car and a happy wallet. Also, shout out to Kevin in Financing for outstanding professionalism and attention to detail. It was noticed and very much appreciated!!!"
"Check Engine light came on, in my Mazda 3...Took it to a friend who had a OBDI Code Reader, and turned out that the car had a bad thermostat that needed to be replaced... Called all the Mazda Dealerships, Workshops and a few of the local mechanics...Based on their pricing of the labour & parts, decided to make an appointment and come in to Markham Mazda... Being punctual, I showed up about 10mins before the appointment...There wasn't anybody at either of the Service Desks, and John behind the glass room with labels Service & Parts called me in after I was looking around for a minute or two... I told him about the problem, what I had done to check the car, and the conversation I had with a gentleman on the phone while making the appointment...He said that he can fix the problem with a full & through diagnosis, but he'd rather not... Any dealership & most mechanics would rather diagnose the car, so I let him proceed with the Diagnosis...He asked me for the keys and the car's ownership, filled up a form, gave me back my ownership and asked me if I needed to be dropped off and picked up in their Courtesy Vehicle...I had an open schedule so he advised me to wait in their lounge and said it'll take 2hrs atleast... Now the lounge isn't what I'd call a lounge, a waiting area at best...But that's understandable being the fact that they're one of the smallest Mazda Dealerships in the GTA... But hey, they've got free wifi, so pop out your phone, tablet, notebook and do whatever you have to do to while away the time... John came back after an hour and told me they've found a broken Engine Mount during the diagnosis and advised that I replace it, even though I could drive a month or two with the broken part...I told him to change it... 2hrs later the girl at the service desk came in and advised me that the car is ready and that I'm good to go... Now for the hard part, the bill was more than twice the initial estimate given by the advisor on the phone...But that didn't include the diagnosis, and the Parts+Labour to fix the broken Engine Mount, so I let it go... I asked if I could inspect the car before I paid my bill, and they have me the keys to the car and the girl walked outside with me... It seemed like a job done well, and not worth haggling over the price...Btw, I'm not a very good haggler... I paid my bill, and left...And the car's been good since, touchwood...!!! P.S.: Labour is $105+Taxes for an hour..."