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newmazda guy
"Having never owned a Mazda before I was really undecided if I should buy a new vehicle or just repair my used one(not a Mazda).After looking at the showroom and lot it was not that hard to know what to do.Tyler Lavin happened to be very handy at the time and I explained what I needed and we set off and soon discovered the vehicle for me.From Tyler right thru the sales and service team it has been a very pleasant experience and would recommend this dealership."
2 days ago
"I went for service and had my winter tires taken off and my all season tires put on. I also had an oil change and my heat/ air conditioner fan repaired this was on a Tuesday. The next day I drove to London and then Thursday I drove to work and back half hour each way. On Friday on my way to work I heard a loud noice coming from my driver side tire. I pulled over to check the tire could not see anything. I continued on my way the noise got louder. When I reached work I called the service center. Told them what was happening they said to bring it in before 400. I had to leave work an hour and a half early to be there for this time. After they looked at my car they discovered one of the bolts on the driver side tired was loose. I said you just put these tires on Tuesday I been driving a lot my tire could have fallen off. The service guy said well good thing you could hear it. Really Because of the poor quality service I received on Tuesday I lost one hour and a half pay. No apology was received. Not impressed. "