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"Horrible experience with Imran. This place is a joke stay away. You can just tell thay all the reviews are indeed fake. Read the bad once and you will see what I mean. I just really hope someone would actually look after this. Please like that should not be allowed out in public. "
"Service Advisor did a good job explaining my air bag issue between recall notice and actual fault found once the car (2009 Mazda 6) was brought in. Another recall item outstanding was handled promptly during the call. Original phone call to dealership a few months earlier, led me to believe that I had to wait for a 2nd notice until parts were received, the issues seemed to be with Mazda Head office waiting a long time for parts. Despite thinking the vehicle airbag issue was with the recall item, it turned out to be something else that caused the Airbag warning light on dash to blink. I have been assured my 2009 Mazda 6 will receive the updated module as per the actual recall, but at least the airbags are operational again. My beef would be with Mazda Engineering for designing some system that requires a technician to work an hour to change an $8 light bulb which disabled the airbag system. Of course, I am glad to have my airbags operational as several months without them was a bit stressful. "