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"The worst car purchasing experience I have ever had. When I signed the Vehicle Purchase Agreement, with a trade in, I provided the proper documentation to have ownership and insurance transferred appropriately. When I made the arrangement to pick up my vehicle, I was told by Paiman Chowdhry and Amandeep Soos, that because I didn't provide the proper documentation that I could not take my new vehicle off the lot. When I assured them that my sales representative Paul Wong, not only saw the official documentation, he also photocopied it, Paiman and Amandeep became aggressive and said that they would take legal action against me. I was more thrown off by this threat, as I did not see why I couldn't take my new purchase home. They then said that they would increase my agreed upon finance rate by 1%, even though the Vehicle Purchase Agreement states otherwise. When I suggested to call off the new purchase because they were changing the purchase agreement without my permission, they became very defensive and told me once again they are going to take legal action against me. After several unnecessary hours and calls to my insurance company assuring them everything was in fact in order, they proceeded to give me my vehicle. Upon inspection of the vehicle, I noticed that the navigational system that was supposed to be installed was not in place. Paul Wong, my sales representative told me that the Amandeep Soos no longer wanted to give me the navigational system that was originally negotiated with the vehicle. This seemed ludicrous to me because it was agreed upon on the purchase agreement. Also, when I checked the Final Delivery Checklist that I was given, it stated that the dealership inspected the car and checked off that they had installed the navigational system. Had I not checked it on site at the dealership, I might not have received it. None the less, I am not sure why a simple transaction of sales cannot be done here. I am a very experienced in purchasing cars and have bought many cars in my lifetime and I couldn't believe the utter disrespect and horrific customer service I received at this location. I have a 7-year warranty and can't imagine what it will be like dealing with this dealership."
"From the moment Jasmine met us we felt like we were apart of her family. She was very knowledgeable, listened to our needs and guided us to the CX 3 (our new baby). Kept us updated on the status of the delivery and one week later we were driving off the lot in our new car. She took the time to explain all the functions that the vehicle offered and no matter how many times I probably asked the same question she was patient and very helpful. Would highly recommend this dealership and most certainly working with Jasmine. "