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"The people at this dealership were very helpful and informative. Gary always promptly replied to my questions whether at night or day. He knows how to put his customer first and make the whole experience stress free and smooth. "
Fiona D
"I would not recommend Redline Motors for your vehicle purchase. They sold me a lemon. While the staff may be friendly and knowledgeable, the car I purchased has cost me $7210.13 over and above the $9605.00 I paid for it. I purchased a 2007 Mazda CX7 from this dealership on March 31, 2014. The car had 107,704 km on it. The salesperson, Nasir, appeared to be an honest person so I trusted what he told me. Unfortunately, after my vehicle broke down in August 2014 (at 114,094 km), the relationship ended on a sour note. After owning the vehicle for less than 5 months (putting 6,390 km on it) the Turbo failed. Initially, I wasn't concerned as the company promised they would take care of me. I had researched this model ahead of purchasing and discussed my concerns about the Turbo with Nasir. He said not to worry. Plus the vehicle came with a 6 month/6000 km Powertrain Engine & Transmission warranty. I started experiencing symptoms that the Turbo was failing the day after taking possession (April 1, 2014). The car was emitting white exhaust. My concerns were brought to their attention and they did take some steps to try and figure out what was going on. After all was said and done, I ended up with a $1762.80 repair bill (Redline covered $775.18 of the repair plus a Mazda diagnosis and towing). I thought that would be the end of it however, the Turbo has failed again (in for repair on November 12, 2015). I also had to replace the front control arms and there is an ongoing issue with the Engine Light. It was showing 3 different codes. This has lead to an EGR valve replacement as well as new set of spark plugs and ignition coil boots. The “fantastic” deal this company sold me has been the worst purchase of my life! If you do buy from them, ensure any promises are in writing. Also note, their “Powertrain Engine & Transmission” warranty is not worth the paper it’s written on. They told me afterwards it doesn’t even cover the Turbo (even though extended warranty companies cover this component....even on very basic plans)! "