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"Recently went to Kanata Mazda when dealing with Fahim the service manager as female he was very unprofessional towards me I have been made to feel that because I am a woman I am not worthy of owning a car let alone the right to good service , once my husband stepped in he became a total different person, but continued to handle service unprofessionally but did not speak down to my husband. I have been left with the joy of owning a Mazda that I will not drive because everytime I step foot into my car it makes me cry due to his hurtful attitude. Shame on the owner of Mazda for allowing someone like this to be member of there team"
"I just bought a new Mazda, my first brand new car ever. Dexter made the experience painless and efficient. I liked that he took the time to listen to what I wanted and provided options. There was no aggressive, "hard sell", just an effort to match me with the vehicle that best met my needs. I understand why this dealership has won awards. Everyone we met there was friendly and helpful. It will definitely be our first stop when we are looking to replace our second car and I would definitely recommend Dexter and this dealership to family and friends."