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Greg Smith
"This was the first time I've purchased a vehicle from a dealership and they couldn't have made it a more enjoyable experience. The sales team were professional, courteous, and welcoming. I highly recommend at least checking out this dealership. Devon was a great person to work with and is an all around good guy. It's clear that he and the team genuinely care for their customers."
KSF Drives
5 days ago
"Took my car in for an emergency service and it was the closest Toyota dealership to where I was. Agnes at reception was cold and clearly had no time for questions. Assistant Service Manager Joshua seemed really interested in helping me, but after four hours of waiting for answers, I had to call him for information and was told I would get a call back when more tests were done. I didn't get a call back. At least he told me there was only one more test being run and it should've been done that evening. I returned to the dealership the next afternoon. Agnes ignored my presence in the service line, despite making eye contact with me when I arrived, so I stared at her until she called me over. She told me it was Joshua's day off so I just need to wait for him to call me the next day! She didn't bother asking anyone else about the car. When I insisted I needed my car returned, she held up her hand in my face (!) and made a phone call to her "manager". She continued to speak in Cantonese in front of me, which i found incredibly rude as I obviously had no idea what she was saying. Then she told me to have a seat with no explanation. I had to ask what I was sitting down for and she said the manager will call Joshua and let me know the status. Agnes left after that and twenty minutes later, I asked another receptionist what was going on and she said no one knew. I had enough of the lack of service at this point. Thankfully Assistant Service Manager Billy helped (he called me on the phone not even knowing I was sitting 20 feet from him!). Billy was friendly enough, even though it was obvious he didn't know anything about my car issues and had no answers. Just glad I got my car out and I don't have to go back to DVNT. Beauty of a dealership though! Never seen anything like it! Just too bad about the lack of customer service."