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A Very Happy Customer
4 days ago
"We are lucky to have Adam help us with our new vehicle purchase. Adam was very professional and made sure we were taken care of the entire process. We are very excited about our new car. Thank you Adam and the Performance Toyota Dealership for everything!!!"
"I decided to take the first step and acquire my first car. Knowing everything that's involved in acquiring a car can be straining, especially when I'm new to the sales process. Gary made sure all the details about acquiring a car were thoroughly explained. He maintained honesty and trust throughout the process. Gary sticks to facts about a vehicle, and let's the car speak for itself in terms of price and features. He never pressures or gets pushy. This week I drove home in my new Scion iM. Gary made sure the audio system was understood before driving it. If you are reading this, and you may be interested in acquiring a Toyota or Scion, I encourage you to visit Gary. He's kind of a big deal :D."