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"The service was really awesome..Hanif specifically explain to us all the information we need.He helped us a lot to find a right car for us.Tarek on the other hand helped us to get approved in order to finance the car loan.we will recommend this branch to our friends if they will plan to buy a car.."
"I found a great car for a great price online. When I went to see it, I figured out why. Will explain. This was the below description: ONE OWNER, OFF LEASE FROM TOYOTA FINANCE, SUPER CLEAN AND IN EXCELLENT CONDITION. Sounds promising huh? Here's what I found out. The body didn't line up in a few spots. The roof strip (where the roof rack would go) was gone, windshield lining was messed up, and very dirty inside the car, as if the inside of the car was exposed to weather. While the sales agent was just trying to help, he insisted the car was wiped down and they must have used a dirty cloth. If this were true, (at best) they are cleaning cars with dirty rags. I suspect that the car had been exposed (possibly from a broken windshield) to weather and the windshield was probably replaced - which would explain why the windshield didn't seem to line up, and would explain why the rubber roof strip was missing (perhaps a poor effort/quality bodywork and they forgot to put the roof strip back in). On our drive back to the main lot, the sales representative was texting on their phone and I felt very unsafe. When we got back to the lot, he insisted that I have a look at their other vehicles, as they just purchased more. I thought it was a bit strange how he didn't mention that earlier. When we got back to the main lot, the salesman was very pushy and insisted I see his boss. I really just wanted to get out of there as I felt the pressure of their dealership pushing me towards closing a sale. Out of respect, I decided to go see his boss, to see what he had to offer. The boss says - so I hear you're looking for this vehicle. On the drive back, he must have been texting the owner my interests in hopes of closing me when returning back to their main lot. The owner shows me another vehicle that didn't sound very appealing and asked if I like the sound of this. The owner asked what I thought of the previous car. I was already fuming as I felt like my time was being wasted. As he asked that, I felt insulted. What wasn't wrong with that car? He insisted that I have a sit down so we can talk about the 'profile' of the car we went to see. I wanted nothing to do with them, and left as soon as possible. According to their salesman, they purchase their vehicles from auction sites and resell. You get what you pay."