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"I can't say that I have been in to a dealership that had me enjoy the experience so much. Although when entering the establishment, you still feel like your about to get attacked by sharks, the feeling quickly goes away once someone begins to help you find what you need. In my wife's and my case, this was simply purchasing the cars we had already decided on. The reason I initially came to Sherwood Park Toyota was because I was annoyed and upset with the previous Toyota dealership I had gone to. So, after arriving and being treated well after getting to Sherwood Toyota, I was happy I had taken the time to travel there. The gentleman who helped us was knowledgable (and when he didn't know, he found out for us) and extremely polite. I highly recommend asking for Dom C. in online sales if you go. Otherwise, the site is clean and well presents the cars they sell, and I enjoyed my experience in purchasing two new cars. "
monika griffiths
"I find that the service is excellent from beginning to end. The folks at the service desk always try to provide the information I need prior to me getting the work done on my car."