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"I wanted a Scion IQ. I'm a female purchaser. I appreciated Tyler's assistance. He was polite, helpful, and good to deal with. He didn't use "sales bafflegab", or try to upsell me. He was happy to show me the used car I asked about. He talked to me, the buyer, instead of talking over my head to my husband. I really appreciated that! The car was pre-owned by a Charlesglen employee (hi Jim!) who was even kind enough to give me his wheels and tires without any extra charge (Jim had upgraded the tires and wheels on the car; he gave me the original set as well as the upgrades, which saved me a thousand dollars or so). Great assistance from a confirmed for life Toyota owner!"
"I went for service, dealt with Rizal Mallari. He is very knowledgeable and gave excellent advice. I did not have to wait long, very efficient and respects other people's time. I would highly recommend Toyota Scarborough."