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"A month ago I set out to examine my vehicle options. At Toyotatown (London) I met with Sylvia Donovan. She presented her self as a highly knowledgeable sales advisor making the decision to purchase much easier for me. Her knowledge of the product line and my personal needs resulted in the lease of 2016 Scion Im. Sylvia presented or exceeded those qualities that Toyota strives for in every way."
Natalie Harwood
" Shawn Longworth was selected as my dealer, we clicked instantly and were able to fire off jokes to one another. I felt extremely comfortable and at ease talking with Shawn. I was looking to trade up from a sub-compact to a compact. On the test drive he talked about all the extra little features that came in the car I was looking at, and how it would give me more space for my travelling business, and provide me safety and reliability. He also searched high and low for the car in the colour I wanted and did everything he coukd to get it to me. Anyone who wants a down to earth, yet a little goofy, go down to Toyota Town and talk to Shawn! For finance I delt with Nicole Levasseur. She was wonderful and listened to my concerns about the different Protection Plans, and helped me pick the right one for me. She also threw in a little something extra to help me out in the long run with my new car. Since I am on the road more than the average driver, we made a package that would cover me on the highway (of which I see soo much of) Together Shawn and Nicole provided a COMPLETELY wonderful car shopping experience and I was very satisfied with my experience:) "