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5 days ago
"It is no coincidence I've been here more then 3 times and the service has been consistently great every time; definitely their service managers and reps have done great justice to the dealership and the Toyota brand. The service started on a great note from the lady on the phone. I didn't have the right terms but she was willing to guide me, logged the concerns I had. I'm quite impressed. While waiting for John, the assistant managers were quick to lend a hand to speed up the process. Then John took over the paperwork to get my car worked on right away. When the vehicle was done, he updated me on both issues (battery and weatherstrip), I felt assured they were fixed and the quality was amazing. He was extremely pleasant to deal with, I observed other reps showed the same care and excellent level of customer service. Most importantly John's expertise on auto related issues was impressive and eased the whole process that I was in good hands. "
"Purchased my first car ever and a shout out to Gwen Jones for being the best ever sales associate! Smiles from the moment I walked in! From the moment I walked in I was I will admit a little clueless but Gwen was right there and very gently walked me through it all and stayed in my budget, didn't try to sell me something higher priced just because it was more fancy and had more bells and whistles, she set me up with something that would last. I HIGHLY recommend Toyota Town and if you chose to buy a car from them be sure to ask for Gwen Jones and tell them Laura sent you! Proud Scion over here! Thank you for making the journey painless. Very knowledgeable, social-able, and friendly and will help find the right car for you! All around a super pleasant experience!"