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elden trach
"This dealer is simply outstanding, their service department is the reason I actually traded in my old trailer and bought a new one only after 2 years from them. Like most RV dealers in Alberta, everyone is busy, but they really try to put the customer first and get you in for service so that you could enjoy your camping experience. Front counter staff are friendly, and if they can't help they ask for someone from the back. Excellent to deal with and I would recommend them to anyone. Elden "
"I brought my 2013 yamaha outboard in for a 20 hour tune-up for the upcoming salmon fishing early run. Was told it would be ready friday (3 days).Five days later at double the quote I finally got my boat in the water only to have it quit on me twice. If it wasnt for nearby fishermen the second time I would be smashed up on the rocks now.Took it to another dealer and they found my impeller was completley missing and no oil in the motor and the spark plugs finger tight!Good way to send someone out on the river.Thats what I get for making a backdoor deal with the owners son!Never again! "