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Sue McTavish
"I am very thankful for the treatment I received when I was at Open Road Recreations service department. Jamie was fantastic. I have been at other recreation places in Regina for service and was not nearly as impressive as I was with Open Road. They were fast and professional and kept me updated on the status of my atv. The price was fair. I will definitely be giving them my future business. Thanks Jamie. "
mad boy
"holy cow does the service here suck !!!! we took our BRAND NEW trailer for service here , the same place it was purchased I might add and received nothing but really bad service, the first time we had over 30 items that needed repair and they fixed 9 in the 7 months they had it(guess I got free storage out of them) well ! you guessed it , back in for service that they supposedly fixed last year, c'mon allen dale, give me a break shop local and get screwed for it, the service advisor Brittany is great but the people in the back (technicians) should just go back to their coloring books, my 9 year old knows more about their job than they do"