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"Liam Patey was the best car salesman I have ever done business with. He did a great job with my family and I. He really knows his stuff and was a great help."
"I bought a car from this dealership, they did a good job of making the sale. They offered me a good deal right off the bat and there was never any issues. They were actually very generous and it was the difference between an easy sale or looking elsewhere. Rarely does a new car go problem free and I had a couple issues, but the resolution left me wanting. They did the bare minimum to say they looked after the issue. The issue was never resolved. I had to do all the research myself, bought in copies of the TSBs, prove to them the issue and solution in order to get something done. Unfortunately I am too non-confrontational to get the issue fixed. They service reps are very nice but the end result is that they are in-effective. How can you raise a fuss when they say all the right things in the right way, only to let you down again. Ultimately it boils down to this opinion. I would buy a car from them but take it to another dealership for service work."