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"I just wanted to let you know that my experience of purchasing a new vehicle from Bennett Dunlop was quite enjoyable. From the test drive to signing the papers, I was impressed. I am also quite impressed with the follow up support (blogs, forums and instructionals) that are referred to in order to help with the technical end of things. My wife bought a new dodge last year and there was nowhere near the support like yours. In the end, Thomas got everything that I wanted in my new Escape Titanium. It was a bit of a search, but I was very particular and didn't want to settle for anything else. I am quite satisfied with my new vehicle and I will let friends and family know of the professionalism that is displayed at your dealership. Steve"
"A deliberately "old school' sales experience where the salesman makes the visit all about price from the word go. I hadn't been on the lot for more than five minutes when the salesman came out and pressed me on what I wanted for my trade - I get that sales people need to qualify a prospect but this set things down poorly from the very start. They deliberately gave me an insultingly low ball price on my trade because I didn't tell them what I wanted for the trade - they used what in sales is called a "shock and awe" tactic to get a number out of me. I knew what my trade was worth because I have access to the same black book they receive every two weeks - they showed a trade value so low that it was only $9K more than dealers would give for the most dented up, rusted piece of crap a person could show up with on their lot. My car is a 2013 with 30000 KM on it. The car is immaculate. The book value is between 13 K on the low end and 15K on the high end. They said it was 11K. Jaw droppingly insulting service. I would recommend anyone to avoid this place. It is a plague-infested with bad customer service and insulting sales staff."