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"Everything went smooth and the whole dealership was very helpful. In the future I would definitely go back to this dealership and recommend them to other people. "
"Shopping for a new vehicle can be stressful. It can be downright scary. I was searching for my dream vehicle when I had read some fabulous reviews about Mark Sugar. I was impressed immediately. I reached out to Mark letting him know that I needed guidance and he offered his assistance on the spot. Offered to meet me at anytime, anywhere to ensure I was getting the best "bang for my buck". More importantly, that I was making a wise investment. Mark dealt with me without any pressure. His complete candor and openness put me at ease. My intuition sensed I was in good hands. Funny how our bodies send us messages about our surroundings on a sub conscious level -- but they do! Mark worked hard to help me find what I was looking for. He listened carefully to my description of what my dream vehicle looked like. He took me through the process step by step which increased my confidence. Turns out, he brought my dream vehicle right to me! He had chosen this vehicle himself and brought it into the dealership. He knew I was the first person who needed to view it. He was right. I've slept well every night since my purchase so I know my instincts were right and my mind is at ease. I can't give enough thanks to Mark Sugar! I give him 5 stars! I will be returning to Mark Sugar for any future vehicle needs. I highly recommend anyone looking to upgrade their vehicle or who are just browsing around to go see Mark Sugar! That's where you will find the key to your newest wisest investment like I did!"