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"I purchased my 2013 Range Rover from Omid H Fard at Village Luxury Cars; the car was in perfect shape like new. Omid was very unset from day one and disclose all the details and payments and explained all the options on the car. He did locate the car from other dealer as I requested from him, and did all the financing and bank work for me and it was a very professional transaction, I just want to thank him and Village Luxury cars and I do recommend everyone whos looking for Luxury cars to visit Omid at Village Luxury cars , Thank you Omid. I will buy my next car from him again . "
D. Hughes
"I accidentally broke my passenger door mirror about 1.5 ago. I called the dealership and spoke to Charlie Brodie. He was pleasant and helpful and confirmed to me for my make and model (LR2) that he had the mirror I needed in stock. I could drop by and he could take a look to make sure it didn't need anything else. I don't live close to the LR Calgary location, so to come down there during the week when I work is very difficult, as are Saturday. I happened to be in the vicinity of the dealership late Saturday June 13th, so I dropped by around 4pm, to check and see if the mirror part was all I needed, expecting to have to make another appointment to have work actually done. Turns out Charlie was actually at the service parts desk (as all other technicians were gone for the day) and not only did they still have the mirror I needed, but Charlie was able to take out broken mirror and put in new one in about 20 minutes!!! I have never got in an out of ANY dealership that fast when it came to having something fixed. So I was delighted that in about the hour I had on Saturday when I dropped by unplanned that Charlie was actually there and was able to fix it so quickly and did a great job. I will definitely ask for Charlie in the future!!!"