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"I have bought a very expensive car from this dealership and have had the worst experience as far as dealerships go. The customer service was terrible, including the general manager. I was sold a defective $50 000 car! The paint started to chip, I have pictures/e-mails and yet the issue has still not been resolved. I have filed my complaint on OMVIC nd they have admitted to selling me a repainted car. Wouled not recommend!!!!"
"I leased a range rover sport from this dealership and it has been my worst experience of all time. purchasing a 92 000$ car I expected to receive a good quality vehicle and great service. this has not been the case. when taking my car for service and asking for a lending car, I was presented with a ford focus, Chevrolet impala, and a Toyota Van, which is unacceptable. this made go and lease a Mercedes since when I complained to the management they said they cant do anything about it and since driving a van did not have a good image for my line of work. The car itself is of poor quality, just after 6 month of use everything started to ratel and make all kinds of noises. Even when stationary if I push any part of the dash lightly you would here and unusual amount of rattles and cricks. currently Im looking to find a person that is willing to take over the lease or trade in with another company as I don't even want to visit a range rover dealership again. "