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"Between the idiot GM and GSM this is the most mismanaged circus of a dealership I have ever encountered. The sales people were fine but any time you have to speak to someone in management it is like speaking to an illiterate three year old. Chris Bennett is a xxxxxx bag. He barely works and then walks in half way through deals and tries to make his mark, only making the client suffer. The GM is a no show,t with the GM before him (Patrick, who was FAR better than this xxxxxxx). Throughout the entire experience in buying a vehicle he was too much of a coward to confidently say anything, he hides behins his employees and tells them to deal with the fallout of his idiocy. He would have others call me to change terms, PHYSICALLY CHANGED THE BILL OF SALE AFTER I LEFT, and then told me what was written was what they are going on. The owner of this dealership would be very upset to know how his managers are picking and choosing the people they choose to work with. When I tried to get my deposit back I was hung up on by Marie in Finance and redirected to an idiot admin assistant who obviously had no authority to get anything done. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS DEALERSHIP, you are better to go literally anywhere else and pay to have your vehicle shipped. This dealership was properly managed before the Jaguar and LandRover brand converged. Since then, Jaguar has made terrible decisions and have cost the dealership many sales. If you are looking for a Land Rover or Jaguar you are better off calling the Distinctive Collection in Calgary or literally any other dealer group that may take them in on trades. "
"Great experience, drove in on a Tuesday, met Brittney, looked around brought my wife Dana Saturday and purchased the Evoque , Autobiography Edition. Brittney is very professional and has great knowledge with regards to the Range Rover ."