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"i brought my '08 LR2 in for a starting problen with the key fobs. 1 rear tire was siezed. They fixed fob (software) good job. They also advised me the rear wheels were siezed and all 4 brakes needed replacing... $1800 estimate i picked up car, thinking this is not reasonable. A local mechanic (NOT LAND ROVER-LONDON) replaced rear rotors and shoes and got everything lubed and going for $500 Just because I have a high end car doesn't give them the right to over quote for work that was NOT needed. I will never be back to purchase a new vehicle or service, if I can help it. A TOTAL RIP OFF and they didn't even suggest a possible cheaper option. $1300 in my pocket ! Take your money and RUN!!"
Patrick Belcourt
"Just bought my 2012 Range Rover Evoque, and it was my best automotive purchasing experience yet. ( By far ). No B.S and went over a lot of little details to make sure everything was perfect. And will do anything to help you out. Rudy is the man! I'd buy a car from him any day... If I had the money lol."