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"I've had the pleasure of working with Richard on some automotive deals over the last couple of years as I love the brand and Richard has made each experience fantastic. Very approachable and with his Irish charm it's always wonderful to deal with him."
"Great service when we bought our car. The sales transaction was smooth and the staff very knowledgeable. Now my car doesnt rate so well. Range Rover has a bad reputation of having a lot of issues and I tried to ignore this. I wont be keeping my Evoque. Its a beautiful ride but for the price, I expect WAY less issues on a less then year old SUV. Pretty but thats its. 6 recalls in 6 months. All software but its annoying, The trunk sticks alot, the horn beeps for no reason when its raining. The command start app is HORRIBLE. Love my pretty car, but only for looks!."