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NM Calgary
"I recently purchased my 2015 Range Rover from Dick Yee. This was my 1st car buying experience with Jaguar Land Rover and I can say without any doubt that this was my best car buying experience . I found Dick very professional, knowledgable and his service was exceptional. I highly recommend Dick if you are considering to buy Range Rover. Keep up the great work Dick NM, Calgary "
2 days ago
"I was passing through Calgary on my way to Victoria from Thunderbay when my engine warning light came on. I did not know why it was on and did not want to chance something leaving me stranded in the middle of no where BC. I called the dealership and was put through to Dwayne. He had me come in to check out the truck to see why the light was on. It was a bit of a wait, but I was just happy I could have it looked at without an appointment. Dwayne was very helpful and kept me informed as to what was happening. It was a simple fix and I was on the road that afternoon. I had no issues on the rest of the trip and made it to the coast on time."