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"This is our 3rd Land Rover product. We had a 99 RR HSE from new on the lot. A 99 Disco Series II bough in 2002 and currently an 06 RR Sport, that we've had since 08. The truck itself is GREAT we take it for service to this dealership when out local guy can't work on something. We're 400km from there so for most things we can't just take it in. When we have taken it in, there was always an issue, at one point the service rep even ended up yelling at my wife. I've email Land Rover and told them that even after 3 LR product's we loved, we'd never buy another as long as this is the nearest dealership :( "
"We went to look at a Range Rover, we dealt with Jacob Berman, he provided excellent service, very pleased with our deal. I would definitely recommend this dealer to my family and friends😀"