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2 days ago
"We found that the people we dealt with were pleasant and seem to enjoy their work. They were efficient and knowledgeable about the work that needed to be done. We were seen and taken care of as soon as we arrived, I even ask the lady in the snack bar if she liked her job, word for word "I love my job". We dealt with Brent Smith and Ryan Rodney, we were very pleased with their service. Our little Fiat is running like a top! Thank you!"
3 days ago
"Came here after I got towed, a service rep named Heather was very attentive to my case. She got my rental situated and kept me up to date with information on the status of my car which let me plan ahead more easily. My experience here smoothed out the process and helped me turn my bad day into a good one. Recommended service and staff. Thank you!! 5*"