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2 days ago
"Very helpful and courteous. Jamie helped me navigate the system of buying a vehicle very quickly and efficiently despite my lack of experience in purchasing a vehicle from a dealership."
2 days ago
"I was interested in a Fiat 500 and emailed requesting more information, requesting that they only email me due to travelling for work so often. Jon promptly emailed me giving me some information, but not all information I had asked for and asked to set up a time for me to view it. I told him I was out of town but would get back to him. He then emailed a few days later following up, and I politely told him I was looking at other Fiat's as well so If I was in the area I would get in contact with him. He then started to call my house, he called a total of 6 times before I spoke with him telling him I was viewing a car the following night in London. He then called a few days later and I had to tell him I will not be buying a car from him or Strickland's EVER due to his pushy demeanor... He then hung up on me. I went to Oxford Dodge in London, Ontario and had amazing service, respectful staff and better pricing- they even threw in snow tires and weathertekk mats in my sale. "