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"It was with trepidation that we forked over our $4K for the extended, extended warranty for our Fiat 2012 Sport, with a $100 deductible. Yesterday the "check engine" light came on. Today I had a 7am appointment. Brent took all the information from me, and had me authorized $100 + tax for the repair. When we next spoke just before noon, they had identified many individual items, running $350 in parts so far and the labor to install, cajole, etc., and there's more to fix in a week or two when more parts come in. Four different modules in the engine, back rotors, front shocks - all could cost a lot. Total cost to me: $100 + tax. Nice :) LT, Aug 21, 2017"
"Used the Expres Lube Center today and receive speedy, friendly, above and beyond service. I would highly recommend James L and the team at the Express Lane!!!"