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Alyssa Laing
"From the moment we arrived at Budget Car Sales we experienced a high level of service. We didn't know exactly what we were looking for but Greg was very knowledgeable and helped lead us in the right direction. It was the most comfortable I have felt at a car dealership and I can't imagine going elsewhere in the future. Greg, Derrick, Sheldon, Tim and Aaron were all very personable. We felt so comfortable with our deal that we have never looked back and they all made sure we were covered. When I told a couple of my coworkers about how we were looking at a vehicle there they both mentioned they had purchased vehicles from their lot in the past and had also had great experiences. Keep up the good work guys!"
Your Conscience
"WOW - I didn't know it could be this easy. Always looking to do the right thing, the staff were accommodating from the first phone call to final handshake. They care about my car as much as I do. Being a bit car illiterate, the Senior Service Advisor, (Serge Derkach) advocated for best car practices and explained technical concepts without making me feel inferior. Never looking to over-sell, he offered me an option that ended up saving me money. After striking up a friendly conversation with long-standing Sales Representative, (Alban Joseph) while my car was being serviced, he took it upon himself to speak to the service department and ensure I was looked after. The Service Manager, (Elvin Etcubanez) was not hesitant to make contact with me when I first arrived, and offered ways to further accommodate. All of the staff rose to an unlikely occasion - picking up on warranty work that was abandoned by a past dealership struggling to find the cause of a leak. They took it in stride, and completed the job in a timely manner. Extremely fair, honest, and respectful. They might just make the shortlist for Christmas cards come December! "