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"Overall very happy experience with Andreanne...she takes the long-term view towards building customer relationships which pays off for everyone. Cheerful, optimistic and co-operative customer service from all the salespeople, especially Andreanne. I have not had expereince with the service end of things, so I have no given it a rating here. Jane (FIAT 500)"
2 days ago
"Bonnie was very helpful, patient, and nice throughout the whole process of buying my new car. She always made sure that I got answers promptly to all of my questions, and she constantly kept me informed regarding the next step in the process. Bonnie, along with a few other employees at the dealership, made the process of buying a car easy, and even fun, for me - everything seemed to be done as quickly and efficiently as possible. And I am very pleased with my new FIAT - it is an extremely cute little car! I find it very comfortable and really enjoy driving it."