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Michelle Wong
6 days ago
"I placed a security deposit on a Fiat Abarth 500 2014. While everything seems going well, only to find out few days later I signed a contract and placed my deposit, they sold my car to another buyer. I was told that it took me too long to provide my documents, so they have all the rights to re-sell the car to another buyer. My understand is, once a deposit is set, I reserve the car. I guess that is not the case for this dealer. They had no apologies or what so ever, but trying to blame ME, a customer, that it is my fault that I gave my paperwork too late (3business days). Never was it mentioned they remain the rights to sell the car when deposit is made. The worst part of this experience is they never attempt to apologize the fact that the car is not in their hand anymore. "
6 days ago
"Love my new blue Fiat 500l will miss my little 2012 Pop 500. This baby is loaded with everything I could possibly want and more but most of all I can say DESERVE. From the open interior, sleek styling, instrumentation panels and control -- wow. Most if my driving is highway and I feel secure and confident with the get up and go this 500l has to offer especially for the Winter months. The team of Husny and Mario made my decision easy to purchase. The service was above and beyond any expectation I have experienced. Look forward to recommending you. I love that you were interested in my needs not just selling me a vehicle. If you want that "personalized" customer service stop in and ask for Husny. Thanks a bunch. Arlette M "