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"I really needed a car. The car I drove was about to say hello to heaven. The only problem is, I dislike dealerships because the sales people are too pushy. Not at AutoPlanet Direct. The moment I walked in I was greeted with a hello and that was it. I knew right away that this was going to be a great place. I cannot say how happy I am with the service and how amazing the Sanjeev is. I recommend everyone to go and see him. "
2 days ago
"My issues are customer service related. 1) sent pic of my insurance to Liz, not sure why as no one contacted my insurance co. I had to scramble at the last minute to get insurance to pick up the car. If I as to contact them, no one told me. Why did she want proof of insurance of my written off (old) car? 2) when picking up car, no licence plates added and stood out in cold while they screwed them on. 3) received card for VIP 10% off parts and service, no tires. Didn't want to give me the 10% discount on the tinting but relented after I complained. The card does not specify that it does not apply to accessories. 4) dropped car off for snow tires and tinting and was told by salesperson that it would take one or two days. No one called to tell me my car was ready and I left it there for another day while I arranged rides to and from work. Why didn't anyone call to say my car was ready? 5) picked up car and tire pressure gauge on dashboard was flashing. No one explained why until I asked. The guy who drove my car to the front for me didn't know why it was flashing and had to go ask for me. I didn't feel valued as a customer once the sale was finalized. I probably wouldn't buy here again but time will tell. I bought an extended warranty so I'm sure I'll be back to use it. I may change my mind and purchase here again if I get good service from her on out."