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2 days ago
"I have been many times, for service and warranty for my fiat. From unnounnotified cancelled appointments, issues not being fixed the first time, tools left in the car, to dirty handprints left on the bodywork I have yet to leave satisfied. I now have to drive 8 hours to Winnipeg to avoid this mess."
"My experience was fantastic, Brent Johnson new exactly what car would suit me Best....never thought I'd own a RED car but I absolutely Love my New Fiat 500 Convertible, it's one of a kind. Brent did a excellent job with finding the car that's screams my name all the way!! Andrew Stevenson went the mile to make everything go smooth and worry free finalizing my purchase with Wellington Motors. He was friendly courteous and made my first purchase of owning my own car the BEST experience. Thanks to Michelle as well for helping me with setting and explaining everything I needed to know about my New FIAT. They provided Incredible Team work and Customer Service, it was an Amazing Experience. Thank you so Much!!!!"