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2 days ago
"My first experience buying a car at Budget was so positive car I recently went back to buy a second car (five years later). Many of the staff were the same which is always a good sign in any business. My salmon this was Greg Ginter. Like the first time, Greg was very helpful and friendly and the whole process of buying and paying for the car was stress-free. Greg was especially helpful with an issue I had with the car after I took it home and started driving it. A strong smell os gas was present in the car. I had no problem at all arranging for the dealership to fix the problem. Greg arranged for a loan car which I ended up needing for more than a week. The problem took a while to assess but the people at Budget (including their service guy) were set on fixing it and they did. The issue is gone. I am happy with my purchase and I keep recommending this option to people in the market for a car. I mention the advantages: good price, guarantee, service record, etc. I am also happy to see female sales employees on the floor."
2 days ago
"Buying a car there was a nice process. It was simple and easy ! You are not gonna make a mistake to choose them! Only 2 days of wait and i am now driving the car that i wanted for so long ! Good services, good prices and fast services ! Important cause you don't want to wait a long time for a recall about a price, for a financement answer and for the car when you wanna buy. The availability of everyone was really important to me. Thanks again Herby and Mike ! "