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Allan H. Adams.
"Since 2011, when I purchased my first Boxster from Mark Motors on Montreal Road, I have received nothing but exceptional service and support from all the personnel I have had the opportunity to deal with. I am now onto my third Boxster and the after sales service just seems to improve as we get to know each other better. I'll grant you that I make an effort to be an agreeable customer, but that is only common sense when one is asking, or worse, demanding attention in order to resolve a nagging vehicle issue. Fortunately, I have never had any major problems with any of my Boxsters so this is not in any way a negative posting. To the contrary, my experiences during the purchasing phases and the subsequent service visits to Mark Motors over the years have convinced me that these people are dedicated professionals who are sincerely interested in making the overall Porsche/Audi ownership experience as pleasant and stress free as humanly possible. True, not everyone is happy with Mark Motors; however, no business establishment can boast a 100% customer satisfaction rating. That said, it is also illuminating to note that some of the more negative posts on this page are simply untrue - admitted fabrications and concoctions - or they are egregious exaggerations. I personally know both Michael Mrak, the General Manager, and Ted Rose, the Porsche/Audi service manager at Montreal Road well enough to know that if there is anything they can do, within reason, to resolve a customer issue and to make a situation right, they will do so. All the employees at Mark Motors, in my experience, take a great deal of pride in who they are, what they do and how hard they try to satisfy their customer's expectations. While there are some clients who will simply not be pleased no matter how hard they try, in the main, this is a small, close knit dealership that deserves recognition for selling a quality product as well as credit for providing the requisite sales and service backup that the clientele of such an establishment expect. Allan H. Adams. Ottawa. Ontario."
"Completed a PPI on a Porsche Cayenne favorit motors was selling at a PorscheDealership found 90% of retail price In Repair costs. Simran misrepresented the porsche's condition. Explained certain items were serviced when a trained Porsche mechanic said otherwise. Did not purchase the vehicle but spent $400 in a PPI when Simran should have been more forthcoming on the condition of the Porsche. I doubt he will explains to the next owner the repairs needed althought it was disclosed. In addition the $1000 deposit I put on my visa I was told I now have to pick up a cheque In Person that they cannot refund on a visa. My advice is don't trust everything you hear. Porsche looked good very clean, but mechanically it would have been a money pit very quickly. Do you due diligence if purchasing from them. "