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"I was inquiring about leasing a pre-owned Cayenne, and received a call and email from Ajeet Kapila. I sent an email with some preliminary numbers -and was totally ignored. Nice work Mr.Kapila. just another example of a stuck up salesperson who adopts the arrogance of the product he supposed to sell. Porsche take a page out of BMWs business strategy and hire individuals who are grounded and motivated to sell, not sit on their laurels and esteem conceit based on brand arrogance. Perhaps this is simply a problem with Ajeet, but from a systemic point of view it's simply a typical "snotty" attitude of piss poor salesman, because really at the end of the day that's what you are, a salesman. "brand ambassador" lmao. "
Porsche Lover
2 days ago
"to the point...... they need money to survive. You would buy blood from a stone if they sold it. $25949.00 show your friends whats on your wrist its watch. tick tock nice watch. But it needs a new engine. Porsche is like all other cars on the market, junk. They just make better junk. If your CD player skips its off to Auction. As it needs a new engine. Porsche loves to solve your issues with a new motor. Everything gets a recommended new motor. Low Washer fluid = new engine. Tires low on air = new engine. Customer needs a shuttle = new engine. Brake fluid flush = new engine Buy from any Porsche dealer, buy the new engine at the same time it less hassles. Store it like your winter tires. Porsche make solid everything. Dealers will suck you dry. But enjoy the free coffee, or cappuccino. :) "