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"I got my dream car because of an excellent deal with Village Luxury Cars' staff, very accommodating and friendly. If you are after good luxury cars, try VLC..."
BC Porsche buyer
"I asked for many more photos and any history on the car, where did it come from? any accidents?Omid promised to send photos and of the 2002 Porsche Turbo and details but did not then when I had to call for the third time , Omid blamed the new e-mail system installed yesterday, he thought I had gotten the e-mail, he sent a short e-mail "no History send Photo" I live in BC and want to purchase a sliver 996 Turbo, I am not going to spend $43,000 on the strength of one photo. I got no follow up phone call, got no answers, no help with information for me to purchase, poor service poor attitude."