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"Went to the dealer from Thorold to see a Porsche, spent some time looking it over and saw a fella sitting inside, he didn't even come out. I left and I'll look else where. I figure he didn't really want to sell a car and I'm in no hurry. I'm paying in part for service and got a bad feel right from the start."
"[Preface: I am a car guy and know cars somewhat]. This is a review of their service department. These events occurred on Saturday June 4th. I brought in my Acura MDX for an alignment in the morning. They told me that it would take an hour. When I came back, they said the alignment was done but that I needed a new battery since they could not get it to start. Apparently, it was so bad that the battery had to be removed out of the car and plugged to a trickle charger. I told the service advisor that this was impossible because the battery was only 2 to 3 years old and insisted that they please check the connection. (The battery had no problems starting the car after being left outside all winter in the ski hills but did not start after being left with them for 90 minutes? Likely story...) He then brought me in the back. Low and behold, the mechanic was tightening the lead on the battery (which was never removed from the engine bay by the way). Hmmmmm, all of a sudden I did not need a new battery.... Well what do you know? It's a miracle. Brought it in for a 150$ alignment and they try to get me to replace a perfectly good battery for what 300$? 400$? 500$? Maybe it was human error? After all, it is possible isn't it? Let's give them the benefit of the doubt. 30 minutes later, I returned with my Porsche Boxster which was driving all over the road since last year's tire change. At that time, I paid for a balancing and an alignment as well but there was definitely a vibration and a tracking issue. I checked all tire pressure to ensure that they were at the recommended values from Porsche. I drove it to them and told them to check the balancing as well as seeing if I needed an alignment. The mechanic comes out half an hour later to tell me that the balancing is done. I then asked him how much the wheels were out of balance. He then stammmered, "By an ounce..." What kind of an answer is that? After my quesitons, he admitted that he did not even check the balance of the wheels and just yanked off the glued weights (there goes the paint of my rims) and redid the balancing. Wow! Well too late now right? Now we wait for the alignment. Another more senior mechanic put the car up on the hoist and checked the alignment. After 5minutes, he returned and said that the alignment was perfect and did not need any work. I breathed a sigh of relief. Then came the invoice... 40$ for the balancing and 130$ for the alignment please. WHAT??? You guys did not do the alignment. Senior mechanic shouted back, "We charge for it anyway. You should know that service advisor!". The sevice advisor was embarrassed and was speechless. I stared at him. He said, "I will bring the bill down to 100$ plus taxes". I shook my head and said, "You guys are the only shop know who CHARGE FOR WORK NOT DONE." I did not get a response. Not even a look up. Paid my bill and left. Never to return. This time, it was clearly not human error. I can definitely understand the stereotype that non-car type people go through when bringing their vehicle to the shop. HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE THIS SHAMELESS SERVICE DEPARTMENT SWINDLED OUT OF THEIR HARD-EARNED MONEY? CAVEAT EMPTOR. (Unfortunately, a No-star review is not possible) "