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New buyer
"Went in to enquire about a 911 convertible and salesperson took me for a test drive . When asked for the price on the car he stated vehicle had no price on it as it had just come in. Told me John was working on the sale price. Exchanged business cards and salesman was going to call me shortly. Waited just under 2 hours to tell me the car was sold and he had no information as to what happened which seemed strange and very unprofessional. Salesman didn't even ask me if I was interested in another car. Left a message with John Pera. The guy didn't even have the courtesy to return my call. I highly recommend NOT using this dealership and I would never buy a vehicle here.. Going to write a letter to Porsche Canada.. Stay away folks!"
Aaron P
"I was in the market for a Macan and went in to get some info a couple of weeks ago. Jimmy Lin was assigned to help me out and boy what a terrible experience that was. He was arrogant, loud and was all too eager to bash the competition as I told him I just came from testing a BMW X4. "Porsche are for people who love to drive" "If you want those types of features (park assist) this isn't the right car" I get that the cars are on order with a 4mth wait, but he could at least pretend to be interested in actually selling me on the car. I was asking for information to understand the various models, packages etc and all he would say is "completely customisable, I can't tell you what's included.; Go online and customise one" He never even mentioned the 4cyl version when I asked him about the models. That's BASIC info to share. I got more information eavesdropping on another sales rep (British guy?) who was explaining the differences between a Macan and a Cayenne to a couple. I told Jimmy that we do road trips and I wanted to make sure the backseat would be comfortable. His response? "Do you have another car you could use for roadtrips" WOW. The test drive was basically him speeding around Woodbridge at 120km/hr. Helpful? Not at all. I've always liked Pfaff, but I would be hard-pressed to go back in to the Woodbridge store to deal with Jimmy, Regardless of how long he's driven a Porsche or worked there. A subtler more partnering approach would be great. You're supposed to be a sales person no? Unfortunately with the influx of Mainland China money, these luxury retailers have just become order takers. Who cares about sales service anymore? 3 weeks later I'm yet to even get a call or a follow up message from him, Unlike Tesla, BMW, Audi and MB who've all called me back to check in and answer any questions"