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"I'm waiting to give this dealership a chance to fix all my concerns before I make a final judgement. The car I bought from them is in storage until Spring right now. I bought it from them in the winter and has not been driven yet. So far I am not impressed with the way I was treated and I spent a lot of money there. So far my biggest concern was that I paid them cash in full upfront but they kept putting me of on letting me have the car with a bunch of excuses. I had asked for certain things to be done to the car and most were ignored even thought they promised it would all be done.. They only did one small thing. Then when I finally get the car with broken promises I find out someone had been driving it around and put an extra 300 kilometres on the car in the snow with salt covered roads. Not cool as this car was advertised that it had never seen snow or winter weather. I should have just walked away from the deal but I really liked the car so took it. Now I have to wait for them to make good on their promises for work that was never done. But one thing they can't fix is driving my paid for car in the snow and salt. "
"The Suv that we have bought was in great shape, exactly as advertised, very clean. The customer service was very excellent. we had a problem with the lock and they fixed it with no problems and hassle free."