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"My Crestview experience started by Tyler Crabbe calling and inquiring if I was interested in trading in with my current vehicle, being they had an upcoming "Black Friday" sale over both Friday and Saturday and invited me into the dealership. I was in a bad loan with high interest and high kms, but had no other options at the time, because I needed a vehicle for my job. So I actually had been thinking of getting another vehicle with lower interest and kms. When I came to the dealership Tyler was friendly and outgoing, determining my needs and expectations when purchasing a vehicle. I wasn't quite sure what I was looking for and I was intimidated by the entire process. He reassured me that he would get me the best possible deal and something within my budget. I was skeptical but he persevered with me and all of my objection's, and in the end did just that! He got my interest to dramatically drop!.. and still keep the same low payments I had requested, overall I had a very positive experience, and love my new JEEP Patriot! Thanks Tyler & Crestview"
"I came to Ontario Chrysler for their huge inventory and great online prices. Brandon helped me through the buying process and made it easy for me to go through with a purchase. I would reccomend Brandon to friends and family looking to buy a new vehicle!"