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"I purchased a 2011 Jeep Patriot from Courtesy Chrysler at the end of 2011. It was a very new but used vehicle. At the time my wife and I were in a pretty vulnerable position as our vehicle had broken down and we were completely without one. I was commuting from the NE to the SW by transit to work every day. We had purchased our vehicle vehicle at the time, a 2003 Pontiac Montana from Courtesy Chrysler as well and were very happy with the service we had received and our vehicle. We had seen a Sale Ad in the newspaper and decided to once again turn to Courtesy Chrysler for help as we had enjoyed our previous experience. When we came away from our second buying experience with Courtesy Chrysler I loved my vehicle, however, I didn't feel as though we were taken care of properly. I felt like our situation was taken advantage of, and that we had over paid for our Jeep Patriot. Having been through what we had in the previous couple weeks, I'll admit that I was not in the right frame of mind to negotiate or to question the prices given to us. Having worked in Customer Service and Retail Management my entire career I had put my faith and trust into the honesty and integrity of the people selling me the vehicle and believed whole heartedly that they had my best interests in mind. Immediately after I drove off the lot with my Jeep Patriot I had a very uneasy feeling that I had paid too much for my vehicle and that our situation had been taken advantage of. It kept me awake some nights, and I was never able to shake it from my mind. I truly loved my vehicle, but felt I had overpaid for it. My perception of Courtesy Chrysler had changed, and I was confident I would never be returning there to buy another vehicle. A couple weeks ago I began receiving messages on my answering machine about a promotion at Courtesy Chrysler. I really had no thought or interest at the time of looking for a new vehicle, especially at Courtesy Chrysler so I didn't respond to the messages. Then I received a letter in the mail explaining the promotion in detail. Initially I didn't even read the letter. When I finally did read it the specifics of the ad caught my interest. I debated on whether to call for a couple days and felt in the end that it couldn't hurt to sit down and talk to someone. After all, this time I wasn't in a desperate situation, and I really wasn't looking to buy a new vehicle. So I called and spoke to Terrilyn. I asked to speak to Joanna as she had been the person who had left messages for me. Terrilyn explained to me that Joanna was currently on the phone, and was there anything she could help me with as they all work as a Team. I found that comment very striking. I explained to her that I had received calls and a letter regarding the Promotion, and that I was interested in speaking with someone regarding it. She immediately set up an appointment the next day for me to accommodate my schedule. When I showed up for my appointment the next morning, I met with Darrell who greeted me immediately, and took me to his desk to discuss how he could help me. I explained my situation to Darrell, and told him about my previous experience with Courtesy Chrysler. I also explained to him that I was not necessarily here to purchase a new vehicle only to see what options there were for me. From that moment on I felt as though Darrell didn't set out to sell me a vehicle, but to find a way to make my previous bad experience with Courtesy Chrysler into a very positive experience this time around. Darrell was determined to find me the perfect vehicle and he did just that. He found a 2015 Jeep Wrangler Sport. I met with Justin who explained all of the numbers to me, and also explained to me that Courtesy Chrysler had undergone new ownership last year, and that they were trying very hard to rebuild their image. Finally, I met with Terrilyn who went over all of the financial details with me, and made sure that I had a good understanding of everything. In the end, I left there after only a couple hours with a vehicle that I never imagined was one that I could own, at a price that was very comparable to what I was paying for my Patriot. The service that I received from the minute that I arrived there was top notch. The service that I received not only renewed my confidence in Courtesy Chrysler, it took someone who had no intention of ever buying another vehicle from there to a lifelong customer and someone who will recommend them to anyone and everyone. I want to sincerely Thank Darrell, Justin and Terrilyn for the amazing experience and for renewing my faith in Courtesy Chrysler. You were professional, courteous and friendly from the moment I walked in to moment I left and beyond. You allowed me to let go of a bad experience and focus on a great one. I do apologize for the length of this note, but I feel that it is important to understand exactly where I was as a customer to where I am now. Sincerely, Larry McKay"
"Vince was very helpful in finding me what I wanted and was able to answer any questions I had. Very friendly and worked to have me drive away in my new Grand Cherokee today. Would definitely recommend this dealership & Vince himself!"