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"I recently purchased a new vehicle at this location and I had a great experience. I bought a dodge vehicle the year previous from another dealership which I would never step foot there again. So I went out to Abbotsford where I was introduced in the lobby by Manager Carson Grant, as all sales reps were tied up so he stepped up to help me out till someone was free. Not only do i feel i received a fair deal on my trade in and on my purchase but Mr.Grant's seemingly honest and open approach allowed me and my family the time, space and support to make a decision we were comfortable with. If you aren't from Abbotsford area it is still worth the travel. "
"I am a single Mom in Toronto and my son is a 2nd Year University Student and Reservist in Ottawa. I can't tell you how impressed I was with Byron and how he took care of the issues with my son's Jeep. It's nice to know that in my absence, my son was so well looked after, quickly and professionally. Thanks so much Byron, I would recommend you to anyone in the Ottawa area...we need more service people like you in Toronto!!"