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"I've been to a lot of dealerships and no one treated me like Duncan and Jonathan treated me. Now I'm driving a brand new 2017 Jetta Wolfsburg edition with everything I need added to it and I couldn't be happier. They take the time to explain everything and make you feel comfortable. I totally recommend this dealership. Thank you Yorkdale VW. Great place and great people."
"3 months ago I recieved a call from an amazing gentleman Lorentz who throughly explained the TDI emmision to me for my Jetta. It was amazing how much time he was willing to take out of his day to give me an excellent customer service experience by answering all my questions and concerns, same day we also met Rob, his manager, who was very humble and understood returning the TDI had a huge emotional effect. In return for our TDI we then started to look around for another vehicle and since we are a family of 5 we decided we should upgrade to a 7 seater. We then decided from there after researching all the popular SUVs in the market that we will be buying the VW ATLAS. It was 2 and a half months ago that we had pre-ordered the Atlas and we were told estimated arrival date will be end of August/beginning of September. In between all this time Rob and Lorentz had always kept me updated on status changes on the ATLAS at all times. Aug 18 2017- the day had arrived to give our TDI Jetta back, 1 day before I was told by Rob that the ETA on the ATLAS is max 1 week. We drove into the Maple Ridge VW dealership where my husband and I were in SHOCK to see our new 2018 VW ATLAS parked, all dec'd out with a ribbon. I say this was one of the best days and surprise of my life. Maple Ridge VW has not only made the returning experience of the TDI great but had also made the buying experience of our new ATLAS excellent by delivering above and beyond customer service with thier professional yet friendly nature and by treating us not like customers but instead like thier own family. I will continue to be a loyal Maple Ridge VW customer and will continue to recommend all friends and family (despite the toll bridge I have to cross)!!!! Thank you for everything ROB and Lorentz!"