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"I purchased my new 2014 VW Jetta TDI from the Maple Ridge Volkswagen a couple weeks ago and have been nothing but thrilled with the vehicle. The sales person I dealt with - Pierre DeAbreu - was extremely knowledgeable about the car and different options available. This was my 3rd time buying a new vehicle (First VW) and it was the best experience I have ever had when dealing with dealerships. They constantly made sure that my needs were taken care of and that I wasnt feeling pressured in any way. Even after the sale the customer service has continued to be amazing. Pierre even took the time to touch base with me and make sure I was enjoying the new ride. A level of customer care that I have never seen from another dealer. I would highly recommend visiting the Maple Ridge Volkswagen when shoping for your next vehicle or even for service on your current one!"
"Das Fun! That’s what it’s like now. I have driven Volkswagens since 1968 and have witnessed the VW evolution into the fine piece of technology, engineering and comfort that they are now. When I returned to the VW line of vehicles I wanted a diesel and drove off the car lot with a wonderful Passat. I am now behind the wheel of an incredible Touareg. Who would have thought, me, who never thought it possible? When I got the phone call from Amanda and she said she had a deal I couldn’t resist, she was absolutely right. Amanda was at the Abbotsford VW dealership when I purchased my first diesel and then moved out to the Chilliwack lot where she is now makes home as a sales-person. She is a great example of what I expect in a sales-person- informative, knowledgeable, polite and courteous, and full of enthusiasm and no pressure. Amanda is now a valuable member of the Chilliwack Volkswagen Team. Would I recommend her to others searching for a great vehicle? I sure would and have and will continue to do so. Brian"