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"The staff are always willing to accommodate and are very friendly. I was greeted immediately when I dropped off my car. I knew before what the price would be for the service and there were no surprises. When I picked up my car, it was already waiting for me, and it was spotless. The completed detailing work was excellent."
"I was phoned by Dave as he had a customer looking for the year of golf that I had purchased a few years ago from this dealership. He invited me into the showroom to see what kind of deal could be made and to check out the features of the new 2015 golf line. Dave was very attentive to my needs and made some great recommendations. I ended up taking a higher priced car than I would have thought appropriate for my needs, but this was only because of limited stock. I enjoyed the car a lot and we ended up driving out to Chilliwack to get a car that was more in my price range. When we got back, I purchased the car after some unsure moments and am thoroughly enjoying it."