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"So i booked for a simple oil change for 7am. Came in at 645am and already there is a lineup of cars ahead of me. Waited inside my car until 715am just to get my car in the shop. Once my car is inside, I have to line up again for another 15 mins to talk to one of the customer service agent to state why i'm there. Then they ask if I need a shuttle to take me to work, I said yes. I now have to wait another 30-45 mins. This whole process is a gongshow through and through. My goodness, never have I ever have to wait this long. I hope they do a good job in oil change or I will be so livid!!! People here move very very slow. C'mon people! move!"
"Bought a 2016 Cadillac SRX. The salesman was thorough, knowledgable and very courteous. He made the sale procedure enjoyable. His approach is very realistic, meaning that he did not over-hype the vehicle and was honest and fair with our 2013 Nissan 370Z convertible trade-in. Hopefully we will deal with him again in the future. "