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"I would like to thank all at Hyundai and personally Karl Lehman for having been so wonderful and helpful. The time you dedicated to finding the perfect option for me (considering I am a student on tight international budgets and with a young child whose safety was my first concern). It was not just selling any car which would be good for sales but to try and find the perfect fit within my budget, trying to stretch the options as much as possible. It made me feel comfortable telling you all openly how my financial situation would be and what I was expecting. You all did try to do the best for me for sure. I would also appreciate the fact that, during my visit to your dealership twice you guys made all the effort and went out of your ways to drop me all the way to Sooke (since I had run late for my daughter's day care) Basically, I liked the fact regardless of budgets and requirements, every customer is given equal importance and assistance and made to feel comfortable as well as given complete information of vehicle's pros as well as cons so its easy for the customer to make a choice. Keep up the good work you all are doing and I must say service at Hyundai rocks!!!! :)""
hyundai owner
"BK was very courteous, knowledgeable, and I appreciated his follow up phone call during the purchase process. The purchase was a better experience then with other dealer ships in the past."