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"The people at bank street hyandai went above and beyond to help me get in the road with a better vehicle. Had it not been for their extra effort and work I would still be in a truck that was costing me over $700 a month in repair bills. THANK YOU "
"We, my husband and I dealt with Mike. I give a zero star for all that I had to go through. We walked in to Kingcross Hyundai at 10 in the morning to check Hyundai Tucson as we are expecting our first baby this August. So, yes, I am visibly pregnant and I am definitely not there to waste my time just talking about the look and feel of a car. Like any new customer we were there to talk money. Everyone walks into a showroom to look at the interiors, understand what best a dealer can offer them for the available variants. But unfortunately, Mike was in no way interested to show us the car neither talk to us about anything relevant. He only had a bunch of useless questions for us, like if we are from India or Bangladesh or Pakistan and if we drove a car before or if we owned a car back home and if having an Air conditioner was our priority. This totally made no sense to me, however I initially thought these were questions he liked to ask. But as time progressed, everything we asked about the car was more of a no, "we dont have that or this", "you are in the initial phase of looking for SUV, so you do your research and come back" - yes, that is exactly what he said. He was totally reluctant to answer to any of our questions. I asked Mike for a brochure with the variants of Tucson and a quotation. He initially told us the store doesn't have a model line-up with quotations. That was totally surprising to me. I then tried to narrow down to just FWD variants and quotations to make his job easier for which he told me he cannot show me all the variants and all the colors. Seriously? Was I even asking for the 12 variants and all the colors on display?? Definitely not. I asked for a freaking piece of paper with the line up and cost. This is what any salesperson would have offered us. We were there only because we were seriously thinking to upgrade to an SUV and Tucson was our top list. Thanks to Mike, we will never ever go back to Kingcross neither would recommend this center to any of our friends. I understand we were not suited up and are brown skinned. If Mike's judgement was totally based on the way we looked - I am sorry you are a terrible person Mike. We have been to many dealers in the past. You were a total disappointment. Going forward, if you decide to judge someone based on their skin tone, please be upfront with them that you are in no way interested to show them the car neither help them with their questions. This will save you and the customer a lot of time and energy. A 24 weeks pregnant woman would not be at your store if she wasn't seriously thinking about buying one. Thank you for trying so hard to shove us out of the showroom as quickly as you could. I will never ever forget the mental trauma you put me through this morning. You shall reap what you sow. Good luck!"