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Pierre A.
"When we first talked with Charles W. ( Salesman PAR EXCELLENCE!! ), my wife and I were VERY apprehensive, because we had had a number of bad experiences, over the years, with various car dealerships. Charles proved to be a GRACIOUS person, as he listened to our complaints about other dealerships. Not only did he listen to us with GREAT patience, but he also did NOT just remain neutral.... he took a stand on some of those Right / Wrong issues and gave us a quality opinion / feedback. He was also PATIENT in answering my MANY questions. We feel that he was understanding of the fact that we did NOT want an other bad experience, and so, he tried to put our mind at peace. After our first meeting, we did not purchase. Charles did not put pressure on us, that we have to buy " here and now ", as some sales people do. My wife and I would HIGHLY recommend the services of Charles W. to anyone that we know. This man has CLASS! This was our first time to meet with Charles, our first time also to walk into that dealership. We had shorter meetings with James T., in the financial department. Those meetings were also Pleasant and Informative! THANK YOU to both of you gentlemen! "
"excellent service. staff is very friendly and updates were given. A shuttle service was offered to take us shopping while we waited. After the service was completed a complementary car wash was given to our suv. Thanks for the great service"