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"Informative and great service. Great value, comunication and over all a good experience. Will recomend to friends and family. Thanks again Andrew, Jody jared and staff"
"I had a great experience with Lonnie. I was emailing him back and forth for a while before I visited the dealership and then I set up a time to come in. My first attempt at going there did not turn out so good as I had some trouble with communication with the front desk, and I ended up waiting for 45 minutes with my children, before leaving without talking to anyone. Lonnie e-mailed me back that day apologizing profusely for what had happened and we made an appointment to come in without my children. The service the second time around was flawless; Lonnie helped me decide between and new or used vehicle and worked with my budget to get me the best deal possible. The company has been very good about following up with me, almost once a month since I got my car, to make sure everything is going smoothly and that I had my service dates scheduled. Overall I had a wonderful experience and I defiantly would recommend them to friends and family."