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"I have been looking for a Ford Panther (Crown Vic or Grand Marquis) and found two low mileage cars on Orr Motors website. When I called the dealership I was directed to "cars on carp" where I talked to Brad who assured me that one of the cars would be on the lot freshly detailed and ready for sale. I drove 6 hours along the 401 to Ottawa and found the car on a car lot full of snow. The wheels were packed with snow and the windshield was frozen over. The right side windshield wiper arm was up and broken. The tire pressure sensor was reading a fault and the car's heater did not work (hence the frozen windshield). Brad came out of the trailer to show me the car and then his buddy came out saying " hey, do you need a boost?" Well the car started up just fine but when we raised the hood on this "freshly detailed" car, it was a dirty, grubby mess. I just closed the hood and didn't look any closer. All this on a car with 61,848 km ! Isn't ODOMETER TAMPERING a serious issue? Another 6 hour drive to get back home - I feel cheated out of a full day of my precious life!"
" My 2007 Mercury Grand Marquis developed brake problems on a rainy Sunday in January when I was moving out of my condo. Car was full of belongings and was not safe to drive. I got it to Suburban, left a note for Service Advisor Stephen Freisinger, and hoped for the best as I needed the car for a two-day move. Got a rental car, and the next day Stephen called me, took care of my car, got a part in from Edmonton, and got me back on the road in three days. Very good service as I could tell Stephen was swamped with scheduled work. Suburban and Stephen have always done excellent work for me over several years. Gerry Porter, Victoria, B.C. "