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" My 2007 Mercury Grand Marquis developed brake problems on a rainy Sunday in January when I was moving out of my condo. Car was full of belongings and was not safe to drive. I got it to Suburban, left a note for Service Advisor Stephen Freisinger, and hoped for the best as I needed the car for a two-day move. Got a rental car, and the next day Stephen called me, took care of my car, got a part in from Edmonton, and got me back on the road in three days. Very good service as I could tell Stephen was swamped with scheduled work. Suburban and Stephen have always done excellent work for me over several years. Gerry Porter, Victoria, B.C. "
Not happy
"If you want the worst service getting parts. This is the place .Been told a week to ten days since last year. Was told they would call me not one call. Now I guess my part is there but there is too much stuff in the way to get it. Have waited a week for them to be able to find but still too hard. By far the worst service I have ever had I my life. Just walk into the parts department and see what I mean. My advice is save yourself the trouble and go anywhere else."