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"The parts manager was very helpful. As well as service people. Highly recommended. Customer service is number one and they proved it!!!! Great Job guys!!!!!"
Tammy Skelding
"I was shopping for a Jeep Cherokee in July. I live in Saint John and was looking for a certain build. Since I had already test drove the Jeep, I was now looking for information on certain models I called the Moncton dealership and Sharif answered the phone. I had a chat with him, described what I was looking for and told him about my trade in. I then was transferred to Mike who asked several clarifying questions. They asked me to text pictures of my trade to Sharif's and that they would get back to me right away. I sent the pics off within the hour. I spoke to them at lunch time do I assumed I would hear back by end of day (as promised) but I did not. I understand that things get busy so I gave them the benefit of the doubt and told myself I'd hear back in the morning. Nope. The next day, at about 3pm I decided to send Sharif a text and asked if he had a quote ready. No response. I never heard back from them. Ever. Until I sent a text a full week later letting them know that I had bought a Jeep with another dealership (who were FANTASTIC - look up and call Smith and Watt Chrysler). I told them I was disappointed I had not heard back from anyone in over a week and that would be leaving a review. No response. The next day I did get a text from Mike and here is what it read "Hi! Mike here...sales mngr from Rallye Motors. Wondering if you found a new vehicle yet? August programs are out and look good! Lmk :)" I told Mike my thoughts, he followed up with a call that he had been out all week sick. I didn't like that he didn't take accountability and came up with excuses. Ok I can understand that he was out sick but where was Sharif? Couldn't he have responded? Even if only to say that he would need a few days. Anything! Too bad they missed out on a sale. I would not recommend this dealership to anyone However look up Smith and Watt Chrysler- they went far above and beyond! "