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Brett & Debbra Goodall
"I live in Niagara Falls Ontario. I was actually driving home from Victoria BC when my motor home died. It died at the top of the biggest mountain in the vicinity just west of Kamloops. What the heck was I going to do. I looked up a Ford dealer, ANY Ford dealer in Kamloops. It just happened to be Kamloops Ford/Lincoln. When my motor home restarted, my wife and I stumbled into Kamloops Ford. I walked in and explained my plight to a young lady, and she told me that she’d talk to the shop supervisor and explain my situation. Now how do you think that I felt? I can tell you, I thought NO SHOT. Saturday afternoon a “stranger” walks into a busy dealership looking for help. Good luck. She told me that he’d be out to talk to me shortly. His name is Derek, the Saturday work shop supervisor. I explained everything to him and he said that he would have a look at it for me. WOW. Now I was excited. Well Derek brought a computer out to our vehicle, got down on his back on the floor and did a complete check of my electrical system. At least 40 minutes. He made recommendations, told me what he thought the problems were and reset my system. Now why, did HE do the checking? Because all of his workers were working on cars and he was the only guy left. He told me that they’d had these things happen in the past and “cared” about the stranded, ONE TIME customers. So I simply had to write this “large” response to thank him for making a 74 year old fella and his wife, feel really good on that Saturday afternoon. NO CHARGE by the way. Of course I recommend KAMLOOPS FORD. I only wish I could deal with them more often. Wouldn’t you? Brett Goodall"
"Buyers are herby warned to double check their transactions to make sure extra $$ have not secretly been added to the purchase price. My recent purchase $200 + GST was secretly added for an Etching Fee that I never requested, nor was etching included on my vehicle. There was no mention of the Etching fee by the Salesman, or the Business/Financial Advisor. Subsequent Emails of my complaint to the General Sales Manager and the dealer Principal remain unanswered. Next step, AB consumer affairs. This is not right! Crosstown Chrysler is not a reputable Dealer! Buyers Beware!"