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"Found a car that I liked online, went to their place (family business), Ken and Kate were very welcoming, they let me test drive 4 vehicles until I arrived to my choice. Everything that came later was quick, professional and painless. Great people with great experience, and genuine service."
Jason Chow
"Be very careful dealing with this place. They are great to deal with before the purchase, but days later they call asking for more money. The threats start about owing them money they think they are owed on top of the final sale and signed contract. They claim they made a mistake and then tell us they are going to file a lien on our new vehicle. Don't be fooled into buying from them. If they feel they didn't make enough money from you they can just demand you pay or they will take further action on you. This is very poor customer and business practice. Lesson learned for us, hope this saves others from this shady Dealership."