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"I drove my F150 from Saskatchewan to Ontario, needed an oil change, called Kennedy Ford on Wednesday, March 21 and got an appointment for March 23. I asked the oil change cost and told it was $59.99. On the way to Ontario, I realized my front right tire had lower pressure than left one but it needs nitrogen fill, so better to take it to a service. Plus, coolant level is at the minimum but anyway, I know dealerships would check everything.But I told them coolant level is low. I got back my truck paying over $90, Thought there was something else. Then I realized my front right tire is still low on pressure. Oops. Parked my truck and checked the coolant level. Nope, it is still at the minimum. Service papers say all of them were checked and good... Ha ha ha. Went back to the dealership, explained the situation... Answer is bla bla bla.. Nobody checked the tires and coolant level but just ticked on boxes on papers. ONE MORE ISSUE. While I was waiting for the corrections, I realized that they rotated the tires... WITHOUT ASKING ME. I asked the reception why? The answer is "because you signed for xxx plan". I do not know what that plan is and do not have to know that but you have to ask me IF I WANT TO ROTATE MY TIRES. (Understood that they charged me some 20-30 bucks for that) Because they were already rotated in Saskatchewan a month ago... OOOOPS, ONE MORE ISSUE NOW: Let us go back... My front right tire pressure was lower than left one when I left my truck. And it was the same when I got back my truck. SO, HOW IS IT POSSIBLE YOU ROTATE THE TIRES AND FRONT RIGHT TIRE IS STILL LOWER THAN LEFT ONE? There is only one answer: BECAUSE TIRES WERE NOT ROTATED AND YOU CHARGED SOMETHING YOU DID NOT PERFORM. We go dealerships to get better service and here what happens. They trick us. What a pity..."
"Fiona received the truck for service. She was fast, efficient and thorough. I would highly recommend this location as I have had nothing but great service here. "