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"Very good , friendly , well organized , excellent location, prices are little to hi, workmanship is ok"
"Bought my car new from these guys... nothing special about it. Maybe it was because I wasn't signing up for all that extra warranty crap! Got a letter from Ford of Canada (Customer Satisfaction Program) saying that the PCM needed reprogramming to help prevent coolant intrusion into the cylinder bore. To test whether this is already happening requires a pressure test, but do you think the "Ford trained experts" at Kitchener Ford did this, while it was still under regular power train warranty? NO! Guess who paid the price... literally! :-( UPDATE: So, I get an update on my Ford app... Campaign #21N12 (One time repair for vehicles included in 19B37). But I've already paid!!! I contact the dealer to inquire about a refund for my out-of-pocket expense of almost $4k and, after a month of back-and-forth, I get informed that since I've already received a small amount of after warranty assistance on the original repair, I am not entitled for a full refund."