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"Reliable prompt service. I appreciate their friendly and professional attention. I will continue to use Ocean Park Ford for all future Service and repairs. Thank you. "
Ben V
"I have had my truck for approximately 2 years now. When purchasing it I bought the extended warranty which was supposed to cover absolutely everything until 100000kms. Or so I was told when purchasing it. I even stressed when I added it to the purchase that I wanted confirmation the DPF was covered. In May I called about a recall notice I had received. The notice said they were authorized to replace the egr. So when I called I told them I wanted it done book an appointment. The guy on the line says "we have to inspect it first" I said I live an hour away and you're authorized to replace so just do the job and replace it. He says "oh we don't have the parts and they'll call me back. Guess what never received a call back. So a week and a half ago the engine light comes on. I get a message on my app telling me there's a sensor gone in the DPF. So we call the dealer they look at it and guess what the warranty oh it doesn't cover this particular sensor. My wife let them have it as she took the truck in. So these recalls they need to do require that this sensor is working. Oh by the way my truck had 65900 when the sensor failed and guess what only covered to 60k. I am serious looking a GMC trucks right now the service or lack there of at this dealer is ridiculous. "