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"WOW….IMPRESSIVE….UNBELIEVABLE…. OUT OF THE PARK HOME RUN.... describe my great experience at Lakewood Chevrolet in South Edmonton, AB. Looking to purchase a used vehicle for my daughter, we have been to several car lots and dealerships. The usual typical approach out there is to have you sign on the line before you decide if you even feel that vehicle is the right one for you/her! Certainly NOT the case at Lakewood Chevrolet... I called Lakewood Chevrolet to see if the online vehicle we are interested in viewing is still available in their inventory. It was then confirmed that it was available, I informed the sales rep that we will be down in a couple of hours to view this vehicle. The salesperson sent me a photo of her business card as well as a picture of her beside the vehicle we are looking to view. We knew exactly who we would be looking for when we arrive…. VERY impressive intelligence Carmen Ye, a step above all others! I felt like I just entered a comforting home rather than just another dealership. I wasn’t really intending to trade-in my vehicle however, I thought I would see what they were going to offer me if I did. Their offer came back at an unbelievable industry “very fair” price, so in the end, I did . ) Although the manager seemed to be in a team meeting at the time, I really appreciated when he seen me, he took the time to come thank me for having one of the most remarkably clean trade-in appraisal vehicles ever and that he will never forget me for this. Much appreciated Justin Barnaschone. I am not one to make quick “on the spot” decisions so I told Carmen we were going to think about the decision overnight. Surprisingly there was absolutely no pressure or stress on their end to push for an immediate sale. The next day negotiation process was quick and extremely stress free. On purpose my plan was to wait for sometime to pass before adding my review (so far it’s been one month) to see if their aftercare left me feeling any different about our experience after our purchase. Soon we will be attending their customer care night. They even introduced my daughter and I to their service team as well, prior to the customer care night. Again, WOW, I am still impressed and in awe with Lakewood Chevrolet used sales, no pressure, no hassle, no stress, business attitudes and respect. I have never given a 5 star review to any establishment ever before however, Lakewood Chevrolet is deserving of this 5 star customer review. I most certainly recommend to do yourselves a favor people and visit the untouchable Lakewood Chevrolet a must visit when shopping for your next vehicle endeavours. We do not know any person prior at this dealership and it is both of our very first time ever stepping foot on their lot. We know we are both looking forward to our next home run purchase with this dealerships GREAT TEAM ! Huge thank you and shout outs to the BEST sales team I ever came across, -Carmen Ye, -Justin Barnaschone, and -Lon Teasdale (video taping my daughter's arrival into the showroom with a big red bowed, new used vehicle to drive away). All of you made this experience a most pleasant and grateful memory for us both! My daughter 100% LOVES her vehicle and we thank you all for your cooperation and smooth transaction!!!! Never stop being the BEST! "
"It's always a pleasure dealing with the Service staff! They're very thorough in explaining the service that is needed and with the follow up report. "