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"Randy was such a pleasure to deal with. He is really kind and isnt just trying to put you in a car for the sake of, he wants to help you find a car you actually want at a price you can afford. the dealership took car of plates and registration for us so everything was good to go when we picked up the vehicle. all in all a very easy and speed bumpless process. definitely recommend randy if you want a salesperson who is an actual person first, and selling cars second."
"Friendly, but patronizing staff who lie. Came in on April 10th to look at a new 2021 Palisade Calligraphy. My wife couldn't make it to the dealership as she just had surgery and Junny was very understanding and friendly and allowed me to take the vehicle back home to show her. Absolutely loved the vehicle and I was ready to buy it on the spot. When I got back to talk numbers, my experience soured significantly when the sales manager Vinh Tram got involved. SUV was advertised online for $56,624. Right off the bat, I was presented with an offer that included $2309.25 in additional fees broken down as follows: Tire tax/Amvic: $26.25 Documentation Fee: $599 Alberta Climate Package: $1495 PPSA: $89 A/C Excise Recovery: $100 Out the door price (including GST) with no accessories: $61,879.91 Before people say "All dealerships do this", according to Alberta Automotive Business Regulation section 11 (2) L as enforced by AMVIC, it is 100% against regulations: Automotive businesses must include "[...] in the advertised price for ANY vehicle the total cost of the vehicle, including, but not limited to, all fees and charges such as the cost of accessories, optional equipment physically attached to the vehicle, transportation charges and any applicable taxes or administration fees, but not including GST or costs and charges associated with financing." Vinh and I read the law together. When I asked him to honour Alberta law and remove all the additional fees and give me the online advertised MSRP + GST, he lied to me. He went on a patronizing spiel about how many people have asked about this, but "it applies only to used vehicles". Not sure where he gets that interpretation from. Not only did he refuse to follow regulations by tacking on fees on top of the advertised price, he justified it by lying to his customer by saying the regulation only applies to used vehicles, when the law clearly states otherwise. I told him I refused to do business with dealerships that do not follow regulations, He again went on a patronizing spiel and told me "All dealerships do this. I challenge you to find one who doesn't and will waive the fee" and "The reason why we add fees is so we can promote our service to take care of you. You can find a cheaper price, but you're paying for the service here". Not sure what I'm paying more for when Vinh is willing to lie to me directly about the law. If he's willing to lie on regulations that are clear, it's clear he's willing to lie to me elsewhere. The general tone of the way he treated me was terrible. The entire sales pitch, Vinh kept saying how hot Palisades are right now, and that "they practically sell themselves" and that "in a few weeks, all Palisades in Calgary will likely be sold". It was clear he didn't think he needed my business, and it came across in the sales pitch. He outright challenged me to find a better deal and a dealership that would be willing to waive the fees. Well I did Vinh. I went to Precision Hyundai. All in pricing for a 2021 Palisade Calligraphy of $60,995 including: - Mats, cargo covers - Full 3M package - Trailer Hitch - 4-way protection package (Paint, leather, rust, etc) - 3 free oil changes - 3 free details By the way, Precision Hyundai waived all the fees by dropping the MSRP of the vehicle. In my experience, I will never deal with this dealership ever again. I hope other people have had more positive experiences with South Trail, but mine was horrible. Vinh single-handedly ruined the experience for me. One other note: they kept trying to hide the total cost of the vehicle and only presented me with the bi-weekly payment. I had mentioned multiple times that I was paying cash, and they kept presenting me the bi-weekly and monthly payment, with rates, instead of the out-the-door total price like I had asked. Just be honest with me and present me the information when I ask. "