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"I bought My Car from this dealer and always come to the same dealer for the service "
"If you're ever wondering why manufacturers are switching to a Tesla style order direct from the manufacturer sales structure, look no further than Wheaton Hyundai. Was on a waiting list for a new Ioniq 5 to replace my older Soul EV, and got a call from them saying that they have one coming in that wasn't assigned to a customer. Obviously this was good news and I was excited, so I went down and talked to sales about obtaining it. Car sounded great, and I was prepared to spend the roughly $60k on it. This is where things went down hill. The sales manager (Whom stayed in his office and didn't greet me) insisted that not only I spend $60k on the car, but that I was obligated to spend an additional $8000 on a protection package. What was in the package might you ask? Floor mats, cargo liner, interior protection spray, wheel locks, a second set of wipers for some reason (Are the factory ones not good enough?), and paint protection that wasn't even ceramic (Probably just a chemical treatment). I work in the car industry so I know the value of these items is roughly around $3000, so there was about $5000 in just mark up. I told them I was willing to get floor mats, cargo liner, trailer hitch and wiring harness, but they weren't having it. Needless to say I walked away from the deal. There is no other way to say this, Wheaton Hyundai sales are EV profiteers, plain and simple"