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Capital Chrysler Jeep Dodge


934 Lifetime Reviews

2500 Palladium Dr #1200, Ottawa, Ontario K2V 1E2
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Top Reviewed Employees

Brent  Smith at Capital Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Brent Smith

Service Advisor
Andreanne Budd at Capital Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Andreanne Budd

Sales Representative
Eddie Nyanda at Capital Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Eddie Nyanda

Sales Representative
Mike Skaff at Capital Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Mike Skaff

Business Manager

Latest Reviews

January 16, 2020

"Jeep rear brake replacement"

- Grace

The service department was prompt, courteous, and professional. They were quick yet thorough with the (brake) inspection, and the costing was appropriate considering it is a dealership. We are happy with the quality of the work.

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Employees Worked With

December 30, 2019

"Beware minor leak in the evaporative emission control system"

- John W

In June 2019 the check engine light came on on my 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan. There was no apparent issue with how the vehicle was operating, however I was heading out of town so I made an appointment to have the issue checked at Capital. The Service Advisor hooked his reader up to the OBD II port and told me there was a minor leak in the evaporative emission control system. The vehicle was left with them and they Ubered me home. After several hours the Service Advisor called and gave me a list of things that needed to be replaced. The estimate was close to $1,000. I asked several pertinent questions of the SA but basically he knew nothing about what any of the sensors, switches, seals electrical cables etc. did or even where they were located on the vehicle. Stuck on the horns of a dilemma I authorised the work. When I came to pick the vehicle up I again asked the SA what was involved in the repair. He still didn’t know and pointed out that the mechanics were the ones who knew that sort of stuff. I was somewhat chagrined and not a little irritated because I like to know and do have enough intelligence to comprehend what different bits do and where they go; if someone is going to be called a “Service Advisor” they should have at least enough knowledge to give advice. After I came home I wrote a note to the Service Manager, Kyle McColl. His response was to have the Service Advisor call me. The SA had found out that some of the bits were located in the aft wheel well but that was about it. His reassuring comment at the end was that the work was guaranteed for two years. Well, forget about two years, because the check engine light came back on in less than two weeks! Not about to have my wallet lightened by another $1,000 repair job, I went and bought an OBD II reader. I stuck the connector into the OBD II port and surprise surprise the code was once again - a minor leak in the evaporative emission control system. Since such leaks are often gas cap related, I went into my garage, found some “rubber” friendly cleaner and a cleaned the top of the filler tube and the gas cap. I then put a thin coating of silicon dielectric compound on the top of the filler neck and on the “rubber” gasket on the gas cap. That took all of 15 minutes and cost probably 25 cents in materials. The check engine light went out after 2 or 3 runs. Some six months later my repair is still sound It would appear that Capital Dodge “fixed” (replaced) a bunch of parts that didn’t need fixing yet didn’t manage to fix the part that did need fixing. I first became a customer of the institution in 2006. Over the years I have had some good experiences and some bad ones with the Service Department, this was by far the most egregious .

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December 18, 2019

"I bought a brand new wrangler from here this summer. I..."

- al

I bought a brand new wrangler from here this summer. I regret it because your quickly forgotten and really bad customer service. Go to southbank dodge. They treat me like gold eventhough I didnt buy from them. Its been twice now I called them first for two different reasons. Southbank bent over backwards to help.

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Capital Chrysler Jeep Dodge, Ottawa, ON, K2V 1E2